How To Adjust Temperature in a GE Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

There are several reasons why you may be looking for how to adjust the temperature in a GE refrigerator. For whatever reason it may be, this article will teach you just how to do it easily.

how to adjust temperature in a GE refrigerator
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How To Adjust Temperature in a GE Refrigerator

GE has different models of refrigerators, and each model has different temperature adjustments. There are models with single temperature control for both the refrigerating and freezer compartments. Then, there are models with two temperature controls (one for each compartment), or electronic temperature control.

Find below how to adjust the temperature in different models of GE refrigerators:

Adjusting Temperature Controls on GE Profile Model

This model has an LCD and a Non-LCD model. So, confirm your unit’s model to make the temperature regulation easier.

LCD Model – Temperature Adjustment for the Fresh Food Compartment

First, locate the display screen on the temperature control/regulator. Next, from the Home screen, go to Refrigerator, then, use the > < or v ʌ arrows to choose your desired temperature. Finally, push the Enter key to activate the newly set temperature.

LCD Model – Temperature Adjustment for the Freezer Compartment

Follow the same steps as the fresh food compartment’s temperature adjustment. However, go to Freezer instead of Refrigerator from the Homescreen.

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Once you have adjusted the temperature, the display screen will go back to the Homescreen. Then, it will show the new temperature under the actual working temperature displaying on the screen for a few seconds. It will take the unit 24 hours to adjust to the new temperature setting.

Temperature Adjustment for Non-LCD Models

Press and let go of the dial that has FRIDGE TEMP/FREEZER TEMP written on it. Immediately you do this, an indicator light will appear, and the screen will display the temperature at which the unit is set.

Use either the upward and downward arrows to select your desired temperature; the selected temperature will be displayed on the screen.

Once you have adjusted the temperature, the display screen will go back to the current freezer and refrigerator temperature. This will happen a few seconds after you have reset the temperature. The refrigerator will take 24 hours to adjust to the new temperature setting.

The temperature control may show both the current and set temperatures of the fridge and freezer with a slight disparity. However, that is dependent on the operating environment and usage.

Adjusting the Cooling System on a GE Profile LCD Model

On the main screen, go to Options, then go to Information and Setting. From there, choose the ‘cooling system off’ option and activate it by pushing the Enter button.

Switch the cooling system on again by tapping the touchscreen, then the Power button. Finally, activate it by pushing the Enter button.

Adjusting the Cooling System on a GE Profile Non-LCD Model

Press and let go of the FRIDGE TEMP/FREEZER TEMP dial. Use the upward arrow to set the freezer’s temperature to number five. Then, the display screen will read OFF.

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If you want to turn it back on, start the same way as the shutting-off process. However, use the downward arrow to reset the refrigerator to its factory temperature setting (37℉ for fridge, and 0℉ for freezer). The refrigerator will take 24 hours to normalize after it comes back on.

Note: The cooling system is different from the temperature setting of a GE Profile refrigerator. The work of the “cooling system off” function is to shut down the cooling process of the refrigerator, but not its electrical power.

Temperature Control on Monogram Models

On the temperature adjustment panel, there is a side for the freezing compartment and the other for the fridge. Press the COLDER or WARMER dial on either of the sides, for the indicator light to show. Continue to press the COLDER or WARMER dial until you reach the desired temperature setting.

The GE monogram model comes with either internal temperature control or external setpoint control (0-9). But setting their temperature is not different, one from the other. They follow the same process.

While the internal temperature control has two temperature panels, one for each compartment, the external control has one panel for both compartments. But each compartment has a temperature control side to itself on the external temperature control panel.

If you regulate the temperature to 0, it means the cooling system is shut off but not the electrical power. Setting it at 5 means normal while 9 is the coldest.

This video shows how to adjust the temperature or cooling in a GE refrigerator…

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Important Note

If you are looking for how to adjust the temperature in a GE refrigerator, find the temperature controls on either the rear wall of the refrigerating unit or close to the top of the fridge. It looks like a slider or numbered dial – not difficult to spot.

Always check your refrigerator’s temperature before you regulate it. It is important to put the thermometer on the middle shelf since all parts of the unit have varying temperatures.

In addition, temperature regulation may require several adjustments. And it takes 24 hours before the newly-set temperature balances after every adjustment.

Therefore, make these adjustments gradually instead of a big change that could mess up the internal temperature.

Besides, the unit comes with a preset temperature for both the fridge and freezer compartments. They are 37℉ (3℃) and 0℉(-18℃) for the fresh food compartment and freezer respectively.

Temperature settings differ based on the operating environment, usage, or personal preference. So, regulate temperature considering these factors. For instance, during holidays or hot summer months, you may need to set your refrigerator’s temperature to a colder setting. This makes it colder, for better food preservation.

Meanwhile, do not forget to remove the protective covering on the controls if it was not taken out during installation.

If you are not sure of our recommended temperature adjustment options, it is best to consult your user’s manual. That is if the manual is still handy, otherwise browse for a user manual using your refrigerator’s model number.


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