How to Defrost a Miele Fridge [In Minutes]

Have you been looking for quick and easy answers on how to defrost a Miele fridge? This article gives you clear answers on how to do this in minutes.

how to defrost a Miele fridge

How to Defrost a Miele Fridge Freezer

To defrost a Miele fridge freezer, do the following:

Step 1

Reduce the temperature in both sections of the unit, especially the freezer. This is to ensure that all the food items in them will freeze so that when you take them out, they will not thaw easily. You need to do this especially if you are not going to store the food items in any cooler to keep them cold for long.

Step 2

Remove all the food items when they are frozen. Store them in a cooler or in any other place where heat will not get to them easily.

Step 3

Turn the fridge freezer off by using the on/off switch if your unit has one or simply unplugging it from the power source. Be sure it is unplugged all the way.

Then, place a pan or tray and towels on the ground around the fridge freezer. The pan is to collect the water that will form after the ice melts and the towels are to absorb the water that escapes the pan.

Step 4

Leave the doors of both sections open. This will enable the defrost cycle to work better and faster. Leaving the doors closed will make the process longer because the outside temperature will find it hard to enter and thaw ice quickly.

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Step 5

If you wish to speed up the defrost process, place a pan or two of hot water in the fridge freezer. This is the only time you can close the door. Why? Closing the door will keep the steam from the hot water from evaporating easily, trapping it in the unit. Therefore, the ice will melt faster.

However, don’t use boiling water as it could damage the fridge freezer. And be sure to place a plate or tray under the pan of hot water so that the heat doesn’t touch the unit directly.

Additionally, avoid using heat sources like electric heaters, hairdryers or even candles in the unit. You will damage it that way. Also, using defrosting sprays to deice the fridge freezer is not so good as they could damage the plastic areas of the unit and cause gases that are dangerous to the health to build up in it.

Step 6

Defrosting will take some hours so be patient. You will also have to empty the pan on the ground several times, depending on the ice buildup. But when all the ice melts, remove the pan of water and the towels.

Then, dry the interior of the fridge freezer with a dry towel to remove moisture. If you are inclined to do so, clean the unit with a mixture of a little bleach and a good quantity of water.

Step 7

Close the door of each section. Turn the unit back on by plugging it back into the wall socket or using the on/off switch if your unit has one.

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Set the temperature to the coldest setting so that the fridge freezer will cool fast. Give it a few hours to achieve the cold temperature before putting the food items back in it.

Watch this video to see the practical representation of defrosting a fridge…

Note: This defrost process is applicable to all Miele fridges and freezers.

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