How to Adjust a Kenmore Refrigerator… [Detailed Guide]

This article is a guide on how to adjust a Kenmore refrigerator. If you are looking looking for ways to adjust the refrigerator, look no further.

How to Adjust a Kenmore Refrigerator
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How to Adjust a Kenmore Refrigerator Door

To adjust a Kenmore refrigerator door means to adjust the entire unit. Typically, Kenmore does not design its refrigerators to have adjustable doors. This article is a step-by-step guide on adjusting the door.

How to Adjust Temperature on a Kenmore Refrigerator

To adjust the temperature on a Kenmore refrigerator, turn the dial of the thermostat to a number on the setting. Typically, the higher numbers equate to a colder temperature and the lower numbers equate to a warmer temperature.

So, if you are going for a cold temperature in your refrigerator, set the dial to 5, 6, or 7. But for a warmer temperature, go from 1 to 3.

If your Kenmore refrigerator has digital temperature controls, adjust it by pressing the freezer and refrigerator temperature buttons at the same time. Hold them for several seconds until the unit’s display beeps. Then, press the temperature button for the refrigerator until you arrive at the correct setting. The same goes for the freezer compartment.

Note that the recommended temperature setting for a Kenmore refrigerator is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. When you buy the refrigerator, it comes preset at this temperature. The freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you adjust any of the preset temperatures, allow about 24 hours for the unit to adjust to the new settings.

How to Tighten a Kenmore Refrigerator Door Handle

To tighten a Kenmore refrigerator door handle, check the top inner part of the handle for screws. If you find any, use an Allen wrench to tighten them. Find the screws on the bottom inner part of the handle and do the same. Next, jiggle the handle to determine whether or not it is tight, and if it is not, use the wrench once more to tighten the screws.

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But if your Kenmore refrigerator is the type that has handles without visible screws, it means you have to lift it off the mounting fasteners. To do this, grab the handle with both hands and gently but firmly pull it upwards. That way, it slides off the fasteners.

When you remove the handle, inspect the fasteners; they may be loose. If they are, tighten them until they don’t shake anymore. Ensure they are secure before mounting the handle.

How to Tighten a Kenmore Freezer Door

To tighten a Kenmore freezer door, get an Allen wrench and open the door with the loose handle. Take a look at the top inner part of the handle to locate the screws and tighten them with the wrench once you find them.

Jiggle the handle to determine how tight or secure it is. If there is any looseness, tighten the screws further with the wrench. Repeat the process until the handle does not move when you jiggle it.

But if the handle is the type with no visible screws, the handle is mounted on fasteners, and they are likely to be loose. Grab the handle firmly with both hands and pull it upwards to detach it from the fasteners. Once off, lay the handle aside and check the fasteners.

If they are loose, tighten them until they fit tightly to the door. Make sure the fasteners don’t move when you touch them before you mount the handle on them.

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How to Adjust a Kenmore Refrigerator Level

To adjust the leveling on a Kenmore refrigerator, get your level and set it on top of the unit. There is no need to adjust the level; it will let you know when you have successfully adjusted the unit. The bauble will move to the middle and rest there if the unit is correctly leveled.

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Next, open the grille at the bottom front of the unit and locate the bracket covering the adjustment screws. The screws turn the feet to level the refrigerator. One screw has A on it while the other has B on it. Turn the A screw to adjust the foot in front and turn the B screw to adjust the foot in the back.

If you need to lower the refrigerator, turn the screws counterclockwise and to raise the unit, turn them clockwise. Check the level on top of the unit until it hits the right spot.

How to Adjust Kenmore Bottom-Freezer Door

To adjust the bottom freezer door, get a ⅜-inch socket with a 3-inch extension. Attach it to a drill or ratchet. Also, get a 3/32-inch Allen wrench. Open the drawer and find the three bolts where the drawer meets the slide assembly.

Loosen, but don’t remove the bolts. Go to the other side of the drawer and loosen the bolts there. Next, find the set screw fixed against the door and turn the screw with the Allen wrench. Lift the door a little to make the process easier if necessary.

If you need to lower the drawer, turn the set screw counterclockwise, about two revolutions. But if you need to raise the drawer, turn the screw clockwise, about two revolutions. Close the drawer and check how well it is adjusted. If there is a need for more adjustment, do the same on the other side. Tighten the bolts on both sides when the drawer is adjusted correctly and close the drawer tightly.

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This video demonstrates how to adjust a bottom freezer drawer when the seal is not working…

How to Adjust Water Level on Kenmore Ice Maker

To adjust the water level on a Kenmore ice maker, remove the ice maker and turn the set screw. You will find the screw on the right side of the ice maker, the upper middle part. Turn the screw counterclockwise or clockwise, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the water level.

For a more in-depth adjustment, remove the ice maker entirely and run a test. Grab the ejector and rotate it clockwise until there is an audible click. While the cycle runs, check the lever for ice sensing to ensure there is room for adjustment.

The ice produced from the test will tell you whether or not you need to lower or increase the water level. Follow the same steps as above to adjust the level.

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