Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler — Detailed Review

The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is manufactured by the MCA Corporation-owned Magic Chef. The MCA Corporation’s expertise in the housewares and consumer appliance industry dates back to 2 decades ago. But the Magic Chef brand is a renowned 85-year old leader in the industry.

Magic Chef’s ownership has changed a couple of times. In spite of this, it has remained a household name.

In fact, the emotional attachment that the MCA Corporation observed between Magic Chef and its customers was the eye-opener that the corporation needed to see that the brand had great potential. This was all MCA needed in 2010 for it to make a long term and even bigger investment in Magic Chef.

Today, almost a decade later, the brand has been serving many homes with functional, durable, easily accessible, and affordable appliances. You will think the brand will rest on its oars since it has been doing considerably well. But it keeps making developments and implementing marketing initiatives and strategies to ensure that its customers get their needs met.

Can we also say that the Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler passes for an affordable, functional, and durable appliance?

We know well that there’s one way to find out. Reading our unbiased opinion about this product should help you fix the puzzle.

Come along!

Who Needs The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler?

Wine lovers and enthusiasts know that one of the best things that can happen to their wine collection is good storage. They also know that to have it stored at the right temperature, a good wine cooler is required.

28 bottles of wine is quite a number if you ask us but the design of this wine cooler makes it suitable for those who don’t have so much space for large wine coolers. Well, that’s not to say that the unit is portable. It certainly isn’t. But it takes up less space than most other 28-bottle wine coolers.

The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is probably one of the most suitable wine coolers for those whose wine collections include mostly Bordeaux-style bottles. This is because the spacing between the cooler’s shelves allows wine bottles of such sizes.

Not to despair, some Pinot Noir or Chardonnay bottles may fit into the lower part of the unit if the last shelf is removed.

If you are also particular about appliances that run efficiently but quietly, then this may be the wine cooler you’ve been looking for.

The wine cooler has a fan that is barely audible when it is running. In fact, the room where the wine cooler is installed will have to be whisper quiet for you to hear any sound from the unit. Even then, you’ve got to listen intently to pick the sounds. This means you won’t need to worry yourself with whether or not the unit will disturb a sleeping child; because it certainly won’t.

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Features Of The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

Good and Steady Temperature Control.

One of the things to look out for in a wine cooler is how well it is able to hold a set temperature. Thankfully, this unit does that well.

With a temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit gives users the liberty to set their preferred temperature. The ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs on the unit door even make it easier to choose a temperature, while the display screen helps the user to know the precise temperature of the unit. This way, one can monitor fluctuations or changes made in real time.

The good thing about the location of these features – especially the control buttons – is that, unlike units with controls located inside, a user with this wine cooler won’t need to open the unit’s door to make adjustments. That’s some energy saving right there if you ask us.

That said, usually, once you unpack the wine cooler after delivery and you are ready to get the unit running, it takes a maximum of 6 hours for the unit to reach the set temperature and remain there. This means you set the temperature, wait for 6 hours, and then you can have the unit running at your preferred temperature.

While we can vouch for how well the unit can hold temperatures, you may want to make periodic checks with an external thermometer to see how precise the temperature is.

Interior Light

One of the perks of having this wine cooler is also that the unit comes with interior light. The LED light casts a soft glow on the wine bottles to make them visible especially at night. And apart from the illumination that the light provides, it also creates a nice ambiance that adds a touch of beauty to any place that the unit is placed.

Try to picture walking into your kitchen and seeing this unit lit-up at night. Trust us when we say that it is a cool sight to walk into. Of course,  we don’t mean it literally.

Quiet Cooling

Wine coolers that run quietly are usually top priorities for customers who shop for wine coolers. The reason is not far-fetched – everyone wants their peace! We’ve noticed that units whose fans make sounds may be bearable while some others may be downright annoying.

We decided not to take chances by zeroing on the noise level and we are glad that it is nothing to worry about.

Low Energy Consumption

The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is not just efficient; it is also an energy-saving wine cooler. It consumes relatively less energy than most other wine coolers. This means you get to save some bucks on electricity while avoiding unpleasant surprises like a sudden spike in the electric bills.

Pros Of The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

  1. Attractive and elegant design.
  2. Runs efficiently and quietly.
  3. Portable, compact and lightweight for those with space constraints.
  4. Suitable as a countertop wine cooler.
  5. See-through glass door and interior light makes the wine collection visible.
  6. Precise temperature control reduces the chances of fluctuations.
  7. Low on energy consumption.
  8. Easy installation.

Cons Of The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

  1. A few customers complain that the shelves are not as well-spaced as they would have liked.

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Thinking of a Smaller and Portable Wine Cooler by Magic Chef? Then Check Out The Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

If you are in the market for a portable wine cooler that offers about half the capacity of the featured product, we think you may like the Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler.

This is a small and compact wine cooler with more space between the shelves than the featured product but from the same trusted brand.

Because of its small size this 12-bottle wine cooler can fit into almost any personal space of your choice. Just think wide – on a counter, under a cabinet, between cabinets, or on a table.

It also features a nice design, good temperature control and an LED display panel that makes it easy to monitor the temperature of the wine cooler.

