How to Defrost a Kenwood Fridge Freezer [Quick Guide]

Don’t get yourself worked up on how to defrost a Kenwood fridge freezer. Read this article to learn how to do it quickly and easily.

how to defrost a Kenwood fridge freezer
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How to Defrost a Kenwood Fridge Freezer

The following are the commonest and easiest steps to defrost a Kenwood fridge freezer:

Step 1

Unplug the freezer from the wall outlet. You can also power down the circuit breaker but the easiest way to switch it off is to unplug it.

Step 2

Empty the freezer of all content. Preserve the food, especially the perishable ones, in a cooler or in another freezer. If you put the food in a cooler, you may need to use ice packs in order to keep the food cold for long. Manual defrost usually takes hours.

To make for a smoother defrost and cleaning process, remove the shelves and trays or bins if there are any. Doing this helps the ice melt faster and better, and cleaning the freezer afterwards won’t be a huge chore.

Step 3

Leave the doors of the fridge freezer open for the defrost process. Place a shallow tray or pan close to the bottom edge of the unit to collect dripping water. You can also spread towels or rags around the edge to absorb any escaping water so as not to leave the floor messy. Give the unit some hours to fully defrost.

Carefully collecting dripping water is especially needed if the floor of the room is made of wood or any other material that is easily damaged by water. If possible, move the unit to another space for the defrost process.

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Step 4

You can use the waiting time to clean the trays, shelves and bins from the freezer. And when all the ice melts, clean the unit with mild soap and warm water. Be careful to wipe every surface to remove every stain.

Wipe the unit with a dry cloth until it is completely dry. Give it some time to air dry so that there will be no leftover moisture. If the moisture is not completely dried, it will refreeze and cause a buildup of ice quickly. This means the unit will need to be defrosted earlier than it should.

Step 5

Put back the shelves, trays and bins you removed and washed earlier. Then, close the doors of the fridge freezer and restore power to it by plugging it back into the wall outlet or powering up the circuit breaker.

Give the fridge freezer some hours to normalize operations and cool enough to hold food and drinks.

Additional Information

If you don’t want the defrost process to take all day, there are ways to speed things up. One way is to place bowls of boiling or hot water into the unit. The steam will cause the ice to fall off in chunks and melt faster.

Another way is to scrape the ice with a plastic or wooden spatula. Some units come with a spatula so you can use this, too. Steam from hot water makes the scraping easier as the ice will be softer.

In addition to the above, you can use a fan to melt the ice faster. Position the fan to face the interior of the freezer. But the air in the house needs to be warm for this to work. So using a fan works best if it is summertime.

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Always unplug the fridge freezer before troubleshooting or fixing it. It is important to do this to avoid being electrocuted. It is also a way of preserving your unit.

Contact Kenwood to request service or assistance if you find that you cannot fix the unit yourself. Alternatively, chat with any of our professional appliance technicians. They are readily available to guide you and advise you on what to do if your appliance has a defrost problem.

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