How to Turn Off Ice Maker on LG Fridge [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to turn off the ice maker on LG fridge, this article is for you.

LG French Door Refrigerator – How to Turn Off the Ice Maker

To turn off the ice maker in an LG french door refrigerator, open the door of the refrigerator and open the ice maker compartment in the door.

You will see the power switch labeled On/Off on the left side of the ice maker. Press the switch up to the Off position to turn the ice maker off.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Won’t Turn Off – How to Fix

The shut-off arm or feeler arm/paddle may be stuck in the down position. Pieces of ice can jam into it and prevent it from going up to turn off the ice maker.

Therefore, switch the ice maker off and jiggle the arm. Loosen it if it is stuck. Make sure it sticks in the up or down position before turning the ice maker back on.

But if the ice maker has a power switch, ensure it is not stuck. Press it to see if it switches from on to off and vice versa. Otherwise, you may have to replace the switch or ice maker.

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When the Dispenser Keeps Dispensing…

Press the lock button on the control panel of the refrigerator. Hold it until the icon marked Lock illuminates. This feature locks the ice and water dispenser.

However, if the dispenser does not shut off, it means the switch or lever is sticking. Therefore, clean it with mild soap and warm water. Then, try to pull it out. Push it in and release it again a couple of times in quick succession.

When using the dispenser, try not to dispense into a glass you have filled with sugary or any other drink. When the ice cubes drop into the glass, there is a splash and some of the liquid could get on the lever, causing it to stick over time. Therefore, get the ice before filling the glass with the drink.

How to Turn Off LG Linear Inverter Fridge

To turn off an LG linear inverter fridge, press the lock button on the control panel. Hold the button for approximately 3 seconds. All the controls and features on the control panel will stop functioning.

But if you would like to turn it on again, press the same button and hold it for approximately 3 seconds. The set temperature will display on the panel as the fridge comes on.

Note: The fridge will keep cooling with the controls off. But you cannot operate any feature or button on the control panel during this time.

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