U-Line Refrigerator Not Cooling [How to Fix]

If you have a U-Line refrigerator that is not cooling, you do not have to panic about spending extra money on getting a new one. In this article, we will show you how to get your U-Line refrigerator fixed within minutes.

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Why is My U-Line Refrigerator Not Cooling?

If your U-Line refrigerator has a cooling problem, troubleshoot the following components:

1. Power Source

The first thing to do if your U-Line refrigerator is not cooling is to check the power supply. Most times, your refrigerator may not start after power is restored or you may even be the one who unplugged it. So, it is important to start your troubleshooting with the power supply.

To troubleshoot the power source of your U-Line refrigerator, unplug the refrigerator, take a look at the circuit breaker panel and switch the breakers to the right position. Now, plug back in the power cord.

2. Internal and External Temperature Settings

The temperature of your U-Line refrigerator may be responsible for its cooling deficiency. Inspect the temperature settings of your refrigerator to ensure that nothing is out of place.

Peruse the user’s manual to know the right temperature to set the refrigerator. Also, the external temperature of the refrigerator should be in equilibrium with the internal temperature. If one is higher than the other, cooling will be difficult.

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3. Door Seals

While you are troubleshooting the electrical components of the refrigerator, do not forget to also troubleshoot the door seals. If the door seals are defective, cold air will escape, creating an imbalance in temperature between the interior and exterior of the refrigerator.

When that happens, cooling will not be possible. To know if the door seals are good, place a piece of paper in the doorway and pull it out in one fell swoop. If there is resistance or the paper even refuses to pull out, then the door seals are good and do not need replacement.

4. Compressor

Think of the compressor of your refrigerator the same way you think of your heart. If anything happens to your heart, you know your life is at risk. Similarly, if the compressor of the U-Line refrigerator is faulty, your refrigerator will not cool.

The compressor energizes the refrigerant and sends it to the condenser coils. So, if the compressor is bad, the condenser coils will invariably be bad.

The ascertain the state of the compressor, carry out a continuity test. This test will tell you if you need to replace the compressor or not.

5. Capacitor

Without the capacitor, the compressor will not be activated. And if the compressor is not activated, cooling will not be possible. Troubleshooting the capacitor is quite complex, so it is best if you hire a technician.

6. Thermostat

The final component to troubleshoot if your U-Line refrigerator is not cooling is the thermostat. If for any reason the thermostat is defective, inaccurate signals will go to the condenser and evaporator fans.

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Conduct a continuity test to know if the thermostat needs replacement. Check out this video to learn more about troubleshooting a refrigerator thermostat…

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U-Line refrigerators come with their own fair share of cooling problems, but you do not have to fret when you notice them. Troubleshoot the thermostat, door seals, compressor, and power source to get to the root of the issue.

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