How to Turn a Samsung Ice Maker On and Off [Quick Guide]

In this article, we discuss how to turn a Samsung ice maker on and off. So if you are wondering how to do this, wonder no more.

how to turn a Samsung ice maker on and off
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How to Turn Off a Samsung Ice Maker

To turn a Samsung ice maker off, press the ice maker button and hold it for about 3 seconds. The ‘Off’ LED will light up and the ice maker will stop making ice.

For a top-mount Samsung refrigerator, you will notice a small On icon that looks like it is in a glass with an ice cube. The icon indicates when the ice maker is on or off. To turn it off, press the Power Freeze button on the left side of the control panel. It has Ice Maker labeled under it; hold the button for about three seconds until the On icon is no longer lit. Then, the ice maker goes off.

For some models, press the button labeled ‘Ice Type’. You will get a list of settings: Crushed Ice, Cubed Ice and No Ice. No Ice turns the ice maker off but it will still dispense any ice already formed and dropped in the ice bucket.

Other models have the ice maker button with an On/Off indicator on the control panel. Unlike the first type, the On indicator comes on when the ice maker is producing ice, but the Off indicator comes on when the ice maker is off.

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Press and hold the button for about three seconds to turn off the ice maker. This method also explains how to turn off the ice maker light on your Samsung fridge.

For a Bottom Freezer Ice Maker…

Take a look at the lower part of the control panel, to the right. There, you will see the ‘Ice Make’ button.

Press the ‘Ice Make’ button and hold it for about 3 seconds. Doing this stops the production of ice in the ice maker as the ‘Off’ LED light becomes lighted. This indicates that the ice maker in the bottom freezer is turned off.

How to Turn a Samsung Ice Maker On and Off

To turn a Samsung ice maker on, press the ice maker button and hold it for about 3 seconds. The LED ‘Off’ does not become lit as the ice maker turns on to make ice.

To turn it off, press the same button again for about 3 seconds and the LED ‘Off’ becomes lit to show that the ice maker is turned off.

For a bottom ice maker, turn it on by pressing the ‘Ice Make’ button and holding it for about 3 seconds. The LED ‘Off’ light will go off as the ice maker starts producing ice.

Turn it off by pressing the same button and the LED ‘Off’ light will turn on as the ice maker stops making ice.

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Watch this video to see how to turn the ice maker on or off…

Samsung Ice Maker Will Not Turn Off – Quick Fix

If the ice maker will not turn off, check the shutoff arm. To determine if it is defective, unplug the unit, and lift the arm with your hands until it locks. If it locks, plug the unit back in and check to see if the ice maker is making ice.

Note that the shut-off arm must be in the down or On position to make ice. So, push it down if you lifted it during the test and see if it continues making ice. Lift the arm again and monitor the ice maker.

If the ice maker is still making ice even with the shut-off arm locked, it means the arm is not defective. Check the ice maker control module and replace it if it is not working.

There is also the shut-off switch. You will need to dismantle the ice maker to reach the switch. Test it using a multimeter to see if there is any resistance. If there is no resistance and no connection, replace the switch. It may also mean the power switch is defective, which means you must replace the ice maker.

Before that, test the machine; press the Test button on the side and allow the test to run. If the ice maker continues making ice without shutting off, have a technician troubleshoot further or replace the ice maker.

Quick Note

Never work on an ice maker, or any other part of a refrigerator for that matter, while the refrigerator is still connected to a power source. This is because of the involvement of water; electricity does not go well with it. There is a chance of electrocution.

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If you try all the steps listed above but it does not turn off or on, call the Samsung Support center to file a complaint and request service.

Alternatively, reach out to any of our qualified refrigerator technicians right here. They are available to help you fix any problem with your ice maker or any other part of the refrigerator.

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How to Turn a Samsung Ice Maker On and Off – Related FAQs

1. Can You Turn a Samsung Ice Maker Off?

You can turn a Samsung ice maker off. Be sure to turn it off if there is no supply of water to it. Doing this saves energy and prevents damage to the ice maker and the refrigerator since the components won’t run unnecessarily.

2. Where Is the Samsung Ice Maker On/Off Switch?

There is no dedicated button to turn the ice maker on this type of refrigerator on or off. You will need to press and hold different buttons on different models to turn the ice maker on or off.

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