How to Clean a Kenmore Refrigerator [Detailed Guide]

Ever wondered how to clean a Kenmore refrigerator correctly? It is not a secret or a herculean task, as we will discuss in this article.

How to Clean a Kenmore Refrigerator

Take the following steps to clean a Kenmore refrigerator:

Step 1

Find a storage space for all the contents of the refrigerator. If you have another unit, you can store them in it, but if you don’t, get ice packs and store the food in a well-insulated cooler.

Remove the shelves, bins, drawers, and racks in the refrigerator. It would be a great time to wash all the interior parts of the refrigerator so place them in the sink for washing. Then, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power.

Step 2

Mix two spoons of baking soda in a quart of warm water. Leave the doors wide open, and using a lint-free towel, clean the refrigerator’s interior parts. If the baking soda solution becomes dirty, throw it out and replace it with a similar solution.

Ensure you wipe every stain on every part. It helps to start from the top, so that dirty drips don’t stain parts you have already cleaned. Work your way down to the bottom and repeat as much as you need.

For stubborn stains, pour some baking soda on them and top it with a bit of water. It will create a paste that will soften the stains. Gently rub the stains until they loosen and clean off.

Step 3

After a thorough cleaning, empty the bowl with the mixture and fill it with clean water, preferably warm. If you want, add some lemon juice to the water to give the unit a fresh and clean smell. Use another clean and lint-free cloth to wipe the inside of the unit again to remove any residues left by the baking soda mixture.

Dry the insides with a dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Afterward, allow it to air-dry while you wash the shelves in the sink.

Step 4

Add some baking soda to the shelves and racks in the sink to make washing them easy. Run warm or hot water over them and wash them thoroughly. If you have to, add a little dish soap to remove baking soda residue.

Rinse them under clean running water and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Give them some time to air-dry before returning them to the refrigerator. But while waiting for them to dry, clean the exterior of the refrigerator.

Step 5

An all-purpose soap or cleaner and a lint-free cloth will do the job. Ensure you are gentle and go in the direction of the grains on the body. Going in the opposite direction will leave dirt streaks in the grains, resulting in an even dirtier exterior.

You don’t have to use water for the cleaning routine, especially if controls and electricals are on the doors. And when you are done wiping, get plain water and give the exterior another round of wiping to remove cleaner or soap residue.

Step 6

While cleaning the exterior, you may also want to clean the condenser coils. We discussed how to clean the coils under the unit in this article, but you may also want to clean the compressor and condenser fan as well.

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How to Clean a Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

To clean a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker, do the following:

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Step 1

Open the door of the unit and lift the cover on the ice maker. You will see an arm to its side; push it up to stop ice production. Find the power switch of the machine and switch it off.

Step 2

Remove the ice bucket by pulling it out. If there is any ice left in it, empty it in the sink. Run some water into the bucket and add a little dish soap. Using a clean cloth, scrub the bucket thoroughly. Wash both the interior and exterior parts. Rinse the bucket under clean running water and dry it thoroughly.

Step 3

Squeeze the washcloth to remove water and take it to the ice maker. Wipe down the machine, taking care to reach all its sides and to remove every stain. Don’t leave excess moisture on the ice maker as it could freeze on it.

Step 4

When the ice maker is clean and dry, put the dry ice bucket back under it. Ensure the bucket sits appropriately and reaches the back of the unit. Now, push the arm on the ice maker down to turn on the ice production and switch the machine on.

Note: Don’t remove the ice maker and immerse it in water. Additionally, don’t use harsh cleaning agents for wiping the machine.

how to clean a Kenmore refrigerator

How to Clean a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line

Here is how to clean a Kenmore refrigerator water line:

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and turn the water supply off at its source. Disconnect the line to the ice maker but not the line that goes to the water dispenser.

Mix some vinegar in water, and run the mixture through the waterline. Vinegar is light enough not to erode the plastic material of the line but strong enough to remove bacteria and mold. If necessary, clean the line with the water and vinegar solution a few times before rinsing with lots of clean water.

While cleaning the line, clean the water reservoir with the vinegar and water solution. Cleaning the line alone may be moot if there are bacteria and mold in the reservoir; they will only find their way back in the line.

If the water line is damaged, you can replace it by contacting Kenmore or ordering online.

How to Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Drip Pan

To clean a Kenmore refrigerator drip pan, make sure it is removable. Some Kenmore refrigerators have non-removable drip pans.

If the pan is removable, do the following:

Pull the refrigerator’s power cord from the wall receptacle and turn the water off at the primary source. It helps if you have to move the unit. Next, remove the screws holding the access cover over the pan and keep the screws safe. If it is a grille, simply pop it off.

Now, find the pan under the refrigerator and pull it towards you. Lift it out and empty its contents. Set it in a bowl or sink and mix a little bleach in water. Make sure the quantity of water is two times the quantity of bleach you use. White vinegar and water also work.

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Pour a little of the mixture into the pan and allow it to soak the pan for several minutes. Afterward, clean the pan with a rag and use some pressure so that you will wash out stubborn stains. Rinse the drip pan under running water until it is thoroughly clean. Dry it and reinsert it under the refrigerator.