You may want to read our in-depth review of this wine cooler to get a full idea about the product.

We Would Recommend the Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler If You Are In The Market For a Functional Wine Cooler with Wooden Shelves

The Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a good option for a wine lover who loves a good dose of aesthetic value added to a functional wine cooler. With an elegant stainless steel look, a clear see-through glass door and the wooden edges of the wine shelves, you can be sure this wine cooler in your space will make a good eye-catcher.

Add the soft interior light to this exquisite design and you can rest assured that the wine cooler will be doing the talking about your fine taste in wines.

That’s not all…

The wine cooler features two cooling zones that provide room for up to 12 bottles in each section. So, if your wine collection is a mix of all sorts of wines that require different cooling temperatures, then you should consider going for this wine cooler.

If You Are In the Market for a High-End Option Try The Phiestina 29-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

High-end wine coolers come with more bells and whistles to justify the heavy price tag. And that’s why we recommend the Phiestina 29-Bottle Wine Cooler.

This compressor wine cooler offers storage space to 29 of your favorite wine bottles and is designed to bring each one to your preferred cooling temperature. So, that your wines can age properly while the taste and quality is preserved.

You may also like the fact that the unit is quite spacious and features a compartment at the bottom where large wine bottles can be stored.

What’s more, being a dual zone wine cooler, you can enjoy the luxury of being able to separate your wines to have them cooled at optimal temperatures.

So, let’s say your collection includes red wines and white wines. You can have the white ones stored in the upper section of the wine cooler where the temperature range is between 40 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and have the red ones in the lower section where the temperature is between 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, since it’s a compressor wine cooler, you can be sure that the temperature will hold steady unlike thermoelectric wine coolers whose operating temperatures depend on the temperature of the room that they are installed in.

That’s not all!

The engineering design of this wine cooler makes it suitable as either a built-in wine cooler or a freestanding unit.

So, if a wine cooler with choices like the ones that this particular unit offers appeals to you then you may want to check it out.

Quick Comparison  

Featured Product Smaller Option Wooden Shelf Option More High-End Option
Product Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler Review Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler Koldfront 24-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Phiestina 29-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler
Dimensions 20.5 inches x 18.1 inches x 29.1 inches 14.2 inches x 19.0 inches x 20.1 inches 22.5 inches x 14 inches x 33.5 inches 14.9 inches x 33.9 inches x 22.4 inches
Capacity 28 Bottles 12 Bottles 24 Bottles 29 Bottles
Zoning Single Zone Single Zone Dual Zone Dual Zone
Installation Type Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding Built-in or Freestanding
Cooling Technology Thermoelectric Thermoelectric Thermoelectric Compressor
Available Sizes 28-Bottle 12-Bottle 24-Bottle


Shelves 6 Chrome Shelves 3 Chrome Shelves 6 Beech Wood Shelves 6 Stainless Steel Shelves
Color Black Black Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
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What Users Are Saying About The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler definitely has its own audience. And here’s what we mean: not everyone fancies 28-bottle wine coolers especially if the one looking out for a wine cooler is a fan of small collections.  But for those who love their collections comprised of wines close to the capacity that this wine cooler offers, it is a good choice.

One of the things that current users of the wine cooler have to say about this unit is that it is an elegant, functional and durable one to have and to own.

The design makes it suitable in almost any location in a home, office or bar. Of course, since we didn’t say anything about it being a garage or an outdoor model, it may help you to know that when we say any location we mean somewhere with adequate insulation from the elements.

That said, the unit has found its way into the hearts and homes of some wine lovers because it is efficient and does it job well. Its temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit makes it suitable for cooling either red or white wines. So lovers of either of the two wines can easily make it their go-to wine cooler.

Some users also pointed out that not only does this wine cooler cool efficiently, it also reaches and holds set temperatures well and long enough.

The topping on the ice cream for some people is that this wine cooler by Magic Chef runs quietly. That is definitely good music to the ears of those who can’t stand noisy appliances.

On the flip side, one concern that many users have echoed is the space between the shelves. They would have appreciated the wine cooler if it wasn’t so stressful to fit even certain regular-sized wine bottles in.

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Our Verdict

We think the Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler is affordable, functional, and reliable. And if the choice was left to us to make, these are almost enough indicators that buying this wine cooler would be a smart investment.

Moreover, the fact that it lends capacity to 28 wine bottles and its design makes it space-efficient is truly a good case of you can eat your cake and have it. Or maybe not seeing that the wine cooler could use a little more space between the shelves.

In any case, the temperature range of this wine cooler seems to be just fine; especially considering the fact that the cooler also holds temperatures steadily without hassles. We also love the fact that users don’t have to wait for centuries before the unit reaches a set temperature. 6 hours tops and wine bottles can get chilling.

Oh! Just before we go, the soft interior light is definitely something. The way it casts a soft glow on the wine bottles and creates that nice ambiance especially at night makes the unit attractive and a good choice where the need to show off a user’s fine taste in wine comes in.

Psst! Word out there is that the Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler could serve you for roughly 4 years or more. Throw in how affordable the unit is and decide if this is the wine cooler you’ve be looking for the whole time.

Think it is? Then click here to get your own Magic Chef 28-Bottle Wine Cooler.

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