Samsung Ice Maker Doesn’t Make Enough Ice [How to Fix]

Sometimes, an ice maker can just stop making enough ice. So if a Samsung ice maker doesn’t make enough ice, this article shows you how to fix it.

Samsung ice maker does not make enough ice
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Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice – Solutions

If your Samsung ice maker does not make enough ice, do the following:

1. Check the Water Inlet Valve

To determine if the inlet valve is faulty, test the pressure of the water supplied to it. The pressure to be up to 20psi, at least.

Try filling a glass ¾ of the way with water from the dispenser. It should fill up within 10 seconds if the water pressure is sufficient. But if the glass does not fill up that quickly, the pressure needs an adjustment.

If it is less than 20psi, the valve won’t close and open properly in order to allow water to flow into the ice maker. Therefore, increase the pressure.

However, if the pressure is sufficient, then test the solenoid of the inlet valve to check for continuity and to see if it is receiving power. Replace the valve if the solenoid has no continuity and no power.

2. Replace the Water Filter

If the water filter in the refrigerator is older than 6 months, it is due for a change. Replace it as soon as possible.

An old water filter becomes clogged, reducing its efficiency and this reduces the amount of water that the ice maker receives. Consequently, the ice maker’s ice production drops.

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If you recently changed it and there isn’t enough ice, check to see if it is the right type for a Samsung refrigerator and if you installed it properly. Also, check to be sure there is no damage to the head. All these contribute to reducing the amount of water that gets to the ice maker and affects ice production as a result.

3. Adjust the Freezer Temperature

Take a look at the point where the temperature of the freezer is set. Typically, it should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But if it must go higher, it should not exceed 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if the setting is too high, the freezer won’t be able to cool fast enough, making the ice maker unable to produce enough ice when needed.

Even when it does produce ice, the ice may be oddly-shaped or soft. Therefore, adjust the setting of the temperature in the freezer to make it easy for the ice maker to produce enough ice quickly.

4. Replace the Ice Maker

When all the other parts test fine yet the ice maker is not making enough ice, the problem could stem from the ice maker itself. If one or more components of the ice maker is faulty, it may mean having to replace the entire assembly.

However, before replacing the ice maker, make sure that you test other parts that can easily be replaced. Changing the ice maker should not be the first course of action if it is not making enough ice.

Be sure to buy the right replacement ice maker assembly as any other type won’t work properly in the refrigerator.

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Important Note

To determine when your Samsung ice maker doesn’t make enough ice, you have to know what a normal ice production is. An ice maker makes 1 tray of 8-10 cubes of ice in 90 minutes. This is normal.

This means the ice maker is able to make 120 cubes of ice in a day.

If you want to speed things up slightly, use the Power Freeze function if the unit has it. When activated, the Power Freeze function reduces the ice making time to 55 minutes.

Therefore, if the ice maker makes less than 120 cubes in one day or makes 1 tray of ice in 3-4 hours, it is not making enough ice.

However, if a refrigerator is installed newly, it takes between 6 to 12 hours before the ice maker can produce a good tray of ice. Within this time frame, it may produce some ice but it is important to throw it out as it may not be consumable.

This video shows what to do to solve the problem of a Samsung ice maker not making enough ice…

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Samsung Ice Maker Not Cold Enough – Quick Fix

If a Samsung ice maker is not cold enough, ensure that the temperature in the freezer is cold enough. Set it at 0 degrees Fahrenheit so that the section will be cold. This is the right temperature for the ice maker to function.

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Also, ensure that the door of the freezer is not opened regularly. Doing this reduces the cold air in the compartment and lets in warm air, compromising its cooling ability. This also affects how well the ice maker cools.

In addition, a poorly-sealing door compromises the temperature in the freezer. Therefore, ensure that the door seal is working properly. If it is damaged or dirty, replace it or clean it thoroughly.

Resetting the Ice Maker

You can also reset or test the ice maker to see if it fixes the error. Locate the test button of the ice maker type and press it. Hold it for about 8 seconds or until there is an audible beep or chime.

The beep signifies the start of the test, which runs for about 6 minutes. After the test, there should be a second beep if it is successful.

If there is no beep, unplug the refrigerator and wait for about 2 minutes. Plug it back in and run the test again. However, if there is still no beep, contact the Samsung Support center to report the issue and request service.

If these things are in order yet the ice maker is not cold enough, it may be time to replace it. The ice maker may be defective, making it difficult to work. Have a refrigerator technician run a test on it and replace it if necessary.


Unplug the refrigerator or freezer if there is a need to repair any part of the ice maker. But also know when to leave it on because some tests require the unit to be powered. However, it is important to tread carefully when the electricity is on to avoid electrocution.

Get a professional refrigerator repair agent if you find that fixing the ice maker is proving difficult. Doing this prevents irreparable damage to the unit.


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