How to Make Fast Ice in a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to make fast ice in a Samsung refrigerator, this article guides you on ways to do this.

how to make fast ice in a Samsung refrigerator
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How to Make Ice Faster in a Samsung Refrigerator

To make ice faster in a Samsung refrigerator, simply lower the setting of the temperature in the freezer compartment of the unit.

If the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own has a Power Freeze function, press the button to activate it. This speeds up the process of making ice, as the evaporator fan and the compressor run for about 10 hours non-stop. The time it takes to make ice reduces to 55 minutes from 90 minutes.

However, if it takes less than 10 hours of run time for the ice bucket to fill up with ice, then the Power Freeze function automatically stops.

Note: This does not apply to newly-installed Samsung refrigerators. For new ones, you have to give them time to cool and make ice, between 6 and 12 hours. Even when it makes the first batch of ice, throw it out and also throw out the next two batches. This is to ensure that the ice maker cleans thoroughly and that the ice you use is made from clean water.

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Samsung Refrigerator Not Making Ice Fast – How to Fix

Here are a few reasons why the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator is not making ice fast and how to fix them:

1. Clogged Water Filter

Replace the water filter in the refrigerator if it has stayed longer than 6 months. And if the filter is not compatible with the Samsung refrigerator, it is important to change it to the right one.

A clogged filter contains contaminants and particles that keep it from allowing enough water to enter the ice maker. When this happens, the ice maker becomes unable to make ice as it should. With time, the speed of ice production continues to drop.

2. Incorrect Freezer Temperature

If the temperature in the freezer is above 5 degrees Fahrenheit, adjust it to the right point. The recommended setting for the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you have to set it higher than that, it should not exceed 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

A high temperature in the freezer will cause the ice maker not to freeze quickly. Consequently, it cannot produce ice fast enough. This is one of the commonest reasons for an ice maker not making ice fast.

3. Defective Water Inlet Valve

First, check the pressure of the water that the plumb line supplies to the valve. If its psi is below 20, then the inlet valve cannot function properly. Increase the pressure if you can. If not, have a professional plumber increase it.

But if the pressure is right, then check the solenoid using a multimeter. If the solenoid is working properly and the water pressure is sufficient yet water does not fill the ice maker, then it means the valve is defective. Replace it quickly.

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4. Faulty Ice Maker Assembly

The problem could stem from a faulty ice maker. If one or more parts of the ice maker is faulty, the ice maker won’t be able to function as it should.

But first, check the fan, the water inlet valve, the motor and the water line to determine if any of them is faulty before touching the ice maker. If none of these parts is defective yet the ice maker does not make ice fast, replace it.

Sometimes, you can find individual parts for the ice maker if you find that only one part of it is faulty. But most times, individual parts are not sold. You have to buy the entire assembly.

Important Note

If you have to check the components of the refrigerator or ice maker in order to determine how to make ice fast in a Samsung refrigerator, remember to unplug the unit. Doing this prevents electric shocks.

Additionally, if fixing or replacing any part of the ice maker or refrigerator proves difficult, contact Samsung and request assistance. Alternatively, chat with any of our qualified refrigerator technicians. They can help you fix it and offer expert advice.

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How to Make Fast Ice in a Samsung Refrigerator – Related FAQs

How Fast Does a Samsung Fridge Make Ice?

It takes about 90 minutes for a Samsung fridge to make one tray of ice. This means it takes 1 hour 30 minutes for the fridge to produce one tray of ice.