How To Defrost Your Amana Refrigerator [Quick Fix]

If you want to know how to defrost your Amana refrigerator, you’ve come to the right places. Here we go…

How to defrost Amana refrigerator
How to defrost Amana refrigerator —


How To Defrost An Amana Fridge Freezer

To defrost your Amana fridge freezer, do the following…

  1. Unplug the refrigerator from the socket and open the freezer door.
  2. Take out all the contents of the freezer, and place them in a place they can remain cool (a cooler or another refrigerator).
  3. Place a towel under the freezer so you can catch water that spills over and then remove the shelves.
  4. Leave the freezer open for some hours or till it has completely defrosted. You can make the defrosting process faster by placing a bowl of hot water in the freezer. You can also do so by using a hairdryer to melt the ice.
  5. Once all the ice is melted, clean out the water with a sponge or towel, plug the refrigerator in, and your freezer is ready to go.

How To Replace Defrost Timer On Amana Refrigerator

To replace the defrost timer on your Amana refrigerator, do the following…

Open up the refrigerator door and remove the top two shelves. Always remember to unplug the refrigerator before working on it. Remove the screw at the top wall of the fridge holding up the light shield. Take the light shield out and remove the air deflector cover at the back (this isn’t held by screws, just plastic tabs so all you need to do is pull it carefully and it should come out).

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Next, remove the ribbon cable which goes to the back control. At the top of the fridge wall where you took out the light shield, you need to pry that piece of plastic with the putty knife. This piece is also held by some plastic tabs, so remove it with caution so it isn’t damaged.

Lower the plastic piece gently and disconnect the two hooks at the back. Also disconnect the wire harness holding the plastic piece up. Pry out the plug on the defrost timer with the flat blade screwdriver then turn the plastic piece over and take out the two screws holding the timer.

Remove the defrost timer and place a new defrost timer where you took out the old one. Screw the defrost timer back firmly into place and reconnect the plug which was on the old defrost timer.

Snap the plastic piece back into place and reconnect the wire harness. Loop the ribbon cable over the back control and line it up properly. Put the air deflector cover back and install the light shield where it used to be. Put the screw which holds the light shield back. Place the shelves back and plug the refrigerator back in.

For a visual guide on how to do this, watch the video below…


Amana Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clogged — How To Unclog

To unclog the defrost drain in your freezer, start by taking out all of its contents. If the shelves are inside, take those out too. Locate the defrost drain (this is at the back of the freezer wall). Fill a turkey baster with hot water and press the water out into the drain. Do this a couple of times or until the drain is unclogged.

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How To Defrost Your Amana Refrigerator — Related FAQs

What Is The Defrost Cycle Of An Amana Refrigerator?

An Amana refrigerator defrosts every 10-11 hours and the defrosting process lasts for 30 minutes.

Where Is The Defrost Timer In My Amana Bottom Freezer?

To locate the defrost timer, start by unplugging the refrigerator and opening up the freezer. Once the freezer is open, pull out the kick panel (this should be at the front bottom of the freezer). In the hole on the right, there should be a cover plate held by some screws. Unscrew the one at the top right and the bottom left first. Take the cover plate out. The defrost timer should be held at the back off the cover plate by two screws.

Where Is The Defrost Drain In My Amana Refrigerator?

The defrost drain is located at the back wall of the freezer.

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