Beko Fridge Not Cooling [How to Fix]

If you are having some problems with your Beko fridge not cooling, this article will guide you on what to do.

Beko Fridge not cooling
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Beko Fridge Freezer Not Cooling – What to Do

If your Beko fridge freezer is not cooling, here are some things to check:

1. Condenser Coils

Check to see if the condenser coils need to be cleaned. You will find them at the bottom or back of the fridge. Clean them with the brush head of your vacuum and be sure to set the vacuum to low suction power. Dust the remaining dirt with a soft cloth.

Dirty condenser coils will inhibit them from dissipating the heat that the fridge freezer produces into the outside air. This will make the fridge become warm and not as cool as it should be.

2. Location

If you place the fridge freezer close to a heat source or in a garage, then it will be difficult for it to cool. Be sure to keep the unit where the temperature is ambient so it can perform optimally.

3. Content

What you place inside the fridge freezer can also affect how ell it cools. This is because you could overload it and the items will block the air vents and restrict the flow of cold air around the unit. So reduce the number of items you put in it per time, especially if the space is small.

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Additionally, you could put hot food into it, making the unit take longer to cool than it should. Allow the food cool before putting it into the fridge or freezer.

4. Doors

Be sure the doors seal properly and that there are no cracks or gaps in the gasket. If there are, then the outside temperature will interfere with that of the inside of the fridge freezer, reducing its coolness. Close the door properly all the time. If there is any crack in the seal or gasket, you will need to change it. Call a qualified technician to do this for you.

5. Internal Light

If your fridge freezer has an internal light, check to see if it goes off when the door of the unit is closed. Slowly close the door; it should go out just before the door seals. But if it does not go out, then it means it will generate warmth inside. The fridge freezer will not cool as it should because of this.

6. Defrost System

If your Beko fridge freezer has an automatic defrost system, the problem may stem from a faulty component. The defrost timer determines whether the system advances in and out of a defrost cycle. So, test the timer; turn it to advance the fridge into a defrost cycle. You should hear the compressor and fans go off.

If that does not happen and the fridge continues running, the timer is faulty. But if it moves the system into a defrost cycle but does not advance it out of the system, the timer is defective. Test the timer with a multimeter to check continuity and replace it if there is no continuity.

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Next, check the defrost heater and thermostat. The heater turns on to warm the coils so that they do not freeze. And the thermostat ensures the heater gets a voltage supply to run. If the heater does not work, check the thermostat to ensure it closes contacts for the heater to work.

If not, run a continuity test and replace the thermostat if you find no continuity. The same applies to the heater if there is no continuity when you test it with a multimeter.

Finally, test the defrost control board if nothing else seems to work. The control board governs the entire defrost system and can stop the process if it malfunctions. But the control board hardly fails, so ensure you test other parts to eliminate them before checking the control board.

However, if you find that the cooling problems persist even with all of the above in place, it is time to call a professional repairer to take a look at your fridge freezer. The problem could be technical; it could be anything from a bad compressor to a broken evaporator fan and everything else between.

Here is a visual representation of finding what is wrong with your Beko fridge that is not cooling…

Note: Before you embark on any diagnosing or troubleshooting mission, be sure to unplug your fridge freezer. Not only will this keep you safe from electrocution, but it will also keep your unit from extra damage.

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