Dispenser Noise [Problems & Proven Solutions]

A dispenser noise may not be a cause for alarm. But if you are worried something is wrong with your dispenser, find proven solutions in this article.

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Water Dispenser Beeping – Quick Fix

Your water dispenser may be beeping because the drip tray is full or the internal waste bag needs emptying. That is if it is the standalone type of water dispenser. Empty the waste bag if you find it full. Also, check the drip tray to see if it is full. Empty it by carrying it to the closest sink or container.

In addition, the water bottle on the dispenser may be empty. The dispenser tends to make a beeping noise when there is no longer any water while it is connected to power. It is the machine’s way of alerting you to the need for water. Replace the empty bottle with a full one. But disconnect the dispenser from electric power or open the door to stop the noise if there is no available bottle.

Finally, check the connections to ensure there is no air leak. The dispenser beeps when there is a loose connection, letting air out. Tighten any loose connections you find or hire a technician to do the job.

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Making a Grinding Noise – Solved

Check the water inlet valve, water filter, or water filter housing if you hear a grinding noise any time you dispense water. Remove the water filter from the refrigerator; consult the user manual if you are unsure where it is. After that, install a bypass plug into its place and try the dispenser again.

Inspect the water filter if the noise disappears with the bypass plug. The filter may be dirty at the head, so try cleaning it. Reinsert it and see if the noise continues. Replace the water filter with a new one if the noise returns.

But if the grinding noise does not disappear with the installation of the bypass plug, check the water filter housing. Press the lever of the water dispenser while holding the refrigerator door open. If you hear the noise from the housing, you will have to replace the entire housing to eliminate it. However, check the water inlet valve if the housing is not noisy.

Pull the refrigerator away from surrounding walls if it is flush against them. Unmount the screws holding the bottom access panel in place to gain access to the valve. You will need someone to press the lever of the dispenser while you listen to the valve. Consider replacing the inlet valve if the noise comes from there.

Here is how to replace the water filter housing under a refrigerator…

This video shows how to replace the water inlet valve in your refrigerator…

Another possible cause of a grinding noise from the water dispenser is air trapped in the water lines. Dispense a few gallons of water or simply run water from the dispenser for a few minutes. That flushes the system and may eliminate the noise.

Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Making Noise – What to Do

Check for ice fragments in the ice chute. It may be that the freezer temperature is too cold, causing ice fragments to stick inside the chute. As you try to dispense ice, you may hear a noise. Pour warm water into the chute to clear any obstructions. Keep pouring until the water runs free and clear.

Also, check the ice bucket auger. It may be worn from regular use. The auger should turn any time you dispense ice. So, if you press the lever of the ice dispenser and the auger does not turn, you may consider replacing the auger motor or the entire ice bucket.

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Water Dispenser Making a Hammering Noise – Quick Fix

Check the water filter housing and water inlet valve. These two parts, when faulty, create a hammering noise when you are dispensing water. Remove the water filter and use the dispenser to see if the noise continues. If the noise disappears without the filter, the problem is with the water filter housing. Replace it to eliminate the noise for good.

However, if the noise continues even after you remove the water filter, the water inlet valve is the source. Consider replacing it, though it may still be working. The noise indicates a failure in the inlet valve.


Find out why your water dispensing is making and fix the problem as soon as possible. But a dispenser noise does not always indicate a fault. If you are unsure what to do, it is best to hire a professional technician to check and fix the machine.

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