Samsung Ice Maker Too Cold [How to Fix]

Is your Samsung ice maker too cold? While it is normal for the ice maker to be cold, it is also possible for it to get too cold. This article shows you how to fix it.

Samsung ice maker too cold
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Samsung Ice Maker Too Cold – Quick Fix

The following are some steps to take to fix a Samsung ice maker that is too cold:

1. Turn the Ice Maker Off

Turn the ice maker off by lifting the shut-off arm or using the power switch if it has one. This is because when the ice maker is making ice, it automatically lowers the freezer temperature. This happens whether the ice maker is in the fridge or in the freezer due to the linked cooling system.

When this happens, the low temperature of both the unit and the ice maker makes the ice maker too cold. However, when it stops making ice, the temperature in the unit goes back to the preset point.

But switching the ice maker off when it is not in use will help increase its temperature. It will also help regulate the temperature in the freezer and the fridge sections.

In addition, empty the ice bucket whenever it is full of ice. Doing this will reduce the coldness around the ice maker. And when the bucket is full, you can turn the ice maker off so it does not lower the temperature when making more ice you don’t need.

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2. Adjust the Temperature Setting

Check to see if you inadvertently lowered the temperature setting of the freezer. The recommended setting should be between 0 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature setting lower than 0 degrees will make the freezer too cold and by association, the ice maker.

Also, keep an eye on the setting so that it does not drop lower than you set it and cause overcooling in the unit.

Whether the ice maker is in the freezer or the fridge, the temperature of the freezer will affect it. This is because both sections share the same cooling system.

3. Regulate the Ambient Temperature

Make sure that the temperature of the environment surrounding the refrigerator is higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the unit is kept in an environment with a temperature lower than this, it will cause overcooling. Consequently, this will affect the ice maker and make it too cold.

If you cannot regulate the temperature, relocate the unit to a more friendly environment. And if you cannot move the unit, increase the temperature inside to avoid overcooling and eventual freezing.

4. Turn Power Freeze Off

In the event you turned on the Power Freeze function, deliberately or not, turn it off. Press the Freezer button and hold it for about 3 seconds until the light on the icon goes off.

This is because the function can run for up to 72 hours or 3 days non-stop. So even if the freezer becomes too cold, it won’t turn off. As a result, everything in the freezer, including the ice maker, will become too cold or even freeze.

If you have a Family Hub refrigerator, go to the Fridge Manager app to regulate the Power Freeze function and even the temperature of the unit.

If there is no water line connected to the ice maker, turn the ice maker off. Doing this will keep it from running unnecessarily, risking irreparable damage, and overcooling.

To add to the above, there is a chance that the defrost system of the unit has failed. To verify this, test every component of the defrost system, especially the timer and the heater. Replace anyone that is defective so that the ice maker does not get too cold or even freeze.

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Important Note

An ice maker should be cold because of the nature of the job it does. So if you believe a Samsung ice maker is too cold, check the temperature with a refrigerator thermometer.

If all the steps above fail to fix the problem, contact Samsung to report the issue and request service. You can also opt for an independent technician. We have experienced ones available to assist you.

Remember: if you are going to perform in-depth repairs, unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet. If you cannot reach the outlet, power down the circuit breaker. Doing this prevents electrocution.


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