GE Refrigerator Leaking [How to Fix]

While you can trust your GE fridge as an excellent fridge brand, it may at some point have some issues. If you are here, our guess is this is the case. Therefore, we will discuss the problem of your GE refrigerator leaking and what you can do about it.

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GE Refrigerator Leaking – Possible Reasons and Solutions

The following are possible reasons your GE refrigerator is leaking and solutions:

1. Defrost Drain is Clogged

This is one of the most common reasons GE fridges leak water. When food particles and other things go into the drain hose it may get clogged and cause ice buildup.

When the ice becomes liquid, then it will leak and cause a puddle on the floor or inside the fridge. Or the drain trough may overflow with water due to the clog.

The defrost drain has to be unclogged if this is the problem. Now for some models, you can unclog the drain yourself. However, for some models, you will need the help of a service technician.

Read the set of instructions below to find out if you can DIY or get a service technician’s help.

How to Unclog the Defrost Drain on your GE Fridge

Do the following to unclog your GE fridge defrost drain:

i. Disconnect Appliance from Power Supply

The first thing to do is to disconnect the appliance from the power source to prevent electric shock.

ii. Locate Defrost Drain

The defrost drain is usually located on different parts of the fridge depending on your model. But it is mostly located on the rear end wall of the freezer.

Also depending on your model, it may be behind a plastic panel or look like a hole in the freezer.

Use a screwdriver and take off the screws holding the panel in place. Take out the panel to access the defrost drain.

iii. Call a Repair Technician

If it is a hole in the fridge, then call a repair technician. Also, call a repair technician if after taking off the panel you do not see the defrost drain.

iv. Clean the Defrost Drain

First, if debris or frost is blocking the entrance of the drain, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Sometimes, this may be all you need to solve the issue.

However, take it a step further and unclog the drain. Do this by flushing hot water down the drain. You may use a meat baster to do this and ensure the water is merely hot and not boiling water.

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Flush the water down the drain until the drain is clean. You will know the drain is clean when you hear water running into the drain pan.

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v. Prevent Future Re-occurrence of Clogged Drain

The following are tips that can help prevent future re-occurrence of your defrost drain getting clogged:

i. Inspect your drain regularly and clean frost or debris that can clog the drain.

ii. Maintain proper airflow by not blocking the air vents with food.

iii. If you have a manual defrost model, defrost as regularly as possible.

iv. For automatic defrost models, check regularly for frost.

2. Leaking Water Tank Assembly

Check the water tank for leaks, it might be a small leak and so it may be difficult to find. If there is a leak, then this may be the cause of the problem.

The water tank cannot be repaired as glue won’t stick to the tank. Hence, if the tank is leaking, it has to be replaced.


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How to Replace the Water Tank Assembly on Your GE Fridge

To replace the water tank assembly of your GE fridge follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. For precaution, you may also disconnect the appliance from the power socket. Also, pull out the drawers close to the water tank to make it accessible.

Step 2: Loosen the screws holding the water tank in place.

Step 3: Remove the back panel of the fridge using a Philip head screwdriver.

Step 4: Next, you will find two valves, one for water and the other for ice. There is a hose connected to the valve for water, gently pull out the valve.

Step 5: Go to the front bottom of the refrigerator where you have a plastic piece. Remove all screws holding it in place and take it off.

Step 6: You will find another valve in the front left of the fridge and a hose attached to it, release the hose.

Step7: Take out the old water tank from the fridge and gently pull out both hoses. Ensure you take note of where you brought out the longer hose and the shorter hose from.

Step 8: Get the new water tank; ensure you get one compatible with your fridge’s model. Put the hose back in their respective places.

Step 9: Screw the new tank back in place.

Step 10: Go to the back of the fridge and reconnect the hose back to the water valve. Next, screw the back panel back in place.

Step 11: At the front of the fridge, reattach the second hose to its valve and place the plastic piece back.

Step 12: Reconnect the water supply to the fridge and plug the fridge back to the power supply.

3. Cracked Drain Pan

If you have an automatic defrosting model then this may be the reason your fridge is leaking water. Automatic defrosting refrigerators usually come with a drain pan that collects melted water from the evaporator coils.

You do not have to empty the drain pan because the condenser fan blows warm air that evaporates the water from the pan.

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But, if the drain pan gets cracked, the water in it will leak during the defrost cycle. Check the drain pan for cracks and if you find any, then replace the pan.

This video will show you how to replace your GE fridge drain pan in easy to follow steps.

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GE Refrigerator Leaking Water from Water Dispenser – What to Do

In this section, we will discuss what to do if your GE refrigerator is leaking water from the water dispenser.

1. Replace Vinyl Tubing

The vinyl tubing that is connected to the water dispenser and water supply may tear. When this happens, water will begin to leak out of the tubing.

To fix this, replace the vinyl tubing. Simply detach the old vinyl from the water supply and water dispenser. Get a new vinyl tubing and reattach it in place of the old tubing.

