GE Refrigerator Error [How to Fix]

Looking for ways to fix GE refrigerator error codes? Read our article to learn how to fix them.

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GE Refrigerator Error Codes – What to Do

The following are the most common error codes and what they mean in a GE refrigerator:

1. PF

This means there is a power failure. So the refrigerator is alerting you that the power supply to the refrigerator is interrupted. Check the dedicated wall outlet to which the refrigerator is connected to see if it is still working. Then, check the power cord of the refrigerator.

2. dE

This code indicates that the refrigerator has not gone through its defrost cycle in more than 48 hours. Unplug the refrigerator and reconnect loose wires, if there are any. If the wire harness is bad, replace it. Then, check the defrost heater with a multimeter for continuity and defrost timer to see if it is stuck. Replace any faulty components.

3. FF

The error code means the temperature in the freezer is too high and is still rising. Frozen food could be thawing. So check the door to be sure it is properly closed. Also, check the gasket to see if it is sealing as it should. Change it if it is necessary. Keep from opening the freezer door too much so that the internal temperature can drop. Remove the error code by pressing the system check key.

4. CC

It means the temperature set for the freezer is not correct, so check the controls. The freezer is growing warm so adjust the controls to the right point. Check your refrigerator manual to know where the freezer temperature control should be set.

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Also, check the gasket of the door to be sure it is not torn or weak. Ensure you close the freezer door properly and keep from opening it frequently. Now, press the system check key to clear the code. But replace the gasket if it is weak.

5. CI

This means the ice maker could be operating improperly. Check the ice mold to see if ice cubes are jammed and clear them. If the ice mold is not filling with water, turn the water supply back on the ice maker. Turn the ice off if you turned the water off. Then, press the system check key to clear the code. But if it appears again, change the ice maker assembly.

6. DF

The defrost circuit has not received a good current flow in 48 hours. Test the defrost components – heater, timer and thermostat – to see if they are functioning. If any of them fails, replace them so the refrigerator can defrost when it should.

7. E2

This error code indicates that the main control board has an error. You will have to call a repair technician to help verify this and, possibly, change the board.

8. HRS

When you see this error code, you know that the refrigerator is stuck in defrost mode. So, check the wire harnesses of the defrost components and the main control board. Change the wire harnesses if they are not functioning well. Replace the main control board if it is defective.

You can reset the error codes on a GE refrigerator by pressing the system check key. But if any of the codes reappear, you know that there is a defective part in the refrigerator. Fix it as soon as possible to keep the refrigerator in top shape.

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GE Refrigerator Error Code 88 or 89 – What It Means

An 88 or 89 error code means the electronic control board could have burnt due to a power surge. To be sure, unplug the refrigerator and leave it unplugged for about 5 minutes. Plug it in again to see if it is working properly. If not, then the board is bad and needs to be replaced.

GE Refrigerator Error Code SA 66 – What It Means

This code is not an error code but means that the refrigerator is in Sabbath mode. Simply press the lock and light keys and hold for about 3 seconds to exit the mode. For some models, you will have to press the alarm and light keys and hold them for about 3 seconds.

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Many new-generation refrigerators come with this mode and work for holidays, especially religious ones. The mode turns the advanced features of the unit off when you are not around.

GE Refrigerator Water Filter Error

If you see a water filter error status message on your GE refrigerator display, it means the water filter is due for a change. Buy another water filter and replace the old one with it. Reset the indicator by pressing the ice and water button on the control panel for about 3 seconds.

For some models, the water filter reminder should automatically reset when you replace the water filter. However, it only resets when you use the correct filter type for your GE refrigerator model. The RFID chip resets it, and you cannot manually reset such reminders.

With such models, using the wrong filter will keep the reminder flashing. You may get an error code informing you that you have not replaced the filter. If you get such an error code after replacing the filter, ensure you installed the correct filter type and install it following the specific instructions in the user manual.

And if the filter is leaking, the error may remain on the control panel display because of the fault. Therefore, inspect the filter if you use the correct type, and the reminder remains displayed. Alternatively, let a qualified technician check the filter and water system and fix possible faults.

GE Refrigerator Error Code 0000 – What to Do

Error code 0000 on a GE refrigerator indicates a communication error between the main control board and the display board. You can get a free replacement control board and service from GE if the refrigerator is still under warranty. However, you will need to buy a new control board out of pocket if it is not under warranty.

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The control board is not the only cause of this error code. Check the wire connection in the left door hinge; it passes through the door and connects to the rest of the refrigerator. If there is a disconnection, the error code appears. This may happen if you recently removed the door or the refrigerator is a new installation.

Try fixing the error by unplugging the refrigerator from the electric power for about five minutes to reset it since this error has to do with the control board. After this time, reconnect it to the electric power and see if the problem persists. If it does, schedule for service.

Quick Note

Don’t try to fix the refrigerator yourself if it is too complex. You could end up compounding the problem. Let a qualified technician diagnose the fault and fix it.

GE Refrigerator Error – Related FAQs

1. GE Refrigerator Error Code 0000

This code could mean that the motherboard or main control board is bad and needs to be replaced. However, contact the GE service center or a qualified technician to take a look at it and verify if that is the problem.

2. GE Refrigerator Error Code EF – What It Means

The code is probably tF, which means Turbo Freeze. The code is easy to be mistaken for EF because the ‘t’ looks like an upside-down ‘f’ and looks like an incomplete ‘E’. If it is Turbo Freeze, then it is not an error code.

3. GE Refrigerator Error Code Lc Er – What It Means and How to Fix

If you see this error code, it means there is an error in communication between the main control board and the integrated circuit chips. The communication has been off for over 20 seconds, so the unit is alerting you. However, the only fix is to replace the main control board with a new one.

4. GE Refrigerator Error Code EC – What It Means

There is no EC error code. What could look like EC is tC, which is not an error code because it means Turbo Cool. The ‘t’ looks like an upside-down ‘f’, and this could look like an incomplete ‘E’.

5. GE Refrigerator Error Code tC – What It Means

tC is not an error code. It is a code that stands for Turbo Cool. This setting is used when there is a need to cool the refrigerator really fast. It greatly improves the unit’s cooling ability, especially after the door has been opened too long and too often or when there is hot food in it.

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