Electrolux Refrigerator Power Failure [Problems & Solutions]

A power failure affects appliances and lights in the home or building. But one of the worst things a failure can affect is the refrigerator. This article discusses the problem of an Electrolux refrigerator power failure and how to fix it.

Electrolux refrigerator power failure

Electrolux Refrigerator Power Failure Light – How to Fix

If you notice a power failure light on your Electrolux refrigerator, it indicates that there is no power supply to the refrigerator. The light is a way to alert you of the failure and the refrigerator’s loss of cooling. And when this happens, it is crucial to find an alternative power source; otherwise, the light may keep blinking and other cooling problems may arise.

Connect the refrigerator to another source of power and allow it to run for some hours. This will give it time to cool considerably. The temperature should automatically drop and the light should turn off on its own. Another option is to press a button on the refrigerator’s control panel to turn off the indicator. However, the light may come back on if there is no power supply to the refrigerator.

Apart from the power failure issue, another possible cause of the light coming on is a malfunctioning control board, a loose plug, or a bad wire somewhere in the refrigerator. If the light keeps coming on after the power is restored and nothing else is affecting it, you should check the power plug, wire connections, and the main control board. Consider using the services of a trained refrigerator technician or contact the Electrolux Service Center for further assistance.

Electrolux Fridge Not Turning On After Power Outage – Solved

The first thing to check is the circuit breaker. A recent power outage may trip the breaker or blow a fuse. Turn off the fridge and check the breaker box outside the house. Turn it on if it tripped off and see if the fridge resumes normal operations. If the problem persists, you may want to check the fuses to see if there is any damaged one. You may need the services of an electrician to determine whether or not you need new fuses if unsure of what to do.

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But if the breaker is not tripped and the fuses work well, ensure the wall outlet is in good working condition. This is especially true if it is a GFCI outlet, which can trip with a power outage. Fortunately, such an outlet has a convenient reset button to allow it to reboot and start again. 

If the outlet does not work after the reset or is not the GFCI outlet type, check to see if it is getting enough power. Connect another appliance to the same outlet and see if it works. If it does, the fridge is the problem and you must check the power cord. But if the appliance does not work, you must replace the outlet to get the fridge working again.

The fridge’s power cord is crucial to how well the appliance functions. If it becomes damaged in any way, the fridge will not turn on at all. One of the ways this may happen is during a power outage; a power surge or voltage spike may cause a wire to fry and stop the power cord from working. Inspect the prongs on the cord to see if there are burn marks; replace the power cord if damaged. Ensure you place the cord out of the way of the fridge to avoid damaging it. If it is long, loop and tape it to the back of the fridge.

You must also consider the possibility that there is a faulty internal component. A thermostat, start relay, or compressor may stop working, causing the fridge to stop working. These are some of the most crucial parts of the unit, and any damage affects the appliance’s overall functionality. Hire an appliance technician to run further tests and determine the problem or contact Electrolux for further assistance.

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Important Note

Resetting your Electrolux fridge after a power outage usually gets it up and running again as it should. Follow the instructions in this article on resetting an Electrolux refrigerator after a power outage to fix your model and see if the problem persists before calling a professional repair agent.

Electrolux Refrigerator Showing E and F After a Power Outage – Quick Fix

If your Electrolux refrigerator shows an E and F error code after a power outage, it indicates a cooling problem. Start by ensuring the appliance receives enough power supply and runs steadily enough to promote cooling. The compressor requires high voltage output to run and cool the unit, especially if it is a fridge freezer. 

If the power supply is low, the error will appear to show the problem. It may be accompanied by a temperature alarm to inform you of the loss of cooling issue. Keep the refrigerator doors shut for some hours so that the appliance does not lose cool air. It will help improve the cooling capacity, erase the error code, and stop the alarm if applicable. Avoid loading war or hot foods into the unit, or putting too many items in it until the temperature drops considerably. 

But if the problem persists, you may have a faulty internal component or dirty condenser coils. It may also be a problem with the condenser fan, evaporator fan, or evaporator coils. Check the resources in this article on an Electrolux refrigerator not cooling to troubleshoot and fix these possible problems.

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