Kenmore Fridge Filter [Issues & Solutions]

Kenmore fridge filter is one component that needs a regular replacement, be it a water filter or air filter. If there is an issue with either of them, the fridge won’t run optimally.

How Do I Replace My Kenmore Water Filter?

To replace your Kenmore water filter, buy a filter compatible with the Kenmore fridge model you own. It helps if you buy using the model number of your unit; it narrows your choices and makes choosing the right one easier.

Next, find the water filter compartment for your fridge model. If you are not sure, your user manual will direct you. But for side-by-side models, the housing is usually on the top corner of the interior, to your right, or in the bottom grille.

For bottom-freezer French door models, the housing should be the bottom compartment in the door of the fridge. And for smart fridge models, it should be in the interior top corner, to your left.

When you find the filter housing for your fridge model, remove the old filter by pushing or pulling the housing to open it. Your manual comes in handy here because there are different methods, depending on the model.

Turn the water filter to the left or counterclockwise to loosen and remove it from the housing. Some filters pull straight out without having to turn them.

Remove the seal covering the head of the new water filter; you will see the opening that connects it to the unit. For some water filters, there is a foil over the opening instead of a seal. If you don’t remove the seal or foil, the filter won’t fit or work.

Install the new water filter and turn it clockwise to secure it in the housing. Keeping the filter horizontal makes threading it into the housing easy. Ensure it is tight and secure before closing the housing. For a filter that pulls straight out, simply push it into the housing.

Now, check the control panel for the button to reset the filter indicator. Press it and hold it until the light goes from red or orange to green. And if the light does not turn green, it means you did not install the filter properly. You may find the button on the door of the fridge if it is not on the panel. Remove it and reinstall it.

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Check out this article for more detailed information on replacing the water filter in a Kenmore fridge.

For a Kenmore Fridge Filter at the Bottom

Take a look at the bottom grille, and you will see the dial of the filter. Turn it to the left or counterclockwise to loosen it so you can pull it out from under the fridge. If turning the dial does not loosen the filter, check for a button close to the dial. Press it to release the filter so you can remove it.

Next, check to see how the dial fits on the old water filter so you can pull it off. You may have to pull or push it perpendicularly to the filter before detaching it. Now, align the dial to the end of the filter and slide it onto the filter, ensuring it is secure.

Install the new water filter under the fridge, turning it clockwise to lock it in place. If you released it with a button while removing it, simply push the water filter in until it snaps in. dispense a few glasses of water to clear air bubbles and reduce pressure.

Finally, reset the water filter indicator; it is usually on the control panel near the water dispenser. Hold the button until the light changes to blue or green from orange or yellow. If the light remains the same, remove and reinstall the water filter.

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Kenmore Water Filter Is Stuck – Quick Fix

Begin by turning off the water supply to the fridge if you find that the water filter is stuck. The water pressure may be too much, or deposits may be causing it to stick. This article explains how you can remove the filter successfully and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

Kenmore Fridge Air Filter Location

The air filter in a Kenmore fridge is found in the center of the fridge, right at the top corner. Once you open the doors, the filter cover is opposite them, and the filter is inside the cover.

Kenmore Fridge Air Filter Change

To change the air filter in your Kenmore fridge, find the cover at the top center of the fridge section. Remove the cover by turning it firmly to the left or counterclockwise. The cover twists and removes to expose the air filter.

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Pull out the old filter from inside the cover and insert the new one in its place. Press the filter into place and position the cover for replacement. Tilt it a little to the left and twist it firmly to snap it into place. Ensure the cover is secure before closing the doors.

Air filters are typically found in Kenmore Elite fridges.

This video shows you how to remove and change the air filter in your Kenmore fridge…

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter Bypass Plug

A water filter bypass plug in a Kenmore refrigerator takes the place of the primary water filter. It comes in handy if you have an in-house water filtration system or live in an area with heavily filtered water. The bypass plug also helps if your Kenmore refrigerator is an older model, and finding the right water filter is difficult.

To use the bypass plug in your Kenmore refrigerator, ensure you buy the right type for your Kenmore refrigerator model. When you get one, open the doors of the unit and open the filter housing. The bypass will fit into the same space where the water filter fits.