If the drip pan is not removable, use a wet wipe wrapped on the end of a stick, and clean the pan. When you have cleaned it as much as you can with the wipes, mix some bleach in warm water and pour it into the pan. White vinegar also does the cleaning job if you would rather not use bleach.

Since you cannot remove the pan, ensure you don’t pour a lot of the mixture into it. Pour just enough to sanitize and prevent future mold buildup.

How to Clean a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser

To clean the water dispenser on a Kenmore refrigerator, turn off the water to the water dispenser. Remove the screw holding the water tank and water pump together and slide off the tube. Through the tube, pour about three cups of vinegar and hold it upright, so the vinegar sits for a few minutes.

Afterward, press the dispenser lever to dispense the vinegar. Pour some water through the tube into the dispenser to rinse it, and rinse it a few times to remove the vinegar taste. You can use the dispensed vinegar to clean the drip tray and the spout of the dispenser. However, ensure you wipe the spout and rinse the tray thoroughly.

Note: You can also clean the ice dispenser in the same manner.

How to Clean Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Drawers

To clean the drawers in a Kenmore Elite refrigerator, you have to remove the drawers first. To do this, pull out the drawer to full extension. When it does not go any further, stop pulling it so as not to damage it.

Next, place one hand under the drawer and, with the other hand, lift the front of the drawer. It is easier to remove this way, so pull the drawer out of its compartment. Once out, repeat the same process for any other drawer.

Now, place the drawer in the sink, one after the other, pour warm water, and add a little dish soap. Do not use a harsh cleaner; mild soap will do. You can also use baking soda or bleach to wash the drawers if there are stubborn stains. Ensure you give them a thorough washing with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving lint behind on the drawers.

After washing them, place the drawers under clean running water to rinse off the soap or baking soda, depending on which cleaning agent you used. You may use cold water, but warm water is more effective.

Then, dry the drawers with a clean, dry, and lint-free cloth. Allow them to air-dry before placing them back into the refrigerator.

Note: Do not put the drawers under hot water as soon as you remove them from the refrigerator if they are glass. They will be cold, and the sudden temperature change may cause them to crack or break. Instead, allow them to warm to room temperature before washing them with hot water.

How to Clean Under Kenmore Refrigerator

We have already discussed how to clean the coils under your Kenmore refrigerator. However, if you are looking to clean the floor under the unit, the process is a little different.

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Unplug the refrigerator from electric power; pull it out first if you cannot reach it otherwise. If water is connected to the unit, turn it off, and move the unit farther so the floor is clear and accessible. You may need help to move the refrigerator if it is heavy. And you don’t have to remove frozen food to store it elsewhere since the cleaning process won’t take long.

Next, sweep or vacuum the exposed part of the floor to remove dust and debris. Afterward, make a solution of water and soap, and clean the floor thoroughly. You can use a little bleach to disinfect the area if necessary. Allow the floor to dry before moving the refrigerator back into position.

If your Kenmore refrigerator is the built-in type, you won’t be able to move it to clean under it. If the unit is too heavy, you can simply vacuum under the refrigerator in such a case. Then, wrap a soapy cloth on a yardstick or clothes hanger, and wipe the floor as best you can. Afterward, dry it with a dry rag. Then, allow nature to take care of the drying process.

How to Clean Kenmore Freestanding Ice Maker

To clean a Kenmore freestanding ice maker, get an ice maker cleaning agent, mild soap, and warm water. You will also need a soft towel to wipe the ice maker. So, gather these items close to you.

Next, empty the machine of all ice. If your machine is not close to your kitchen sink, you may need to get a container to scoop the ice into. After scooping the ice out, you want to ensure there is no ice left in the tray or mold. So, turn the ice maker off and wait about five minutes for leftover cubes to drop.

Afterward, drain all the water stored in the water pan. Ensure it is empty. Now, pour the ice maker cleaner into the pan, fill the empty cleaner container with water, empty it into the pan, and repeat the process one more time. Next, find the button for the cleaning cycle, press it, and allow it to run.

Close the door of the icemaker while the cycle runs; it may take up to one hour. So, while you wait, it is an excellent time to clean the exterior of the machine. Use the soft towel to clean it, along with mild soap in water. Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning agents or cloths, especially when the exterior is stainless steel. Otherwise, it will scratch. Go gently and in a circular motion.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, there is usually an indicator to alert you. Drain the cleaning agent and water from the water pan, ensuring there is none left. You may want to rinse the ice maker with lots of clean water, but it is not entirely necessary. Turn the ice maker back on so it can resume ice production.

This video is a demonstration of the simple cleaning process for a freestanding ice maker…


Knowing how to clean a Kenmore refrigerator is an excellent way to maintain the appliance. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to do it, and this guide details easy steps. However, make it a yearly routine to clean the refrigerator and ice maker for optimal performance. And if there is any difficult process or part you cannot clean, contact Kenmore or reach us using the chatbox to your right.

Remember to disconnect the refrigerator from electric power before commencing cleaning. It is part of safety measures to prevent electrocution. The same applies when you are replacing electrical components.

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