How to Replace GE Refrigerator Water Filter

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To replace the water filter in your GE refrigerator, locate the old filter, remove it, and install a new one by turning in a clockwise direction to lock it in.

Most new refrigerators have water filters. If you’re using an older refrigerator, you may not see a water filter. This is because your refrigerator doesn’t connect to a dispenser or an ice maker. Some new refrigerators also do not have this connection. But if you have been using your GE refrigerator with either a water dispenser or an ice maker, your refrigerator has a water filter.

Do you know that the water you take from your refrigerator if your water filter hasn’t been changed in 6 months is contaminated?

Yes, that’s right! You’re drinking unclean water and chilling your drinks with contaminated ice cubes.

However, in this article, we would be looking at what a water filter is, how to install one in your GE refrigerator, and when to replace the filter.

Let’s get into it.

What is a Water Filter?

Refrigerator water filters are devices designed to remove contaminants from the water supplied to your refrigerator. Many of us think that our local tap water is safe, but it is not. There are several minerals and microorganisms harmful to our health in it.

That being said, the strength of a water filter is measured in microns. The lower the micron rating, the higher the filter can capture smaller contaminants. So, you should purchase a GE refrigerator water filter with a low micron rating.

For instance, the granular activated carbon is used by most refrigerator water filters. It has an average rating of 20 microns.

The types of filters used in your GE refrigerator vary based on location. They include;

  1. Grille

Grille water filters are slender filters installed at the base of the fridge. A knob is usually present to cover them, so they blend with the grille. Many refrigerators use this type of water filter. Some of them have a push button that ejects the water filter while some have to be turned.

  1. Drop Down
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Dropdown filters are even more concealed than the grille water filters. Many people using refrigerators with this type of filter don’t even know their refrigerator has that feature. Some of them don’t use the ice and water dispensers with their refrigerators because they are not aware of it. Others who use it fail to replace the water filter when due.

The drop-down filter is usually found in the food compartment of your refrigerator. A special compartment houses the water filter. You have to drop it down to get access when you want to replace the filter.

  1. Slide Out

Slide-out water filters are similar to the grille water filters. For most of them, you only need to press a button for the filter to come out. Meanwhile, some others need to be turned to eject the water filter.

Check out this video to learn how to replace the GSWF water filter in a GE refrigerator:

How to Replace Your GE Refrigerator Water Filter – Steps to Follow

The steps to follow to replace your GE refrigerator water filter are short and simple.

  1. Locate the filter

The various locations of a refrigerator water filter have been described above. Check your refrigerator’s manufacturer manual to determine the location of the filter. Afterward, put a towel or cloth beneath the filter to catch drops of water that may fall when you remove the filter.

  1. Remove the water filter

Hold the filter and gently make a counterclockwise turn (to the left). While doing this, keep pulling it down from the filter head. Sometimes, air may be trapped inside the filter compartment, making it difficult to pull out. In this case, push in the water dispenser. The filter will drop immediately.

  1. Insert the new filter

You should have purchased the replacement filter before removing the old one. Now, remove the plastic cap on the new filter and discard it. Then, fill the top of the filter with tap water. Insert the filter into the cartridge. An arrow is usually present on both filter and cartridge to help you insert it. If this arrow is absent, ensure the filter is inserted facing forward.

  1. Lock it in
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You don’t just leave the filter after inserting it. Make sure it doesn’t fall off. To do this, turn the filter in a clockwise direction. It will rise slowly and you’ll know when it’s in.

  1. Flush the filter

After installing your new filter, don’t rush to use it. Use about one or two gallons of water to flush it out of the water dispenser. Also, discard the first one or two batches of ice produced by the ice maker. This activity also purges air from the system.

You can also learn how to reset a GE refrigerator in this detailed post.

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When Should You Replace Your GE Refrigerator Water Filter?

It is recommended that your GE refrigerator water filter is changed every six months.

But, if you’re living in an area that supplies hard water, you may need to change it earlier than that. If your refrigerator has a water filter indicator light, you would know when the filter gets dirty.

Also, if you travel out and do not use your refrigerator for weeks, you might have to change the filter when you return. Because you didn’t use your filter, it traps dirt and particles. If you don’t want to change it after a few weeks, ensure you flush it properly before you start using it again.

Watch this video to learn how to change your MWF GE water filter:


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What Happens When You Don’t Replace Your GE Refrigerator Water Filter?

Some people don’t care about replacing their refrigerator water filters. A major reason for this is that they don’t know what happens if they don’t do so. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. So, why do they have to stress themselves for nothing?

Replacing your refrigerator water filter is a big deal, especially if you use the water and ice dispenser frequently.

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Here are a few  issues that may stem from not changing your GE water filter as and when due:

  1. The taste and odor of your water changes.

I’m sure you weren’t aware that your water filter also takes care of taste and odor. So, as it wears out, it stops being effective in filtering the microorganisms, chemicals, and minerals present in your water. In a short time, you’ll start noticing these changes.

  1. Your water doesn’t flow well

This should be a major indicator that the time for you to replace your refrigerator water filter is long due. There are minerals and solids all clogged up in your water filter. So, if it is taking longer than usual to fill your glass, your filter is dirty.

  1. The ice is cloudy

This one may not be obvious to everyone. If you pay attention to the ice from the ice dispenser, you’ll realize that it is not clear anymore. When the ice melts in your drink, it introduces microorganisms that may be dangerous to your health.

  1. Health risks

As mentioned above, microorganisms are the biggest causes of diseases. Apart from microbes, the water supplied to your house also contains heavy metals and chemicals.

You may become exposed to things such as asbestos, chlorine, chromium, lead, radium, pesticides, nitrates and nitrites, among others.

You have to treat your water properly to remain healthy always. The cost of treating yourself from water-borne illnesses is much less than that you will use to replace your refrigerator water filter.

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Replacing your GE refrigerator water filter is very important if you want to continue drinking clean water. To ensure you stay healthy and do not get food and water-borne diseases like cholera, it is necessary that you carry out this activity.

So, the time you change your GE refrigerator water filter depends on the type of water that flows in your area. If you use hard water, you have to change the filter earlier than people who use soft water.

The procedure for changing the GE refrigerator water filter is simple. Remove the old filter by doing a counterclockwise rotation and insert the new filter.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to flush the new filter with gallons of water before use.

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