Next, remove the old water filter if it is still installed in the refrigerator. Install the water bypass plug and make sure it is secure before closing the filter housing.

Watch this video if you want to install a water filter bypass plug in a Kenmore bottom-freezer french door refrigerator…

Kenmore Water Filter Door Won’t Close – Solved

The filter head may have a defective tab mold, and the pressure of the water is causing the mold to pop off and keep the door from staying closed. To fix this, dispense some water from the dispenser to reduce the pressure or replace the filter head assembly.

Kenmore Water Filter Disposal

To dispose of a Kenmore water filter, throw it out with the garbage. Most water filters are made unharmful to the environment, so it is safe to dispose of them the usual way.

However, you can recycle the water filter if it is made with the right type of plastic. Contact Kenmore to determine whether or not the brand has a recycling program and, if not, where to find one.

Kenmore Water Filter Housing Leaking – How to Fix

If you find that a Kenmore water filter housing is leaking, it is best to check the water filter before checking the housing. Improper installation can cause a leak as well as using the wrong type of filter or water pressure. This is why reducing the pressure and removing air bubbles are important after replacing the water filter.

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But if the filter is not the problem, then the filter head assembly may be damaged, or the filter housing may have cracks. If the filter housing is leaking, you need to replace it. The method for replacing the housing may differ, depending on the Kenmore fridge model you own.

Here is a video for replacing the filter housing in a Kenmore side-by-side fridge with the filter going under the fridge…

Kenmore Refrigerator Filter Leaking – Quick Fix

The water filter may be old and overused, causing cracks that leak water. Replacing the filter fixes this problem. Also, using the wrong type of water filter or the wrong filter size may cause leaks. Remove the filter and ensure it is the correct type. If not, replace it with the correct type.

There may be damage to the filter head, breaking the connection between the filter and the refrigerator. In such a case, replacing the filter head assembly is the only solution. Finally, check the water filter housing for cracks. The problem may not originate from the filter itself but the housing.

Kenmore Water Filter Making Noise – Quick Fix

Debris and dirt in the filter head can cause the filter to become noisy. Check the head and clean it thoroughly. Replace the filter and see if the noise continues. If it does, and the filter head is clean, replace the water filter to eliminate the noise.

Will My Kenmore Fridge Work without Filter?

Your Kenmore fridge will work without a filter, but you may need a bypass plug or a bypass cartridge to plug the space for the water filter.

What Water Filter Do I Need for Kenmore Refrigerator?

If your Kenmore refrigerator model number starts with 253, look for Frigidaire ULTRAWF PureSource Ultra water filter, Frigidaire WF2CB Gallery PureSource 2 water filter, or Frigidaire WFCB PureSource Plus water filter. Frigidaire makes your water filter. You can also look for Kenmore 9999, 9916, and 9913 water filters.

For models with numbers starting with 363, look for GE GSWF or MWF/MWFP water filters. GE makes your water filters. You can also try Kenmore 9970 and 0014 water filters.

And if you have a refrigerator with the model number starting with 795, use LG LT1000TP, LT500P, LT600P, LT700P, and LT800P. LG makes the water filters for the model. But you can also use Kenmore 9980, 09890, 9990, 9690, and Elite 9490 ADQ73613402 water filters.

For refrigerator models with numbers starting with 596, go for Maytag UKF8001/Whirlpool EDR4RXD1 or Amana WF401S water filters. You can also use 9084 or 9014 water filters from Kenmore.

Finally, for models with numbers starting with 106, use Whirlpool Everydrop EDR1RXD1, EDR2RXD1, EDR3RXD1, EDR5RXD1, and EDR6D1 water filters. You can also go for Kenmore 9081, 9082, 9083, 9085, 9915, and 9002 water filters.

Important Note

Disconnect the Kenmore fridge from electric power if you have to repair the filter housing or any other unit part. And if you are unable to find suitable replacement water or air filter, contact Kenmore for assistance. The same applies when you cannot fix a Kenmore fridge filter issue.

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