Electrolux Refrigerator Leaking [Solved]

Your Electrolux refrigerator, like every other refrigerator, can develop leaking problems. Fortunately, this problem is easy to rectify; sometimes without the help of a professional. This article discusses the problem of your Electrolux refrigerator leaking and how to stop it.

Electrolux Frigidaire Professional FPBC2278UF 21.6 cu. ft. Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Electrolux Fridge Leaking Water – Possible Reasons and Solutions

The following are the major possible reasons Electrolux refrigerators leak water. The solutions to these problems are also discussed in this section. However, if any of the repairs appears too complicated, pause and call a professional to avoid damaging your unit.

1. Blocked Defrost Drain

The defrost drain of Electrolux refrigerators is often located behind the back access panel. However, the entrance to this drain is inside the refrigerator and can become clogged with food particles and other debris. In which case, water can overflow the drain and spew out of the refrigerator.

To rectify this problem, the drain has to be unclogged. Open your refrigerator and locate the drain hole, if the hole isn’t visible we advise you call a repair technician for this repair.

When you find the hole, flush hot water into the drain hole using a turkey baster. If this does not rectify the problem, then push a straight thick wire into the hole to force down the clog.

The defrost drain itself can become clogged with ice; the solution to this is to have the ice thawed. You may locate the defrost drain and then heat it with a hairdryer set to the lowest temperature. Alternatively, you may decide to defrost the refrigerator; this article is a detailed guide on how to defrost your Electrolux refrigerator.

2. Clogged Vents

When foods are stored too close to vents, condensation will build up inside the refrigerator. Eventually, the condensation will flow down towards the bottom of the unit. This is usually the case when you find a puddle of water inside your Electrolux refrigerator, especially under the vegetable drawers.

To rectify this, always avoid storing foods too close to the vents.

3. Worn out Door Gasket

The door gasket ensures the refrigerator door is always properly sealed to prevent warm air from getting into the unit. However, the gasket can get worn out and may not seal properly. This will result in excess moisture in the refrigerator that will then drip out of the door.

Is your Electrolux refrigerator leaking out of the door? Then this is most likely the case. The door gasket has to be replaced to resolve this issue.

How to Replace an Electrolux Door Gasket

Follow the instructions below to replace the door gasket of your Electrolux refrigerator:

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Step 1: Open the refrigerator. Remove the old gasket by putting your thumb, a putty knife, or a flat-head screwdriver under the gasket. And then, run whatever tool you decided to use round the gasket track.

Step 2: The gasket should be completely off the track at this point; so take it off.

Step 3: Get the new gasket, ensure it is a perfect fit for your refrigerator. Start fitting the new gasket in place from either of the top corners.

Step 4: Work your way around the track, press the gasket firmly to the track to make sure it locks in place.

Step 5: Finally, double-check and ensure there is no excess fold or bumps around the gasket track.

This door gasket is compatible with Electrolux refrigerator Model 241872514


Electrolux 241872514 Refrigerator Door Gasket


4. Cracked or Overflowing Drain Pan

The drain pan is located underneath the unit and it collects the water produced during defrosting. The pan can get cracked and cause water to leak underneath the refrigerator. Inspect the pan for cracks, if any is found, then replace the pan.

If the pan is not cracked but is so full that it is overflowing, then take out the pan and empty it. However, the pan overflowing may be a sign of a more serious problem. This is because the compressor is meant to blow warm air over the pan to evaporate water in it.

Therefore, if your drain pan keeps overflowing, then call a repair technician to have a look at your unit.

5. Damaged Water Filter

The water filter may be the cause of the leak if the filter head is damaged. So, take out the filter and inspect it. If the seal is missing or appears damaged then the water filter should be replaced.

Also, the filter may simply be old and so it is clogged. Replacing the water filter is also the solution to this as cleaning the filter will not solve the problem. Ensure you change your filter as often as recommended.

Electrolux EWF01 PureAdvantage Water Filter, 1, White


6. Water Filter not Properly Installed

If the water filter is not damaged or old then it probably was not installed properly. Take out the filter and reinstall it, be sure to do it properly this time. You may check your user’s manual for detailed instructions on how to install your water filter.

You also have to ensure you buy the right water filter for your refrigerator. This is because water can leak out of the filter if it does not fit properly in the filter housing.

7. Cracked Water Filter Housing

If the water filter checks out, then the filter housing may have a crack. So, remove the water filter from the housing and inspect it for cracks. If any is found, no matter how little, replace the housing.

How to Replace the Water Filter Housing of an Electrolux Refrigerator

Do the following to replace your Electrolux refrigerator water filter housing:

Step 1: For safety, unplug the refrigerator. Also, turn off the water supply.

Step 2: Take out the water filter. Remove the screw holding the water filter housing in place. Pull the housing forward to release the locking tab.

Step 3: Shift the refrigerator from the wall so you will have access to the back of the appliance. Next, unthread the screws holding the back access panel in place and then take off the panel.

Step 4: Locate the water inlet valve and remove the water lines from it using an open-end wrench.

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Step 5: Go back to the front of the appliance and gently pull out the filter housing. Remove the water line from the old housing and attach it to the new filter housing.

Step 6: Install the new filter housing and couple the refrigerator by doing the steps in reverse order.

