Refrigerator Compressor Locked Up [How to Fix]

Is your refrigerator compressor locked up? The refrigerator may operate the same as when the compressor fails. Let’s discuss it in this article.

Refrigerator Compressor Locked Up

How to Tell If Refrigerator Compressor Is Locked Up

The first sign you will notice if your refrigerator compressor is locked up is that the appliance will stop cooling. A locked refrigerator cannot produce cold air because it cannot process the coolant anymore.

Another sign that your compressor is locked is the noise it makes. A locked refrigerator compressor runs continuously. So, you may hear it running, but you may never hear it cycle off, as regular compressors do.

To confirm what you suspect, move the refrigerator to gain access to the back. Remove the access panel over the compressor compartment and feel the compressor. Typically, it should be warm, but not too warm that you cannot touch it. However, if you find that the compressor feels too hot for you to feel even though it is running, it is locked up.

Refrigerator Compressor Locked Up – Quick Fix

You cannot fix a locked-up refrigerator compressor. You can only replace it. Most, if not all, locked-up refrigerator compressors indicate damage to the compressors. Since a compressor cannot be unlocked, consider replacing it.

But note that a new refrigerator compressor is usually expensive. So, it may be more cost-efficient to buy a new refrigerator if you have an old one. Replacing the compressor in an old refrigerator will cost almost as much as buying a new refrigerator. However, the choice is up to you.

Important Note

Sometimes, you may think your refrigerator compressor is locked up when it makes a clicking noise. It makes it easy to misdiagnose the component. When a refrigerator clicks on and off in quick succession, the start relay is usually to blame. Replacing the relay is easy and inexpensive.

Also, check the condenser coils in such a situation. Dirty coils can cause a heat overload and trigger the compressor to cycle off and on too often. Cleaning the coils will solve the problem.

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