2. Release Trapped Air in Water Line

If there is trapped air in the water line, it will cause pressure that will force water out of the dispenser opening.

In this case, the trapped air has to be released. To release the trapped air in the water line, do the following:

i. Put a large bowl under the dispenser.

ii. Press and release the dispenser trigger at an interval of 5 seconds.

iii. Do this until the water starts flowing or for at least 2 to 3 minutes. This should get the air out and if this was the cause of the leakage, stop the problem.

You may carry out the above set of instructions each time you replace your water filter.

3. Call a Repair Technician

If the problem persists, then it might be a technical issue, like a faulty water valve. In which case, we recommend that you get the help of a repair technician.

GE Refrigerator Water Filter Housing Leaking – Solution

Your GE refrigerator water filter housing may be leaking due to a crack on it.

Check to see if there is any crack on your water filter housing. If there is, then the water filter housing has to be replaced.

How to Replace GE Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

To replace the water filter housing of your GE refrigerator, follow the steps below:

Step one: Disconnect the appliance from the power source to prevent electric shock.

Step two: Turn off the main water valve on the wall.

Step three: Using a nut driver, remove the screws holding the back panel in place.

Step four: Disconnect the water line from the fridge with an open-end wrench.

Step five: Remove the second end of the water line from the water inlet valve.

Step six: Remove the screws holding the water line cover in place.

Step seven: Push the water filter cover on the left side and then pull it out.

Step eight: Remove all screws you find on the top of the filter housing. And then gently pull out the filter housing.

Step nine: Get the new filter housing and do all of the above in reverse order.

GE Refrigerator Water Filter Leaking – Solution

The GE refrigerator water filter leaking may be due to either a torn or missing seal. It may also be because the water filter housing has a crack.

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Inspect for cracks on the water filter housing. If you find any, follow the instruction on how to replace the water filter housing above.

In the case of a torn or missing seal, a new water filter should be installed. This article will show you how to install your GE fridge water filter.

This water filter is compatible with any refrigerator that currently uses RPWFE or GE RPWF  filters.

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter


GE Refrigerator Leaking After Filter Change – Solution

GE refrigerator may start to leak after a water filter change if the water filter is not fitted to the water filter housing properly.

To solve this issue, uninstall and reinstall the water filter, ensure you fix the filter properly to the filter housing.

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking – What to Do

The following are things you can do to stop your GE refrigerator ice maker from leaking.

i. Check and tighten the water line as it may not be properly secured.

ii. Get a service technician to check the water valve because it may be leaking

iii. Replace the defrost water drain if there is a crack in it. There is a section on this article that discusses how to replace a cracked defrost water drain.

iv. Level the fridge. Most GE refrigerators are mounted on rollers that enable you easily move the appliance.

The rollers have to be set to give the fridge proper leveling. If the refrigerator is not leveled, it may cause the ice maker to leak. Hence, ensure the fridge is properly leveled.

How to Level your GE Refrigerator

Do the following to level your GE refrigerator with adjustable rollers:

Step 1: Remove the grille, most models do not have screws and so the grille can be removed by pulling it straight out. For models with screws, remove the screw and pull out the grille.

Step 2: The front part of the fridge has to be ¼ inches higher than the back part.

Step 3: So, adjust the rollers using an adjustable wrench to achieve the tilt. To raise the rollers, turn it clockwise. And to lower the rollers, turn it anti-clockwise.

Step 4: Use a level to check if you have achieved the ¼ inch tilt.

Step 5: Put the grille back in place.

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For models with leveling legs, after taking off the grille, use a flat head screwdriver to either raise or lower the refrigerator.

Insert the screwdriver inside the slots you find on the leveling legs. And turn the screw clockwise or anticlockwise to raise or lower the legs respectively.

Again, the front of the fridge should be ¼ inches higher than the back of the fridge.

GE Refrigerator Water Line Leaking – Quick Fix

If the water line of your GE refrigerator breaks then it will begin to leak. The water line is susceptible to break or tear because it usually a nylon tube.

If your water link is leaking, then it has to be replaced. Fortunately, this is not a major task.

How to Replace GE Refrigerator Water Line

Do the following to replace the water line of your GE refrigerator:

Step one: For safety, unplug the fridge from the power supply.

Step two: Find the shut-off valve which may either be under the sink or behind the refrigerator. Next, close the valve.

Step three: The water line has a compression fitting at each end. Use a wrench to remove the old valve.

Step four: Get the new water line. Using the wrench attach each end of the new water line to the water supply and dispenser.


GE Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Leaking – Why and Solution

Your GE fridge water inlet valve can begin to leak water if it is cracked or loosely fitted.

Check the water inlet valve for cracks, if there is none, then ensure it is tightly connected to the water line.

If there is a crack on the water inlet valve, then it should be replaced. Replacing the water inlet valve may be difficult for someone without enough technical experience.

So we recommend that you get the help of a professional to replace it.


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