How to Open a Samsung Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

In this guide, we show you how to open a Samsung ice maker. So if you are having some trouble with that, this is for you.

ho to open a Samsung ice maker
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How Do You Open the Ice Maker on a Samsung Refrigerator?

To open the ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator, remove the ice bucket. The ice bucket is usually what acts as the door of the ice maker.

To remove the bucket, grab the handle and pull it straight out. If your model is the type with an opening under it, simply put a hand in the opening, lift the bucket a little and pull it out gently.

But if you are in doubt about how to remove it, consult the user manual for your refrigerator.

Now, once the ice bucket is out, you will be able to see the ice maker itself. And you will see if there is any ice in the bucket.

However, if the ice bucket will not come out easily, don’t push it too hard so as not to damage it. Give a little wiggle to see if it loosens. Usually, doing this loosens it.

Also, if you’ve never taken the ice bucket out, it may be a tad difficult to do this. But don’t sweat it; just move the bucket to an angle and try taking it out gently. Usually, that does the trick.

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When you try all of the above yet the ice bucket is still stuck, it may be frozen in place. Doing a forced defrost on the refrigerator will thaw the ice enough to loosen the bucket.

Getting Inside the Ice Maker

If you want to take a look inside the ice maker, you have to take it out of the compartment. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet or shut down the circuit breaker. It depends on which of them you can do easily and safely.

Step 2

Remove the screws that hold the wire housing cover to the wall of the compartment. Remove the cover to expose the wires and the harness. Move the wires to one side and disconnect the harness.

Step 3

Unmount the single screw that holds the ice tray attached to the ice maker. Next, using a flat blade screwdriver, move the tray over slightly to the right by pushing it gently from the left. Then, push it down to expose the bottom of the ice maker.

If the ice maker has a coil under it, gently push it downwards using the same screwdriver. Leave enough space for the ice maker to come out without snagging.

However, be careful when moving the coil. Any damage to it and the whole refrigerator is ruined. There is no repair; you have to buy a new refrigerator.

Step 4

Release the center top lock of the ice maker. As you do this, pull the ice maker towards you to release it from the compartment.

If you follow all the steps above, including force defrosting the refrigerator, yet the ice maker won’t open, contact Samsung to report the issue and request service.

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There are also independent refrigerator technicians who can expertly fix the problem for you. Chat with any of them today.

Note: This method works for ice makers in a Samsung fridge or freezer.

Here is a video showing how to remove a Samsung ice maker…

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Samsung Ice Maker Door Opening and Closing – What to Do

If the door or flap of your Samsung ice maker chute door keeps opening and closing, do the following:

Check to see if the water line extends out the top of the refrigerator and goes into the left door. If it does, then unplug the unit. Next, remove the waterproof cover which is on the sides of the wire harness that connects the water line.

When you do this, it is most likely you will see water pooled within the harness. This water is causing the connector pins to short, leading to the constant opening and closing of the chute door.

So, blow air into the harness to remove the water there. To make sure it is totally dry, set a hair dryer to the coolest point and point it to the harness.

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When the harness is totally dry, reconnect it and fix everything else back in place. Then, check the chute door to see if it has returned to normal operations.

The water line’s quick connector loosened a bit and created a hole. Anytime someone used the dispenser, a small amount of water would o through that hole and pool on the refrigerator’s top, right under the harness cover.

Over time, a condensation formed under the harness’s plastic seal and got into the harness itself. As a result, the connector’s pins started shorting, leading to the uncontrollable door movement.

However, if this does not apply to your refrigerator model, press the Lighting and Power freeze keys at the same time for about 12 seconds. If the display was blinking, it would stop and beep.

Next, error codes will appear on the display. Those codes tell you what is causing the problem in your refrigerator. Read them and check the user manual for how to correct those specific errors.


It is not a herculean task to know how to open a Samsung ice maker. However, if you have other issues with the ice maker or the chute flap, call the Support center of Samsung as soon as possible.

Whenever you are running diagnostics or repairs on a refrigerator, unplug it first. If you cannot reach the wall outlet, trip the circuit breaker. This is the first step in safety.

Additionally, wear work gloves if you have a good pair. Doing this is adding an extra layer of protection.


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