Black and Decker Refrigerator Not Cooling [How to Fix]

The Black and Decker refrigerator, not cooling can be quite frustrating because your food items will start to go bad over time. But do not worry, we will walk you through the steps on how to troubleshoot and fix your refrigerator.

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What to Do If Your Black and Decker Refrigerator is Not Cooling

If your Black and Decker refrigerator is not cooling, troubleshoot the following components:

1. Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat is there to regulate the temperature of the refrigerator. If the thermostat is defective, it will manage to rotate but fail to regulate temperature.

If you see that the thermostat has a crack, turn it with a needle nose plier to adjust the refrigerator temperature. But then, you still need to get a new thermostat for the refrigerator to work more efficiently.

That being said, the thermostat might be turned OFF inadvertently. Turn the temperature knob and observe if the refrigerator is cooling.

2. Capacitor and Start Relay

The capacitor is fitted to the start relay of a refrigerator. It is the start relay that gives the compressor the power to run. Consequently, the refrigerator will not start not to talk of cool if the start relay is defective.

Test the start relay and capacitor using a multimeter. This will tell you if the refrigerator is faulty or not. With that information, you can know whether to replace the start relay and capacitor or not.

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3. Overload Switch

Apart from the thermostat, start relay and capacitor, the overload may be responsible for the cooling problem of your Black and Decker refrigerator. The compressor of your refrigerator may start overheating the overload switch, which may make the switch defective.

Conduct a continuity test to ascertain the working condition of the overload switch. If it is the source of the cooling issue, go for a replacement.

4. Compressor

The compressor is the most vital part of a refrigerator, just like the heart is the most vital part of the human body. If the compressor is stuck or becomes defective, cooling will not take place.

Carry out a continuity test on terminals of the compressor to know if it needs replacement. But then, getting a new compressor for your refrigerator is quite expensive, so consider repairing it by hiring a technician. Check out the video below to learn more about fixing a refrigerator compressor…


Final Words

The Black and Decker refrigerator is a high-performance appliance. However, you may experience cooling problems after using it for some time. Simply troubleshoot the compressor, start relay, capacitor, overload switch, and thermostat to know the source of the issue. Once you know that, you can call a repairman or replace the defective part by yourself.

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