Refrigerator Sticking Out too Far [Solutions]

It may not be much of a problem, but a refrigerator sticking out too far can ruin the beauty of your kitchen.

How Far Should Your Refrigerator Stick Out?

A standard depth refrigerator may stick out only six inches from the counter. That is because it is usually between 32 and 36 inches deep, sometimes more. Most countertop refrigerators are only about 25 inches in depth, including the overhangs. So, you may find the refrigerator sticking out about six inches or a little more from the end of the counter’s edge.

Refrigerator Sticking Out too Far – Solution

You may want to build another counter that sticks out to match the depth of the refrigerator. But that may mean spending too much remodelling your home. A more cost-efficient solution is to invest in a counter-depth refrigerator. Many brands have these refrigerators for the sole purpose of matching the depth of your kitchen counters.

Before opting for a counter-depth refrigerator, consider the following:

1. The refrigerator will need a little space at the back and sides for proper air circulation. Otherwise, the appliance will overheat and stop working. But that will mean the refrigerator will stick out a few inches. Therefore, you may not get the perfect blend you seek.

2. The refrigerator will have to be shallower to match the counter depth. That means it will have the capacity to hold fewer items than a standard-depth refrigerator.

3. Counter-depth refrigerators tend to be higher and wider than others to make up for the loss in depth. But that may mean you will not have room for wall cabinets beside and on top of the appliance.

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4. Not all refrigerators marketed as counter-depth models work as such. Some are deeper than the usual models and end up giving you the same results as a standard-depth refrigerator. You may want to follow the specific dimensions of your kitchen counter when purchasing the refrigerator.

For example, a refrigerator with a depth of 24 inches represents the main refrigerator cabinet alone. The handles and doors are not part of the measurement, and the recommended space at the back is not included. A counter-depth refrigerator of a little over thirty inches works better.

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