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Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling [How to Fix]

If you have been wondering what to do if your Bosch refrigerator is not cooling, learn ways to troubleshoot it by reading our article here…

Bosch refrigerator not cooling
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Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling after Power Outage – Quick Fix

If your Bosch refrigerator stops cooling after a power outage, check the compressor. Listen to the sound the unit makes when you turn it on. If you hear a clicking sound coming from where the compressor is, then you know the compressor is faulty.

You can also check the capacitor because it is the component that energizes and boosts the compressor. In fact, it is more likely to be a problem than the compressor. You know it is faulty when you hear a clicking noise from the compressor.

Call a qualified refrigerator repairer to take a look at it because replacing a compressor or a capacitor is not an easy task.

A cooling problem in your refrigerator arises after a power outage if the compressor is not getting an adequate supply of power. This makes it difficult for it to restart.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling – Causes and Solutions

Here are some things to check if your Bosch refrigerator is not cooling and how to fix them:

Condenser Coils

The first thing to do if your Bosch refrigerator is not cooling is to check the condenser coils. You will find them at the back or bottom of the unit. If they are dirty, clean them thoroughly.

Condenser Fan

Be sure that the condenser fan is spinning well, without any hitch. If this is not the case, remove every obstacle in its way by cleaning it thoroughly.


Your refrigerator could be running, with the lights on but will not be cooling if the compressor is bad. However, a faulty compressor is very unlikely as compressors don’t fail easily.

To be sure, call a qualified repairer to take a look at it.

Evaporator Fan

Check the evaporator fan behind the wall of your freezer. If it is faulty, then it cannot push cool air over the evaporator coil. This, in turn, will cause the freezer and fridge compartments not to get cool.

Replace the fan motor if the fan is bad. Remove the evaporator panel behind the unit and you will see the fan. Remove the clip used to mount it, the blades and the wire harness. Put the new fan motor into the harness and insert the motor into its housing. Put the blades back and remount the clip. Attach the evaporator panel back and the fan is good to go.

Air Damper

This is the component that controls the amount of cold air that travels between the fridge and freezer. It is found between the freezer and fresh food compartment. If you find that it cannot open or close, then cool air cannot flow into the fridge from the freezer.

But before you check all these complex stuff, check the easy ones first…

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling – Blocked Air Vents

Some food items or products could be blocking the air vents in the freezer or fridge. Cold air won’t be able to circulate properly if this is the case. Leave the vents free from any obstruction.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling – Reduced Temperature

Check the thermostat to be sure you didn’t mistakenly increase the temperature. Depending on your model, the thermostat could be either under the fridge or in the back of your unit.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling – Unplugged Refrigerator

As ridiculous as this may sound, many people unwittingly unplug their units and worry when their refrigerators stop cooling. So check to be sure it is well plugged in and that the circuit breaker is not shut off.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling – Faulty Gaskets

If the gaskets of your refrigerator are bad, then warm air will continually seep into the unit and reduce its coolness. Change them if this is so. Additionally, ensure that the doors are always properly closed at all times.

Call the Bosch help center for repairs, especially if you still have an active warranty.

These repairs are applicable to all models of Bosch refrigerators.

This video guides you on how to troubleshoot a Bosch refrigerator that is not cooling…

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Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly – Quick Solution

Check the condenser coils for dust or dirt. If they are very dirty, then clean them thoroughly. Doing this will allow a good flow of cool air to pass through the unit.

The refrigerator will not cool properly if the coils are dirty. This is because the fan motor of the condenser pulls air through the coils over the compressor. And dirt or dust will reduce the efficacy of the condenser coils, causing the compressor to perform minimally. This will affect how well the refrigerator functions.