How to Defrost a Daewoo Refrigerator [In Minutes]

If you are looking for how to defrost a Daewoo refrigerator, read this article as it gives you steps on how to do it.

Daewoo FR-024RVSE Compact Refrigerator 2.4 Cu. Ft. | Silver

How to Defrost a Daewoo Fridge Freezer

To defrost a Daewoo fridge freezer, take the following steps:

Step 1

Turn the fridge freezer off. You can do this by unplugging it from the wall socket; this is usually the safest way to avoid electrocution.

Step 2

Empty the freezer of all contents, edibles and non-edibles. Be sure they are frozen and that you have another freezer to store them in. otherwise, wrap them securely in papers and put them in coolers with tight lids.

Step 3

Open the door of the unit and leave it open for the duration of the process. This could last as long as 24 hours.

Place towels around the unit in order to absorb water that spills. Squeeze them dry when they are soaked through. Additionally, place a pan that can collect water at the bottom of the freezer in case water leaks during the defrosting process. Check it from time to time to empty it in case it gets full.

Step 4

You can place pans of hot water in the freezer to make the ice melt faster. But this step is not compulsory; if you are not in a rush, allow the ice to melt on its own.

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Step 5

When all the ice melts, dry the inside of the freezer with a cloth or towel. Be sure it is completely dry. Then, plug the fridge freezer back into the wall socket. Set the temperature of the freezer low so that it can get cold quickly.

Put all the contents of the fridge freezer you removed earlier back into it.

These steps apply to all types and models of Daewoo fridge freezers, including mini fridges.

Note: this defrost process is needed when the ice buildup is up to 7mm or a quarter of an inch thick. Otherwise, the automatic defrost cycle can take care of the frost.

Here is a video of how to defrost a mini fridge neatly, especially if you are in a restricted area…

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How to Defrost a Daewoo Refrigerator – Related FAQs

Where Is the Defrost Drain on a Daewoo Fridge Freezer Located?

The defrost drain on a Daewoo fridge freezer is located at the back, close to the bottom of the freezer. You will find it if you remove the inside rear wall of the freezer section and expose the evaporator. It is under the evaporator.

Where Is the Defrost Timer on a Daewoo Refrigerator Found?

Depending on the model, the defrost timer on a Daewoo refrigerator is on the kickplate on the lower front part of the unit, on the back wall of the unit or in the control panel inside the unit.

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Where Is the Defrost Heater on a Daewoo Fridge Freezer Located?

The defrost heater on a Daewoo fridge freezer is located below the evaporator coils, usually behind the rear wall of the freezer section of the unit.

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