How to Add Apps to a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

Refrigerators are not what they used to be – just refrigerators. Now, you can do so much more with them. In this article, we take a look at how to add apps to a Samsung refrigerator.

how to add apps to a Samsung refrigerator
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Can You Add Apps to a Samsung Fridge?

You can add apps to the Home Screen of a Samsung fridge but only to the Family Hub models. Adding apps to the fridge makes it easy to customize the home screen of the Family Hub, personalizing it.

Not only can you add apps but you can also add widgets of any size you want and customize the wallpaper. In fact, the more you personalize it, the better the experience you get from it.

However, you cannot add other apps to the fridge outside of what is already available on the Hub.

How to Add Apps to a Samsung Refrigerator

To add apps to a Samsung refrigerator, simply tap the Apps icon on the panel to see all the apps available on the Family Hub. When all the apps pop up, touch the one you want and hold it.

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A pop-up menu will be displayed. When this happens, tap the Add to Home option to add that app to the Home Screen of your Hub. once done, touch the newly-created app icon and drag it to the location on the screen where you want it.

Watch this video to learn more about how to add apps to your Samsung refrigerator…

Can You Download Apps to a Samsung Fridge?

You can download apps to your Samsung fridge, but you must select from what is already available on the Hub. In other words, you cannot download new apps from the internet outside of what you have on the refrigerator.

Not every available app on the Hub is automatically downloaded to the fridge; you must select the ones you want and manually download them to add to what is default on the fridge. Afterward, add the new apps to the home screen to complete the process.

How to Download Apps to a Samsung Refrigerator

To download apps to your Samsung refrigerator, go to the screen and swip up from the bottom. Doing that will open the Apps screen; scroll to the bottom of that screen to see all the apps yyou can download.

Next, select the one you want to download and you will see an option to install it. Tap Install to download it to the refrigerator and afterward, you will see the new app on the Apps screen with older apps.

What Are the Available Apps for a Samsung Refrigerator?

The available apps for a Samsung refrigerator are what you find on the Family Hub app:

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1. Food

This feature enables you to make lists for grocery shopping, plan meals, see what you have available inside your refrigerator and gain access to numerous recipes.

With this feature, you can also order meals from your favorite restaurants, find and add deals to your list, find coupons for close-by stores and so much more.

2. Entertainment

Using this feature, you can mirror the content from your smartphone or smart TV straight to your smart refrigerator.

With Smart View, you can mirror what’s showing on your smart TV or phone to the refrigerator in your kitchen so you don’t miss a thing. Stream music from Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music. And listen to live radio and podcasts with NPR, iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

3. Connection

This feature enables you to share media with and leave notes for your loved ones. You can sync events and calendars, show pictures and videos on the fridge display, use the internet right there in your kitchen and distribute chores for every family member.

You can also check the weather around the world, get an Uber ride, search for flights, car rentals and hotels and set timers with this feature.

4. Home

There is room for you to control what happens in your home from anywhere you are with SmartThings.

Speak to, see and hear who rings your doorbell straight from the display on your refrigerator with Ring. keep an eye on the goings-on around your house with SmartThings.

Navigate with your voice only using the Bixby feature. And search for verified home-improvement professionals using HomeAdvisor.

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There is so much you can do right from the Samsung Family Hub and when you sync it to your smartphone.


There is so much you can do with the new Samsung smart refrigerators. However, there is still a restriction on downloading external apps into the unit. Therefore, if you are looking to download apps to the unit, you won’t be able to do it.

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How to Add Apps to a Samsung Refrigerator – Related FAQs

1. Can You Download Apps to a Samsung Fridge?

You cannot download apps to a Samsung fridge. You can only work with the apps or features that are already available on the Family Hub.

2. Can I Get the YouTube App on a Samsung Refrigerator?

You cannot download the YouTube app on a Samsung refrigerator. But you can play some YouTube videos on the Family Hub via the internet. You can also mirror the YouTube contents of your Samsung smartphone from the Family Hub screen.

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