Samsung Freezer Keeps Defrosting [How to Fix]

If your Samsung freezer keeps defrosting, it is usually easy to fix. But sometimes, the cause of the problem is more technical. This article discusses how to fix it.

Samsung freezer keeps defrosting
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Samsung Freezer Keeps Defrosting – Solutions

Do the following if you find that a Samsung freezer keeps defrosting:

1. Check the Door Seal

To determine if the seal needs to be replaced, open the door of the freezer and close it on a dollar bill or a piece of paper. Then, try to pull it out without opening the door. If you can pull it out, replace the seal because it is weak. But if you cannot pull it out, the seal is still in good working condition.

In addition, clean the seal if there is accumulated dirt on it. Mix some mild soap in warm water and gently scrub the seal with a cloth. Make sure to repeat the cleaning process regularly to keep the seal clean.

Consider replacing the seal or gasket of the freezer door if you find that the freezer keeps defrosting. It is likely that it is weak, loose, damaged. And a dirty door seal cannot seal properly, leaving a tiny crack through which warm air enters the freezer to reduce its cooling capacity.

Important Note

It is important to regulate the frequency at which people in the house open the door of the freezer. Frequently opening the door lets the cold air out, thereby keeping the freezer in a perpetually defrosted mode.

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Therefore, decide what is needed from the freezer before opening the door so that you don’t hold it open for too long and don’t have to open it frequently.

2. Check the Defrost System

Test the defrost heater using a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the heater.

This is because the heater is responsible for warming the evaporator coils so that they don’t get frozen. If it is defective, the coils will freeze and there will be no cold air, causing the freezer to look defrosted.

For the defrost timer, test it by turning it slowly in a counterclockwise manner until the timer clicks. The compressor should turn off as the defrost heater turns on as it advances into the defrost cycle.

After about 30 minutes, the timer should advance out of the defrost cycle and send power for other components to work. If this does not happen, replace the timer because it is defective.

You can also check its continuity using a multimeter. That is if you are not sure about following the previous process. If there is no continuity, replace the timer.

For the defrost thermostat, test it with a multimeter to check its continuity. If there is no continuity even at the lowest temperature of the operating range, replace the thermostat.

The thermostat closes contacts so that power can flow to the defrost heater. This way, the heater can warm the cooling coils. But this process is interrupted if the thermostat is bad. And the freezer can keep defrosting if the heater does not turn off.

The same is true for the defrost control board. If it is malfunctioning, it can cause the system to remain in defrost mode.

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The defrost system of a refrigerator or freezer is usually made up of a defrost heater, a defrost timer, a defrost thermostat and a defrost control board. They all need to work in sync before the unit can advance in and out of the defrost cycle successfully.

3. Check the Evaporator Fan Motor

Activate the switch of the freezer door when you open it in order to check if the motor of the fan is still functioning. Once the door of the freezer opens, the fan goes off as the motor stops running. But activating the switch gets the motor running again even with the door still open.

However, if activating the switch does not get the motor to run when the door is open, it means the motor is defective and should be replaced.

If the fan motor is bad, the freezer will not cool, looking as if it is always defrosting, even if you reduce the temperature setting.

4. Check the Condenser Coils

Clean the condenser coils in order to keep them effective. In addition, ensure you clean the coils every six months. If the coils are dirty, they cannot release heat, thereby reducing the freezer’s capacity to stay cold.

However, some freezers have their condenser coils wrapped around the inside walls of the freezers. If your freezer is one of these, the coils don’t need cleaning.

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5. Check the Start Relay

Detach the start relay from the compressor and test it between the two terminal sockets to check for continuity. If there is no continuity between the sockets, replace the relay. In addition, if the relay has a burnt smell or rattles when shaken, replace it because it is damaged.

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The compressor gets power from the start relay. So if the relay is faulty, the compressor won’t be able to run and the freezer won’t freeze adequately.

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In addition to the parts above, check the temperature control thermostat, the user control and display board, the compressor and the main control board.

They could be defective and can change the freezer’s freezing cycle. So, troubleshoot these components and replace any faulty ones.

And if you cannot troubleshoot them, contact a qualified refrigerator repair agent to come out, check the freezer and fix the fault permanently.

Finally, check the sealed system of the freezer. There could be a leak. To determine this, check to see if one part of the evaporator has frost on it or if one shelf in the freezer is the only one freezing.

To fix this or to even replace the compressor, contact only a licensed technician as this is the law. Fix the leak as quickly as possible as the vapor harms the environment and you.

Quick Note

Unplug the freezer before running diagnostics or troubleshooting if a Samsung freezer keeps defrosting. This is because you will need to remove and replace some parts and you cannot have electric power flowing while doing this. Do this to avoid electrocution.

Contact Samsung Support center if you need further assistance, especially if your freezer is still under an active warranty.


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