How to Clean a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

Cleaning a refrigerator is an easy job if you know what to do. Let us discuss how to clean a Samsung refrigerator in this guide.

how to clean a Samsung refrigerator
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How to Clean the Outside of a Samsung Refrigerator

To clean outside a Samsung refrigerator, mix water with a little mild soap. Take a soft microfiber piece of cloth and clean the refrigerator. If you have any other cleaning substance, spray it on the soft cloth directly. Be sure not to spray it on the body of the refrigerator.

If it is a stainless steel exterior, use polish or cleaner made exclusively for stainless steel bodies. Also, use this type of polish for printed names or any other stainless steel finish on the body of the refrigerator.

Wipe any trace of water or soap from the body of the refrigerator. Then, use a soft dry cloth to clean it in order to ensure there is no moisture on the body.

How to Clean Under a Samsung Refrigerator

To clean under a Samsung refrigerator, do the following:

1. Grab a strong and narrow stick and attach a rag to one end of it.

2. Duck the stick with the rag attached to under the refrigerator.

3. Sweep it under the refrigerator from one end to another, several times, to remove any dirt lodged under it.

4. When you are satisfied with the cleaning, sweep up and clear the dirt unearthed from under the unit.

However, to do a more thorough job cleaning under a Samsung refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Stick a stick or the handle of a broom under the refrigerator in order to move anything that could make moving the unit difficult.

Step 2

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket and move it out of the way. A lot of refrigerators have wheels so it won’t be too difficult to move. But if it is too heavy for you alone to roll, find a helper.

Step 3

Once out of the way, sweep or vacuum the dirt left behind. Next, mix a cleaning agent in water and clean the space with a mop. If there is any dirt or grease stuck to the floor, loosen it with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

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Step 4

After cleaning the spot, give it time to dry completely. Don’t put the refrigerator over the wet floor; it would make it easy for dirt to stick again.

Step 5

When it is completely dry, move the refrigerator back into position.

How to Clean a Samsung Refrigerator

Below are the steps to take in order to clean inside a Samsung refrigerator:

1. Unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket. You can trip the circuit breaker if you cannot reach the socket.

2. Empty the refrigerator of all items, including the bins, rack and shelves. This makes for an easy cleaning process.

3. Mix a cleaning agent in warm water and, using a soft cloth, clean every part of the interior of the refrigerator. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning agent or a hard cloth as any of these could damage the refrigerator.

4. After cleaning it thoroughly, dry the inside with a dry cloth or towel. Be sure to clean every bit of moisture from the surfaces; residual moisture could freeze and form frost. When all the moisture dries, put back all the bins, racks and shelves you removed earlier.

For the outside of the refrigerator…

Clean with a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth. Go with the grain of the finish; if it is stainless steel, for example, clean toward the direction of the grain so that dirt does not settle into the lines and leave it messy instead of clean.

For the back of the refrigerator…

Move it and vacuum it gently to suck away every dirt and debris. Do this at least once every year. Ensure you don’t remove any part or cover when cleaning and don’t use any force to clean it.

But if you cannot move the refrigerator to reach the back easily, take a brush with soft bristles and wipe the back to remove as much of the dirt as you can reach. Then, vacuum or sweep the dirt off the floor.

For the gaskets…

Mix a mild cleaning agent into some warm water and clean them. Be sure not to use a lot of water because it will take a long time for them to dry. In fact, it may be best to just use a damp cloth to clean the gaskets.

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Additionally, don’t use any harsh cleaning agent or any agent that contains benzene. These types of agents are quick to eat away at the rubber material of the gaskets.

It is important to clean the gaskets because dirt makes it difficult for them to seal tightly. And if they don’t seal tightly, the cold air in the refrigerator will escape and warm air will enter.

This only means that the refrigerator will work extra hard to maintain its cool temperature, which will only wear it out.

How to Clean a Samsung Ice Maker

To clean the ice maker if a Samsung refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator but you don’t have to move everything out of it. Cleaning the ice maker won’t take long so the food in the refrigerator won’t defrost in that short time.

Step 2

Pull out or lift out the ice bin and dispose of any ice in it. If there is any other part that can easily be removed, this is the time to do it.

Step 3

Defrost any ice that may be in the ice maker itself by dipping a cloth in warm water and rubbing against it. When all the ice melts, clean the ice maker using distilled white vinegar and water in equal measures.

If you can’t get vinegar, warm soapy water will suffice. And if there are parts of the ice maker that are hard to reach, use a toothbrush to reach them. But be sure to dispose of the toothbrush after use.

With a dry cloth or towel, dry the moisture in the ice maker until it is completely dry. Then you can reassemble it.

Step 4

Replace the water filter of your ice maker if it comes with one. It is one of the things that affect how fresh ice cubes from the refrigerator tastes. If you have not replaced it in more than 6 months, do so as soon as possible.

Consult your owner’s manual to see how to change the filter for your specific Samsung refrigerator model. And be sure to get the right type of water filter for your refrigerator model.

How to Clean Under Samsung Refrigerator Glass

To clean under the glass of a Samsung refrigerator, do the following:

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Step 1

Remove the crisper drawers by angling them towards the center of the refrigerator a little. Then, slide them out.

Step 2

Find the tabs for releasing the shelf on the two sides of the drawer divider or the housing for the water filter. Press the tabs so the shelf separates from the divider. When it releases, lift the shelf a bit while pulling it out.

Step 3

Find the retainer clips for the shelf. They are typically on the right and left corners where the glass joins the white frame. Turn the shelf over and lay it on a flat surface. Now, find the tabs holding the clips in position.

Step 4

Lifting one corner at a time, push the tab that is holding the clip in position. Do this gently. Be sure to push the side of the tab that is closest to the shelf center. When you remove both retainer clips, carefully lift the glass to separate it from the white frame.

Step 5

Now, clean it with a mixture of mild soap and water or a glass cleaning agent. Using a soft cloth that is free of lint, wipe the glass until it is completely dry.

Put the glass back by following the steps above in reverse order.

Note: Always handle the glass carefully to keep it from breaking or causing injury. Also, be careful with the clips of the shelf. If any of them breaks, they cannot be replaced individually. You will have to buy the entire glass shelf.

Additionally, don’t clean cold glass with hot water. The contracting temperatures will cause the glass to break.

Here is a video describing how to follow this process…

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Cleaning a Samsung refrigerator is the same as cleaning any other refrigerator. Moreover, it is important to clean your refrigerator daily. Not only will this preserve the unit for longer but it will also leave it fresh. Food or water won’t come out tasting bad.

Important Note

Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning it. This is a very important step. Do not leave it plugged in to a power source while cleaning. This is to avoid electrocution.

Don’t move the unit alone if it is too heavy. Doing this could hurt you or damage the unit. Find someone to help you and if you cannot, clean around it.


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