Zanussi Refrigerator Not Cooling [How to Fix]

Is your Zanussi refrigerator not cooling? This article will show you how to fix it without breaking a sweat.

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What to Do If Your Zanussi Refrigerator Not Cooling

If your Zanussi refrigerator is not cooling, do the following:

1. Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of your refrigerator are there to give off heat as the refrigerant flows through them. Heat dissipation becomes a problem if the coils are dirty. The more dirt accumulates, the less effective the refrigerator becomes.

Examine the state of the condenser coils and clean them if need be. Your Zanussi refrigerator will start cooling properly once you do that.

2. Check the Condenser Fan Motor

Without the condenser fan motor, air will not flow to the compressor and condenser coils, making cooling difficult. To know if the condenser fan motor is working properly, rotate the fan blade and if you notice any sign of resistance, it means the condenser coils are defective.

Another way to know if the condenser fan motor is working properly is by conducting a continuity test. If there is no continuity, replace the condenser fan motor.

3. Examine the Thermistor

The thermistor sends signal to the temperature control board, which transmits power to the compressor and evaporator fan. If the thermistor is faulty, the compressor and evaporator fan will not receive power to function.

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Consequently, cooling will not be possible. Carry out a continuity test to know the condition of the thermistor. If the resistance of the thermistor does not change as the refrigerator temperature changes, the thermistor needs to be replaced.

4. Check the Temperature Control Thermostat

If the temperature control thermostat is defective, the refrigerant will not flow to the condenser coils to facilitate cooling. To know if the thermostat is source of the cooling problem, spin the thermostat from the lowest to the highest setting. If you do not hear a “click” sound, the thermostat is defective and need to be replaced.

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5. Inspect the Start Relay

If the start relay is faulty, the compressor of your refrigerator will not have enough power to start running. And if the compressor does not run, the refrigerator will not cool.

Test if there is continuity between the start and run terminals of the start relay. If there is not, replace the start relay, so your refrigerator will start cooling properly.

6. Troubleshoot the Compressor

The compressor is the heart of a refrigerator. Without it, the refrigerant will not flow to the condenser and evaporator coils, making cooling difficult. Conduct a continuity test to know if the compressor needs replacement.

Check out this video to learn more about fixing a refrigerator that is not cooling…

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If your Zanussi refrigerator is not cooling, troubleshoot the different components to know the actual cause of the problem and fix it.

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