How to Defrost a Neff Fridge Freezer [Quick Guide]

In a fix about how to defrost a Neff fridge freezer? This article explains how to do this in simple steps, quickly and easily.

how to defrost a Neff fridge freezer
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How to Defrost a Neff Fridge Freezer

The following are the simple steps in defrosting a Neff fridge freezer:

Step 1

Remove every food item from the freezer and store them in another freezer or in a cooler temporarily. If it is possible, use ice packs in the cooler in order to preserve the food for longer.

To have a seamless and smooth defrost process, remove the shelves, bins and racks in the unit. If the ice buildup is high, it means all the nooks and crannies would have ice. But removing the shelves means that the ice will defrost faster and better.

Additionally, removing them makes for an easier cleaning process as you can reach every corner without much ado.

Step 2

Disconnect the unit from the wall socket. If it is an inbuilt unit and you cannot reach the socket, shut off the circuit breaker for the part of the house where the unit is located.

Step 3

Leave the doors of the unit open and let the defrost process begin. This could take as long as 24 hours, depending on the level of ice buildup in the unit.

To keep from having a pool of water on the floor of the kitchen, place a pan close to the mouth of the unit to catch the water formed from the melting ice. Also, place towels close by to absorb water that the pan does not catch.

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You can take some of the defrost time to wash and dry the bins, rack and shelves you removed from the unit. With warm soapy water, wash them thoroughly. Rinse them with clean water and dry them as much as you can. Then, leave them out to air dry.

Step 4

Clean the unit, inside and out, with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Be sure to scrub off stains and leave the unit sparkling.

When this is done, wipe the moisture with a thick and dry towel or clean rag. Ensure you wipe off all the moisture so that it does not freeze and trigger another ice buildup, meaning you have to defrost manually earlier than you should. Give it time for natural air to dry it completely. This means leaving the doors open.

Step 5

If you removed shelves, racks and bins, it is time to put them back and close the doors. Then, reconnect the unit to the wall socket or turn on the circuit breaker if you turned it off earlier.

Allow it to become significantly cold before storing food in it again. This could take another 24 hours.

how to defrost a Neff fridge freezer
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Additional Information

If you are looking for how to defrost a Neff fridge freezer, there are a few ways to make the defrost process take a shorter time. One of them is to use a fan. If the fan blows warm air into the unit continuously, the ice will defrost faster. But the air has to be warm; cold air does not make much of a difference.

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Another way is to use hot or boiling water. Put a pan or two of hot water into the freezer, leaving the door open. Ice will fall off in chunks and defrost quickly. Be careful not to scald yourself or pour the hot water into the freezer.

Yet another way is to scrape the ice off as it gets soft. Use a wooden or plastic spatula scrape. Some units come with a scraper for this purpose so it is another tool to use.

It is important to know that using any sharp or metal object could perforate the unit and damage it. So keep from using any object like that. If you cannot find plastic or wooden spatula, use a cloth, dip in warm water and scrub the ice off the walls of the freezer. It is a long process but it is effective.

This process also works for a Neff fridge that tends to have an ice buildup.

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Note: It is important to turn the super-freezing feature in the unit a few hours before you begin the defrost process. This is to get the food in it frozen further and can be preserved for a longer period, even in room temperature.

To Defrost a Neff Chest or Built-in Freezer…

Following the steps listed above also gets the defrost job done in a chest freezer. But to drain the water from the ice, you will need to find the drain valve for your freezer model. Consult the manual that came with the freezer to locate it.

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Open it and put a pan to catch the water. Towels should be handy to mop up any spilt water. And if the floor can easily be damaged by water, move the unit to another location.

But to keep from having to make several trips to empty the pan, attach a hose to the valve and put the other end of the hose in a deep bucket. A bucket will take longer to fill up so you don’t have to go back and forth, emptying the pan.

Quick Note

Keep from defrosting the unit regularly. Just keep an eye on the freezer to see when the ice reaches 7mm. Then, you can defrost. However, this level takes some time before it is reached.

Contact a qualified refrigerator technician to check your fridge freezer if it is prone to an ice buildup. We have experienced ones you can chat with to assist you to fix any problem with your appliance.

Fridges tend to have automatic defrost cycles; more times than not, they don’t have an accumulation of ice.

To practice safety, unplug the unit from the wall socket or turn off the circuit breaker before touching any part of it. This is to avoid electrocution. And if you have work gloves, wear them for extra protection.


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