How to Replace a GE Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to replace a GE ice maker, we got you covered. This article will show you how to do this quickly and in simple steps.

GE Automatic Ice Maker Installation Kit, IM6D

How to Replace Ice Maker in GE Refrigerator

Here are the steps you should follow to replace an ice maker in a GE side-by-side refrigerator:

1. Disconnect from Power

The first thing you should do is disconnect the refrigerator from the power source. To disconnect the power, turn off the circuit breaker to the appliance or unplug the appliance from the electric outlet.

Next, pull the unit away from the wall to turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. Disconnect the water supply hose from the water valve and drain the water in a bucket. Then, coil up the hose and tape it to the refrigerator using duct tape.

While disconnecting from power ensures your safety from electrocution, turning off the water supply and draining the hose will prevent spillage. And, as we all know, spillage could cause you to slip.

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2. Locate and Remove the Ice Bucket

Now, open the refrigerator and locate the ice bucket to remove it. Slide the ice bucket off just like you would do a refrigerator tray; it is that easy. The ice bucket is located at the topmost left side of the refrigerator.

Note: Some models may have a shelf above the ice bucket. If yours does, you need to remove that first before the bucket.

3. Disconnect the Ice Maker Power Cord

To disconnect the power cord from the receptacles, use a flathead screwdriver to release the retaining tabs by the sides. When releasing the tabs, pull up the wire connector a little so the power cord can be completely disconnected from the receptacle.

4. Unscrew Ice Maker from the Refrigerator

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the ice maker from the refrigerator, and carefully lift it off the mount. You can find this screw on the left side of the ice maker close to its power switch.

The ice maker may be mounted with one Phillips screw or two quarter-inch hex head screws. This, of course, depends on the refrigerator model.

5. Confirm the New Ice Maker Kit Matches the Old Ice Maker

Check to see if all the components in the new ice maker kit are identical to the old one. If any or some of these pieces are not identical, transfer the old ones to the new ice maker.

6. Swap Non-identical Components

To swap the fill cups, press in on the retaining tabs and lift the cup. Do this for each of the ice makers. Then, slide the old fill cup onto the new ice maker until the tabs lock in place.

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Now, here is how to swap the stripers. Grasp the ice maker on the center and gently flex off the striper to disengage from the right side. Wiggle the other end as you push off the ice maker to completely remove the striper.

You will do this for both ice makers, then gently fit the old striper onto the new ice maker.

Furthermore, if the filler arm is unmatched, remove it from the old ice maker and reattach it to the new one.

Note: Before removing the fill cup and striper, allow the old ice maker to come to room temperature. This will make the plastic part become more flexible and reduce the risk of damage.

7. Install the New Ice Maker

Once you have ensured the new ice maker now completely matches the old one, remount it with the mounting screw(s). Ensure the water fill tube goes directly into the fill cup before reconnecting the ice maker’s power cord.

After reconnecting the power cord, press on the retaining tabs to lock them in place. You will hear a minute click when the tabs lock in place.

8. Ensure the Ice Maker Power Switch is Switched On

After you have installed the new ice maker, switch on the ice maker power switch. This will ensure the ice maker starts working once you reconnect the refrigerator to a power source.

9. Return Ice Bucket and Shelf to Their Right Positions

Now that you have successfully replaced your ice maker, return the ice bucket to its former position. If your refrigerator has a shelf above the ice bucket, return that to its place, too.

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10. Reconnect and Turn on Water Supply Line

Once you have completed your work within the cabinet, reattach the water hose to the valve and turn it on. This will ensure water supply to the ice maker.

11. Reconnect Refrigerator to a Power Source

Finally, plug the power cord back to the wall socket or turn on the circuit breaker to the refrigerator.

Here is a visual guide to walk you through the process of replacing an ice maker in your GE refrigerator…

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Important Note

Do not open the ice making unit for the next 24 hours. This will get the ice maker to cool down to produce ice quickly. Opening the ice maker frequently will only prolong its ice making time.

If you are not sure about following these steps, please consult your user manual to get this done.

Alternatively, get a certified service agent to do it for you. You can contact any General Electric service center to book an appointment or chat with any of our experienced technicians.