8. Defective Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve requires a minimum of 20 psi to shut off properly. If the water pressure is below this, the water inlet valve will be partially open causing water to drip out of it.

To troubleshoot the water pressure, switch off the water supply and disconnect the water line from the valve. Then hold the waterline over a bucket and turn the water supply back on. If the water jets out strongly then the pressure is okay, if the flow is low then the water pressure is low.

Alternatively, you can test the water pressure with a water pressure regulator. If the pressure is low, then the inlet valve should be replaced.

However, do not attempt to do the replacement unless you have enough technical skills.

The water inlet valve below is an original replacement part for Electrolux model 242252603

Electrolux 242252603 Frigidare Water Valve


How to Replace the Water Inlet Valve an Electrolux Refrigerator

To replace the water inlet valve of your Electrolux refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator to avoid electrocution and shut off the water supply.

Step 2: Turn the refrigerator from the wall to have full access to the back of the appliance.

Step 3: Disconnect the water line from the valve using an open-end wrench. Next, use a ¼ nut driver to remove the screws holding the back panel in place and take it off.

Step 4: With the back panel removed, locate the water inlet valve and disconnect the wire harness connected to it. You may use a small flat head screwdriver to pop the wire harness out.

Step 5: Use a ¼ nut driver to remove the screws holding the inlet valve in place. Next, carefully pull out the valve.

Step 6: Disconnect the water line from the valve. The valve should be completely free at this point.

Step 7: Put the new inlet valve in place and reattach the water line to it. Plug the wire harness back to the inlet valve. And then thread the screws holding the valve back in place.

Step 8: Put the access panel cover back on. Finally, attach the water line back to the valve using an open-end wrench.

The video below is a visual representation of these steps

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Electrolux Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking Water – Solutions

The following are solutions to your Electrolux refrigerator ice maker leaking water:

1. Tighten the Water Connections

The water line connected to the ice maker may be connected loosely and so water is spilling out. To resolve this, check the water connections and secure them properly.

2. Replace the Ice Maker

A part of the ice maker assembly may be faulty hence the leak. However, the ice maker is sold as an assembly and so getting a part may be difficult. So, to resolve this issue, the entire assembly has to be replaced.

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But, we recommend that you read the first section of this article and try out the quick fixes there before you replace the ice maker.


How to Replace Electrolux Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly

Do the following steps to replace the ice maker assembly of your Electrolux refrigerator:

Step 1: Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply to prevent electrocution. Also, turn off the water supply.

Step 2: Open the refrigerator and take out the ice tray so you have better access to the ice maker. Next, Use a ¼ nut driver and unthread the screws holding the ice maker in place.

Step 3: Take off the fill tube and then disconnect the wire harness connected to the ice maker and the refrigerator. The ice maker should be completely free at this point.

Step 4: The new ice maker assembly will not come with a shut-off arm. So, remove the shut-off arm, from the old icemaker. Also, remove the wire harness, press it in and depress the clip to do this.

Step 5: Attach the wire harness and the shut-off arm to the new ice maker.

Step 6: Take the new ice maker to the refrigerator and connect the wire harness to it. Remount the ice maker, put the fill tube in place, and then screw the ice maker back on.

Step 7: Test run the ice maker to ensure it is working properly. Finally, put the ice tray back in place.

Electrolux Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaking – Why and Solutions

The following are the most common reasons your Electrolux refrigerator water dispenser is leaking and how to solve them:

1. Air Bubbles in the Water Line

The first thing to do if your Electrolux refrigerator water dispenser is leaking water is to flush the water system. This is because air bubbles can get stuck in the waterline, especially after a filter change.

To flush the water system, put a bowl under the dispenser and dispense about 10 liters of water. Also, ensure you flush the water system after every filter change to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem.

2. The Refrigerator is not Leveled

The refrigerator is meant to be leveled such that the front part is slightly higher than the rear part. When this is not the case, water may spill out of any opening, like the dispenser.

To resolve this issue, the refrigerator should be leveled. Fortunately, you can do this yourself in a few minutes.

How to Level Electrolux Refrigerator

Follow these easy steps to properly level your Electrolux refrigerator:

Step 1: Remove the screw holding the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator and take it out. If your model does not have a grille, skip this step.

Step 2: The leveling legs will be visible with the grille removed. Turn the leveling nuts or legs clockwise to raise them and counterclockwise to lower them.

Step 3: If reaching the nuts is problematic, then you may ask someone to help tilt the refrigerator a bit backward. And then adjust the legs to get the required tilt.

Step 4: Finally, use a level to confirm if the refrigerator is properly leveled. And then put the grille back on.



CRAFTSMAN Torpedo Level, 9-Inch (CMHT82390)


3. Leaking Water Line

The water line may have a tear or is bent. The leak may then appear like it is coming from the dispenser. In this case, the water line has to be replaced.

4. Full Dispenser Tray

The dispenser tray collects the water that drips out of the dispenser before it shuts off totally. And the tray can get too full that it begins to overflow.

To resolve this issue, depress the insert at the rear end of the tray and take it out. Empty the tray and put it back in place.

Finally, if none of these solutions fixes the problem then it may be time to call a service technician. You may check out this article for solutions to other water dispenser problems of your Electrolux refrigerator.


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