GE Refrigerator Handle [Issues and Fixes]

If you have issues with a GE refrigerator handle and you are looking for ways to fix it, this article covers the steps to take in order to solve the problem.

GE refrigerator handle

GE Refrigerator Handle Loose – How to Fix

The following are steps to take in order to fix a loose handle on a GE refrigerator door:

Step 1

Find the screw or screws. You may find the screws right under the handle’s bottom interior curve, at the top of it. Or you may find them on the handle’s side.

Another place where the screws could be is the refrigerator door’s bottom or top surface. These all depend on the model of the GE refrigerator you own.

However, if you don’t find any screw in these places, check to see if there is any screw cover or panels that can be removed. And if these, too, are not visible, try to slide the handle up and down, left and right.

Some GE refrigerator models have their handles places on tracks. And before you can reveal the screws that hold the handles to the door, these handles must get off the tracks.

Usually, GE hides the screws from plain sight. It is part of the aesthetics of the brand’s refrigerators.

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Step 2

When you locate the cover or panel, if applicable, take a flat head screwdriver and pry at it to remove it. Do this carefully so as to avoid any damage.

Step 3

Now, you will be able to see the loose screw or screws. This will tell you what tool will best tighten them. Commonly, Philips or Hex screws work at tightening or fastening the screws on GE refrigerators. However, a few models need small bolts to tighten the screws.

Step 4

When you determine the tool that works, use it to turn the screws to the right in order to tighten them. Keep turning them until they can turn no further.

Step 5

Put the panel or cover back in place, making sure to press it in. If you are not sure that pressing it will fix it properly in place, use a small rubber mallet or cloth-covered hammer to lightly tap it into position.

Here is a quick video showing how to quickly tighten a loose handle on a GE refrigerator…

GE Refrigerator Freezer Door Handle Loose – How to Fix

To fix a GE refrigerator freezer door handle that is loose, do the following:

Step 1

Find a 3/32” or ⅛” Allen wrench for tightening the loose screws. This is because the screws are likely to be Allen screws. But to cover all your bases, keep a 10 mm socket and ratchet close.

Step 2

Open the door of the freezer and take a look at the inner side of the handle. That is usually where the screw is. Since the freezer may have two screws, find both of them.

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Step 3

Using the Allen wrench, tighten the Allen screws that are loose, making sure they are secure before stopping.

Step 4

Now is the time to test the tightness of the handle. Open the door of the freezer and close it a few times.

If you find that the handle still feels loose or rattles, tighten all the screws a little more. Then, test the handle again. It should be nice and tight now.

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Handles without Screws

Some freezer door handles don’t have screws. If such a handle is loose, you have to grab it firmly and pull it up to remove it from the plastic mounting fasteners at the top and bottom.

Next, replace the handle by aligning it on the fasteners and firmly pushing it down on the fasteners until there is a click. This click tells you the handle is tightly fixed in place.

And if the freezer is a drawer, firmly grab and slide the handle to your left to remove it from the plastic fasteners to the left and right.

Replace the handle by aligning it to the fasteners and sliding it to your right. An audible click tells you the handle is firmly in place.

However, if one or both of the fasteners are damaged, you may have to find a repair agent to ascertain the level of damage and fix it.

Note: These steps are also applicable if you are installing a new handle or just looking to remove the handle. Simply follow the ones that apply to your specific needs. And if it is a side-by-side model, the steps that apply to the freezer side also applies to the refrigerator side.

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This video demonstrates how to remove, replace or tighten the door handle on a GE refrigerator…

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To fix issues with a GE refrigerator handle is quite easy if you follow the simple steps. But if you are doubtful about doing it yourself correctly, contact GE to request service.

You can also choose to use any of our refrigerator technicians. They have the expertise to assist you, whatever the refrigerator problem may be.


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