Neff Freezer Not Freezing [How to Fix]

Read our article to learn how to fix the problem of a Neff freezer that is not freezing.

Neff freezer not freezing

Neff Freezer Not Freezing – Solutions

If your Neff freezer is not freezing, the following are parts of the freezer to check for faults:

1. Evaporator Fan Motor

The motor of the evaporator fan won’t run if the door of the freezer is open. So to determine if the motor is faulty, open the door and activate the door switch manually. This should get the motor running again, even if the door is still open.

But if the motor does not start running after activating the door switch, then the motor is faulty and should be replaced.

The fan pulls air over the evaporator coils and spreads the air in the freezer. If the motor of the fan is faulty, then there won’t be cold air in the freezer and the freezer won’t freeze.

2. Condenser Coils

If your Neff freezer is the type that has the condenser coils built into the walls of the freezer, then you don’t need to clean them. But if they are outside, behind or under the unit, check them to see if they are dirty. Most likely, they are if you have never cleaned them and you have been using the freezer for some time.

Ensure you clean them thoroughly and maintain the process of cleaning it every 6 months. This is because the condenser coils dissipate heat from the freezer. This way, the freezer can maintain the right temperature. But if the coils are dirty, they cannot efficiently dissipate heat, causing the freezer to work extra to keep cool.

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This video shows you how to quickly clean condenser coils which are dirty…

3. Start Relay

Remove the start relay from the compressor, after unplugging the freezer. Place a multimeter between its two terminal sockets and test for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the relay. Additionally, if it smells as if it is burnt, replace the relay.

The start relay supplies the compressor with the power to run. If it is defective, the compressor won’t run or will run but only intermittently. And if the compressor is not operating smoothly, the freezer won’t cool or freeze.

4. Temperature Control Thermostat

Move the thermostat from the lowest point to the highest point. You should hear an audible click when you do this. If the thermostat produces a click, it is probably not faulty. But if it does not produce a click, then test the thermostat using a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, no matter the temperature setting, replace the thermostat.

The thermostat is responsible for directing voltage to the compressor, condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor as the need arises. If it is faulty, there will be no power supply to the refrigerant to run. As a result, the freezer won’t freeze.

AquaMonica Universal fridge freezer Refrigerator Thermostat WPF-22 Temperature Control 220-250V/5(4) A 1PCS







5. Evaporator Coils

To inspect the coils, you need to open the interior back panel of the freezer. That means removing everything in the way, including the shelves and racks. If there is frost accumulated on the coils, it is important you defrost it immediately. And the best way to do this is to defrost the freezer manually.

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Since the freezer is empty already, unplug it and leave the door open. Be sure to store all the perishable food items in another freezer in order to preserve them. Allow the ice to melt over a period of 24 hours, at least. This is dependent on the amount of ice in the freezer.

When all the ice has melted, clean the freezer until it is completely dry. Plug it in and ensure the temperature is set to the right place. Then, allow another 24 hours to pass so that the freezer can cool considerably before putting food in it again. If it cools and freezes, then you know that the evaporator coils were the cause of the freezing problem.

However, frost on the coils signifies that there is a problem with the defrost system. So to avoid having the problem of frozen coils again, test all the components of the defrost system – defrost timer, defrost heater and defrost thermostat – to find the defective one. Replace the faulty one so that you don’t always have to defrost the freezer manually every time the coils become frozen.

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6. Condenser Fan Motor

To check the motor, try spinning the blades manually. If there is some stiffness, then replace the motor because the bearings are worn and that is why the blades are stiff. But if they spin without any stiffness yet the motor is not running, test it using a multimeter to check for continuity. If you don’t find continuity in the motor, replace it.

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If the motor of the condenser fan is not working, then the fan will not be able to draw air through the condenser and take it over the coils. Consequently, the unit won’t cool.

A few times, you will find that none of these parts has any fault yet the freezer is not freezing. To determine what is causing this, check the compressor to see if it is running smoothly. If it is, then check the user control and display board or the main control board. There could be damages to the boards.

When all else fails, you can check the sealed system of the freezer. A leak in the system will affect its freezing capacity. And if there is a leak, buying a new freezer is more cost-friendly.

Therefore, contact Neff and request service or chat with any of our qualified refrigerator technicians to assist you if your Neff freezer is not freezing.

Important Note

We would like to state that some of these repairs are technical. So if you find that it is proving to be too difficult, let a qualified refrigerator repair agent fix it. This is to avoid incurring more costs from undue damage.

And if you are fixing any part of your freezer, ensure you unplug it before you begin. Not only is this safe for you but it is also safe for your freezer. If you have work gloves, it is also advisable to wear them as extra protection.


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