GE Fridge Clicking Sound [Solved]

The GE fridge clicking sound could be caused by a number of things. This article will discuss the possible causes of the sound and fix them.

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GE Refrigerator Clicking After Power Outage – Solved

Below are possible reasons why your refrigerator is clicking after a power outage:

1. Pressure Is Equalizing

If the click comes once every minute and happens three to five times, the pressure is equalizing in the system. This happens when the compressor is trying to restart itself. It means there is no cause for alarm; your refrigerator is working just fine.

2. Motherboard Is Bad

If the click is consistent and the compressor refuses to start, the motherboard may be bad and should be replaced.

Unplug the unit and plug it in again. This is to confirm if the motherboard is bad. However, confirming this could take up to 40 minutes after you plug the refrigerator back in. This is because some motherboards go into the defrost cycle first and that takes up to 40 minutes.

Afterward, listen for a click. Then, verify if a fan motor is running somewhere and the compressor is not unusually hot. If it is very hot, replace the motherboard.

GE Fridge Keeps Clicking – What To Do

Here are steps to take if you notice your GE fridge keeps making a clicking sound:

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1. Check Start Relay

To check the condition of the start relay, unplug the appliance from the wall socket. Then, move it away from the wall to access the bottom rear panel.

Next, locate the compressor and detach the start relay mounted to its side; no special tool is required.

Shake the start relay. If you hear a rattling sound, the relay is most certainly faulty and should be replaced.

The start relay triggers the compressor to act depending on the signal from the thermostat. This is the reason for the click. So, if the fans work but the compressor does not, even though you hear clicks, the relay may be defective.

2. Check Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is right next to the compressor. Use your hand to turn the blades of the fan. If they are stiff or hard to spin, the fan is bad and should be replaced.

The condenser fan forces air through the coils to cause the cooling effect. So, if the fan malfunctions, the compressor will overheat causing that clicking ON and OFF sound you hear.

3. Check Motherboard

The motherboard is behind the panel at the back of the fridge. Move the appliance away from the wall, and listen closely to determine if the sound is coming from behind there.

The motherboard usually makes a continuous clicking sound when it malfunctions. So, if the constant clicking sound is coming from there, it shows the board has failed and should be replaced.

Here a video on how to change the motherboard…

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In addition, when the ice maker is not hooked up properly, it could cause a regular clicking noise.

However, not all clicking sounds mean something is wrong with the fridge. Some clicking sounds are absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Some of such normal clicking sounds are:

  • Intermittent clicking of the start relay, which shows that this component is in perfect working condition.
  • The defrost timer makes a clicking sound when it comes on and goes off.
  • The temperature control unit produces a clicking sound when it switches the unit OFF and back ON.
  • A clicking sound comes when the ice maker is filling with water. You can hear this sound once. And sometimes, you hear it multiple times.

When the compressor tries to restart itself after a power outage. The clicking noise could last between three to five minutes.


While some of the clicking sounds may be normal, others are not. So, determine the cause of the sound coming from your refrigerator to save you from costly damages.

However, if you are not sure of the cause of the clicking noise, contact GE for assistance. Alternatively, chat with any of our technicians for further assistance, using the chatbox to your right.

Additionally, always disconnect your appliance from the power source before working on it. This will save you from electric shock or electrocution.

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