Frigidaire Refrigerator Flashing [How To Fix]

If a Frigidaire refrigerator is flashing, it is an indication of an error. This article explains the possible errors and how to fix them.

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Flashing – Solutions

The following explains the possible causes of a frigidaire refrigerator flashing error codes and their solutions:

Refrigerator Flashing H and Beeping

This indicates that the refrigerator has gone beyond the highest temperature point internally. That is the internal temperature has risen and is probably still rising.

This happens when you leave the refrigerator doors open for a long period while it is working or when there are gaps between the doors and the cabinet frame.


1. Check to see if the gasket is in good condition. If it is not, replace it.

2. Check to see if the refrigerator door is misaligned. If it is, align it properly to fix it.

If none of the above two issues is the cause, shut the door(s) of the refrigerator and reset the alarm.

Refrigerator Flashing H

This indicates that the refrigerator’s heater is faulty and as a result, the vents between the fresh food and the freezer sections have ice obstructing them.


Step 1

Switch off the refrigerator.

Step 2

Empty the freezer section. Unscrew the inside back panel to locate the silver-colored evaporator coils under the evaporator fan. At the base of the evaporator coils is the defrost heater and defrost thermostat (the one-inch item clipped to the evaporator coils).

Use a multimeter to test both the defrost thermostat and heater for continuity. If either or none of them has continuity, they are due for a change.

Step 3

Replace them and re-install the inside back panel.

Refrigerator Flashing E and F

This likely indicates a wiring fault between the fan motor and the control board.


Switch off the refrigerator for about five minutes and switch it on again to see if it will self-reset. If this doesn’t correct the fault, go to the inside back panel of the refrigerator and unscrew it to locate the evaporator fan motor.

Examine the wiring between the control board and the evaporator fan. Check to see that every wire and plug is plugged in perfectly and correctly. If there’s a need for a repair or change, fix it.

Refrigerator Flashing SY CE

This indicates an error in communication when powered.


Examine the wiring between the display panel (on the exterior of the left door) and the control board (behind the grille) at the base of the refrigerator. Make sure the wires are plugged in well. If there’s a need for repair or a change, fix it.

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Refrigerator Flashing 4

This indicates that the refrigerator and control board cannot detect the damper connection.


Examine the damper (at the top left side of the fresh food compartment) to make sure there is no damage to the damper door, the damper, or the thermistor. If there is, you will have to remove the whole damper assembly and replace it with a new one.

Refrigerator Flashing H1

This indicates that either or both the freezer or fresh food sections are warmer than they should be.


If the H1 error code appears after the refrigerator is just installed, it is because the unit is at room temperature. The same applies when the unit is switched on after it has been off for a long period. Switch it off for 5 minutes for the unit to cool.

If the error code doesn’t disappear, you may have to use a thermostat to check from which of the sections the problem is coming.

If the fault is from the fresh food section, the following could be the cause:

1. Gasket

Check to see that the refrigerator’s gasket is still in good condition and has no breakage. Breakage on the gasket will allow warm air to get into the cabinet from outside and make it unable to freeze. If it is broken, replace it.

2. Refrigerator Door

Check to see that there is proper alignment to the refrigerator’s doors. If any of the doors are misaligned, re-align them to fix them.

3. Damper

The damper controls the cold air that flows from the freezer section to that of the fresh food. If you leave any of the doors open, it might cause the damper to become clogged. If that is the case, it should be thawed.

On the other hand, if there is any damage to the damper, the whole damper assembly should be replaced.

If the fault is from the freezer section:

You may check to see whether or not the freezer fan still functions. If it is no longer functioning, replace it.

Check to see if there is anything clogging the defrost drain. The defrost drain is a thin hole at the base of a metal pan located behind the lower end of the refrigerator’s interior rear wall. If there is, flush it with hot water.

Also, check the temperature control thermostat to see if it is still in good condition. If it has gone bad, replace it.

Refrigerator Flashing 2

This could be indicating an open thermistor.


Try to reset the temperature by pressing and holding the reset button for seconds. If this does
not work, look for the refrigerator’s thermistors (the fresh food’s and the freezer’s) and check the
wirings to make sure they are well connected.

You may use a multimeter to test the resistance of the thermistors. If any of them is faulty, replace the faulty one.

Professional Refrigerator Flashing OFF

This could be caused by improperly operating the temperature settings on the display panel of the
refrigerator after restarting it.


Switch off and unplug the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. If this doesn’t resolve it, consult
your refrigerator manual for proper guidance on the temperature settings.


Is your Frigidaire refrigerator flashing an unusual digit or alphabet? It is an error-indicating code for any of the refrigerator’s software. Newer Frigidaire refrigerator models come with an in-built diagnosis.

Switch off and disconnect your refrigerator before carrying out any repair activity. This is to avoid electric shock.

Make sure to replace all replaceable Frigidaire refrigerator parts with the right Frigidaire replacement parts.

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