KitchenAid Double-Door Refrigerator Noise [Issues Solved]

Noise from a refrigerator does not always mean there is a fault. However, if the noise is constant, it is best to perform a maintenance check. This article helps if you have a problem with a KitchenAid double-door refrigerator noise.

KitchenAid double-door refrigerator noise
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KitchenAid Double-Door Refrigerator Makes Rattling Noise Inside – Solution

The noise may be normal because the condenser fan and compressor make noise when the refrigerator starts. The noise is not peculiar to double-door refrigerators, so you may hear a French-door model making that noise. Typically, it should be low and unobtrusive, but if it is significantly loud, check the condenser fan’s condition. 

Also, check the drain pan, which may be loose under the refrigerator. The drain is usually secure in its holder, but it may come loose, or removal and replacement may be improperly done. Wiggle the pan to check if it is loose and tighten it under the refrigerator. Ensure the condenser fan blade is secure on the motor shaft; a loose blade rattles when it hits other surfaces. Tighten the blade on the shaft and test it to ensure the noise stops.

The refrigerator must be level, and the floor should be even. Improper leveling and an uneven floor can affect how the refrigerator runs, and anything stored on top of the appliance rattles when it moves. Check the user manual for leveling instructions and fix the refrigerator. Use shims under the appliance to create a proper balance if the floor is uneven. Otherwise, the refrigerator may continue to rattle, even after properly leveling it.

You may also check the compressor; springs or screws hold the compressor in place at the bottom back of the unit. If the screws come loose, the compressor becomes unbalanced and rattles when it runs. You can tighten the screws or get an appliance technician to fix the compressor if the noise originates from there. The technician can also check other refrigerator parts likely to generate rattling noise and repair them.

KitchenAid Double-Door Refrigerator Makes Rattling Noise on Top Shelf

The rattling noise you hear from the top shelf area in your KitchenAid refrigerator may come from the evaporator fan. The fan is behind the rear panel inside the freezer section, and the blade may rattle if it is loose on the motor shaft. It may also hit ice or other objects in the evaporator compartment and generate noise.

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Check if the rattling sound stops when the freezer door opens. If it stops, press the door switch to activate the freezer fan and listen for the sound. If the rattling resumes, it indicates the freezer fan has issues. Typically, the fan stops when you open the door, but pressing the door switch activates it to run, even when the door is still open. Empty the freezer and remove the rear panel to inspect the fan.

Ensure the blade is in good working condition and there is no ice buildup in the evaporator section. If there is ice, leave the door open until the ice melts. Otherwise, check the blade and straighten it on the shaft. You may have to replace the fan blade if it is broken, bent, or damaged in any other way.

The top shelf may be unbalanced on the shelf holder. If the rattling noise comes directly from inside the freezer and not from the fan area, check how well the shelf sits on the rail. You may have removed it recently and failed to replace it correctly. Lift the shelf out and see if the rattling continues. 

If the noise stops, you must insert the shelf correctly and ensure it does not wobble inside the section. Additionally, ensure the entire refrigerator is level, and the floor is not uneven. If items are on top of the appliance, remove them because they may rattle when the refrigerator cycles on and off. You can check this article on a KitchenAid refrigerator making noise to find more helpful resources for fixing refrigerator noise problems.

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KitchenAid Double-Door Refrigerator Noise – Makes a Clicking Noise

Sometimes, you will hear the refrigerator clicking when the dual evaporator valve regulates the cooling process. This sound is normal as the repeated clicking means the system is moving cooling from one section to the other. You have nothing to worry about if you hear it occasionally as long as the sound is low and unobtrusive.

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However, if the sound comes every few seconds and is noticeably loud, it may be from the compressor. The start relay and capacitor provide a boost of power for the compressor to start and run. If the relay/capacitor device fails to work, the compressor has difficulty starting and may make clicking sounds in an effort to run. 

Turn off the refrigerator and pull out the relay from the compressor’s side. Sometimes, shaking it can tell you whether or not it is faulty, but other times, it does not. Shake the relay and listen for a rattle. If the relay rattles, it is faulty and needs a replacement. Otherwise, test it for continuity using a multimeter. Replace the relay if there is no continuity.

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You may also want to check the compressor. A bad compressor can click, even when the start relay/capacitor is in good working condition. An aging compressor is more likely to use more electricity than a newer one. The same applies to a faulty one, so you may want to check the compressor. Contact the KitchenAid Service Center or get a technician to check the motor and determine whether or not it needs a replacement. 

You can continue using the compressor, especially if the refrigerator keeps cooling as usual. But if the unit does not cool as it should and there are other functional issues, you may have to replace the compressor. Dirty condenser coils may also cause the compressor to click due to overheating. The coils remove heat from the system into the atmosphere, but dirt acts as an insulator to trap the heat and build heat in the system. As a result, the compressor constantly runs, overworks itself, and shuts down. This may include generating a clicking sound.

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Another possibility is that the ice maker is on without a water supply. The water inlet valve makes a clicking sound as it turns on and off, trying to fill the ice maker unsuccessfully. Turn off the ice maker if it is not in use, or connect it to the main water supply to stop the clicking sound. Otherwise, the entire freezer and refrigerator sections may freeze due to the low temperatures, and the ice maker may stop working.

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Finally, check the defrost timer. A clicking or ticking sound from the back of the refrigerator may indicate the timer is defective. The timer’s location may vary from model to model, so check the user manual for instructions. Test the timer by turning it and listening for a click, as this will tell you whether or not the timer responds. If the timer clicks, test its continuity and replace it if there is no continuity. Ensure you buy a replacement part using the refrigerator’s model number. If you are unsure, get professional assistance from a refrigerator service technician.

Note: These steps also apply to all KitchenAid refrigerator models.

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