Hitachi Refrigerator Error [Solution]

Read this article to learn how to solve a Hitachi refrigerator error.

Hitachi refrigerator error
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Hitachi Refrigerator Error Codes

1. F3 01

This error code indicates that the door of the freezer of the Hitachi refrigerator is not closed properly. Check the door to be sure the hinges are aligned well and that the door seal is working properly. Change the seal if it doesn’t give an airtight seal. Adjust the door on its hinges if it is misaligned.

Also, ensure no freezer item is out of place as to keep the door from fully shutting. Overstocking the freezer can cause a problem with properly shutting the door. You may have to reduce the contents if they are too much. Check the door bins and remove heavy items so that they do not affect the door hinge.

2. F3 02

When you see this error code, you know that the door of the refrigerator is not well closed. Be sure that the seal is not torn, leaking or weak. Replace it if it is no longer strong enough to give an airtight seal. And ensure the hinges are not out of place as to make the door stand askew. Fix the door properly on the hinges if it is out of place.

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Additionally, keep from opening the door of the refrigerator often. This is in order to retain the cold air in the unit and keep humid air out. Reduce the items in the refrigerator to enable the door to close easily and properly. Also, ensure the door bins do not hold too many items or they will weigh too heavy on the hinge and sag it.

3. F1 01

This error code means the freezer sensor is not working properly. Consult the user manual for the exact location of the sensor. Check the sensor for resistance with a multimeter and replace it if the resistance is infinity or zero. Ensure you get the correct replacement part for your specific model; you can contact the Hitachi Service Center for further assistance.

4. F1 02

The sensor of the refrigerator is not normal if you see this error code. Check its resistance using a multimeter. Replace it if you find no resistance.

5. F1 03

The temperature control sensor is defective if you find this error code displayed on your refrigerator panel screen. Test its resistance with a multimeter and replace it if there is no resistance. You can use the refrigerator’s tech sheet to determine the correct resistance value for the sensor or thermistor.

6. F1 04

The defrost sensor is faulty if you find this error message displayed. Check the sensor’s resistance with a multimeter. Change it if the multimeter doesn’t read any resistance. Otherwise, the refrigerator does not defrost, and there will be an ice buildup in the appliance. And if there is too much ice, the refrigerator stops cooling.

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7. F0 07

This means that there is too much current. You can unplug the refrigerator to avoid having a power surge damage it. You can try to determine why there is too much current flowing into the refrigerator. Contact an electrician to check the circuit breaker and other connections to find the cause of the problem.

8. F0 08

This error code means the refrigerator is operating at an abnormally low speed.

9. F0 09

The error code indicates that there is a switch failure in the refrigerator.

10. F0 12

When you see this error code, you know that the fan motor has failed. Check it to verify whether it is still working and replace it if it is not.

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11. F0 03

This error code points to the failure of the ice maker. It alerts you to the fact that the ice maker has become defective so is no longer functioning as it should. Run a maintenance check on the ice maker and replace the whole assembly if it is no longer working properly.

12. F0 04

Check the defrost circuit for faults if you find this error code displayed on your refrigerator. If the defrost circuit is not in proper working order, the defrost cycle could continue for hours.

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Some of these errors are not going to be easy to fix on your own. So, you may need to find a qualified repair agent to check the errors, find the root cause and fix it once for all. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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