How to Unlock GE Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

Sometimes, you may notice that a part of your GE refrigerator is locked. This is nothing to worry about. Here, we show you how to unlock your GE refrigerator.

Unlock GE refrigerator

How to Unlock GE Refrigerator Wheels

Here is how to unlock your refrigerator’s wheels:

Step 1: Remove the Base Grille

If the base grille is held in place with screws, unthread the screws. Otherwise, slide it off its position. The leg/roller adjusting screw is behind the grille.

Step 2: Adjust the Leveling Legs

Use a plier or ⅜” wrench to adjust the screws. Turn the adjusting screws clockwise to raise the leveling legs or rollers. Turning the screw anti-clockwise will lower them.

This should get your appliance to move easily.

Bear in mind that if your refrigerator has front leveling rollers and legs, only the front legs can be adjusted. The front rollers are not adjustable.

Important note

Do not forget to place a scratch-plastic or cardboard under the rollers/legs before moving the refrigerator. Doing this protects the floor from scratches.

Additionally, if you want to level the refrigerator, set the rollers so that the appliance firmly seats on the floor. Then, the refrigerator’s front should be a quarter-inch higher than its back. This will allow the door to close with ease when it is opened at less than a 90º angle.

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How Do You Unlock the Controls On a GE Refrigerator?

To unlock the control panel, do any of the following:

1. Use the Lock Button

Press the lock button and hold it down for three seconds. The lock indicator light will turn off, showing that the control panel has been unlocked.

This video shows you how to do this…

However, if this does not work, reset the control.

2. Reset the Control

Disconnect the refrigerator from the power source, then wait thirty seconds before you restore power. This will reset the control panel and restore function to it.

Alternatively, consult your user’s manual for specific guidance on how to unlock your GE refrigerator.

If none of the above works in unlocking your GE refrigerator, contact GE to request assistance. As an alternative, chat with any of our appliance technicians using the chatbox to your right. They are ready to help you fix the problem.

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