How to Fix a Samsung Freezer Door Handle [Quick Guide]

Is the handle of your Samsung freezer loose? Read this article to learn how to fix a Samsung freezer door handle.

how to fix a Samsung freezer door handle
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How to Fix a Samsung Freezer Door Handle

The following are ways to fix a Samsung freezer door handle:

1. For Horizontal Door Handles

Check to see if they have socket screws holding them in place. If they do, then use an Allen screw to loosen them and check for any damage. If the locking mechanism is damaged, the handle needs to be replaced.

Samsung usually includes an Allen wrench in the package for units that have socket screws holding the door handles. You don’t need to buy one for this purpose.

Sometimes, the handles come already installed from the factory so there will be no visible screws. If this type of handle is loose, service is needed.

In addition, the handles are attached to a plastic mount that is spring-loaded to help pull open the door. So if the plastic mount is loose or damaged, fixing it means contacting Samsung for service.

2. For Vertical Door Handles with Screws

Some vertical door handles have two screws, at the top and at the bottom. Others have just one screw fixed at the top.

With the Allen wrench, unscrew the socket screw or screws, push the handle up and pull towards you firmly. This releases it from the body of the freezer door. Check for any damage to it, especially to the locking mechanism. If there is any damage, the handle needs to be replaced.

But if the locking mechanism has no damage and the handle is just loose, set it on the mounting studs on the door and push it down to lock it firmly in place. Then, insert the screw or screws in position and tighten using the wrench.

However, if doing this does not fix the loose handle, contact Samsung for service.

3. For Vertical Door Handles without Screws

Firmly push the handle up and pull towards you. Check the handle and the locking mechanism for any damage. If it is damaged, replace the handle.

However, if there is no damage, set the handle back on the mounting studs and firmly push it down to lock it in place. Doing this tightens the handle on the door.

But if you find that the handle is still loose, contact Samsung for service.

This video is a visual representation of how to fix a damaged or loose Samsung freezer door handle…

How to Put a Handle Back on a Samsung Freezer Door

To put the handle back on the door of a Samsung freezer, the first thing to do is to check if it has a screw or screws. If it has any screw yet the handle fell off, look for the screw. If you cannot find it, you will need a replacement.

However, if you find the screw, insert it into its socket on the handle and position the handle on the mounting studs. With the Allen wrench provided, tighten it in place.

Then, check to see if the handle is firm or loose. If it is not firm, service is needed.

The best thing to do is to contact Samsung for service. You can also chat with our refrigerator technicians for assistance.

If the handle does not have any screw, place on the mounting studs and firmly push it down. This locks the handle in place and if it is done right, it will stay in place.

But if the handle is loose or comes off the door, check for damage to the locking mechanism. Contact Samsung to request service or chat with our experienced refrigerator technicians for assistance.

Samsung Freezer Door Handle Came Off – What to Do

If the handle on the door of your Samsung freezer came off, check to see if it just detached from the door. If it did, check for screw holes and reinsert the screws using the provided Allen wrench.

However, if there are no screws, try to fix the handle by positioning it on the mounting screws and pushing it firmly down, locking it. However, if this does not work, the locking mechanism is broken and service is needed.

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Samsung Freezer Door Handle Broken – How to Fix

If the handle of a Samsung freezer door is broken, it means the little plastic piece that attaches the handle to the door is broken. To fix this, you need to find the replacement part.

It is usually hard to find this part for the door and many times, fixing the issue means replacing the entire freezer door.

How to Remove a Samsung Freezer Door Handle

To remove the handle of a Samsung freezer door, determine if screws hold it in place. If it is, then you need an Allen wrench to loosen the screws. For door handles like this, Samsung includes an Allen wrench for unscrewing them.

But if there are no screws, firmly push the handle up and pull it towards you. Doing this loosens it from the mounting studs and frees it from the door.

Here is a video showing how to remove the door handle quickly…


Knowing how to fix a Samsung freezer door handle saves you time and money. Following this guide makes the job even easier. So if you have a loose door handle, you know what to do.

Before detaching the door handle, ensure you unplug the unit. This is a priority step whenever you are working on any electrical appliance, especially refrigerators or freezers, to avoid electrocution.


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