Beko Refrigerator Leaking [Solved]

This article discusses the problem of Beko refrigerator leaking. The common reasons for this problem and the solutions to them are the focus of the article. We believe you will be able to fix your refrigerator leaking problem after you read this article.

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Beko Refrigerator Leaking – What to Do

Try out the solutions below to stop your Beko refrigerator from leaking water. If any of the steps appears too complicated at any point, then pause and call a service technician.

1. Check the Drain Pan

The drain pan is usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator and it collects the water melted off during defrosting. The drain pan can become cracked and this can cause water to spill out of the refrigerator. This is most likely the case if your Beko refrigerator is leaking water underneath.

Inspect the pan for cracks and if any is found, then the pan should be replaced.

2. Unclog the Defrost Drain

The defrost drain carries the water produced during the defrost cycle to the drain pan. But, this drain can become clogged and overflow, and this is when you will notice that your Beko fridge is leaking water underneath.

To resolve this issue, insert a plumbing snake inside the drain hole. When the plumbing snake touches the clog, turn the snake clockwise and pull out the clog. Do this until you have pulled out the clog completely from the drain.


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The blockage may as well be due to ice, in which case defrosting the refrigerator should fix the problem. This article is a detailed guide on how to defrost your Beko refrigerator. You can now use a turkey baster to flush warm water down the drain to ensure the drain is completely unobstructed.

3. Level the Refrigerator

The refrigerator not being properly leveled can also result in leaks underneath your refrigerator. As the refrigerator may begin to rock back and forth. And if the drain pan is full, then water will begin to spew out of it.

To resolve this issue, the refrigerator has to be leveled. Fortunately, you can do this in the easy to follow steps below:

Step 1: Remove the screw holding the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator and take it out. If your model does not have a grille, skip this step.

Step 2: The leveling legs will be visible with the grille removed. Turn the leveling nuts or legs clockwise to raise them and counterclockwise to lower them.

Step 3: If reaching the nuts is problematic, then you may ask someone to help tilt the refrigerator a bit backward. And then adjust the legs to get the required tilt.

Step 4: Finally, use a level to confirm if the refrigerator is properly leveled. And then put the grille back on.

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4. Check the Water Filter

The water filter may be the cause of the leak, especially if the Beko refrigerator is leaking water inside. Therefore, check if the origin of the leak is the water filter. If it is then take it out for inspection.

If the seal appears missing, torn, or the head looks damaged, then the seal has to be replaced. Also, if you have been using the filter for a long time, then chances are it has gotten clogged. The solution to this is also to have the filter replaced as cleaning is not recommended.

Endeavor to always replace your refrigerator’s water filter as often as recommended. And ensure you always buy the right fit for your refrigerator.

If you recently installed the filter then it most likely was not installed properly. Simply take out the filter and reinstalled it. If you are not sure of the proper way to install the filter then check your user’s manual for guidance.


5. Replace the Water Filter Housing

If the water filter is not damaged, old, or uninstalled wrongly then the filter housing may be the problem. Take out the water filter from the housing and inspect it for cracks. The water filter housing has to replace to resolve the problem if there any is found.

How to Replace Beko Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

Do these steps to replace the water filter housing of your Beko refrigerator:

Step 1: For safety, disconnect the refrigerator from the power source. Also, turn off the water supply as the repair may include water spillage.

Step 2: Remove the water filter. And then unthread the screw holding the water filter housing in place and pull the housing forward.

Step 3: Adjust the refrigerator to a position that gives you full access to the back of the appliance.

Step 4: Next, unthread the screws holding the back access panel in place and then take off the panel.

Step 5: Locate the water inlet valve. With an open-end wrench remove the water lines from the valve.

Step 6: Go back to the front of the appliance and gently pull out the filter housing. Remove the water line from the old housing and attach it to the new filter housing.

Step 7: Install the new filter housing and couple the refrigerator by doing the steps in reverse order.

6. Check the Water Inlet Valve

The inlet valve is located at the back of the appliance. So, remove the back access panel and then see if the valve is the origin of the leak.

The valve may not shut off properly if the water pressure is below the required minimum of 20 psi. To troubleshoot this, switch off the water supply and disconnect the water line from the valve. Next, hold the water line over a bucket and turn the water supply back on.

If the water flow is strong then there is no issue with the water pressure. However, if the water comes out of the line weakly, then the water pressure is too low.

Alternatively, you may simply use a water pressure regulator to test the water pressure. Regardless of what method you apply, if the water pressure is low the water line, inlet valve, or the water supply itself may be the problem.

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You may first replace the water line and then the inlet valve if the problem persists. The final attempt to solving this problem would be to change the water source to the refrigerator.

Another reason the valve may be leaking is if the valve is cracked or stuck open. The solution to this problem is to replace the valve. However, do not attempt to do this replacement if it appears too complex to avoid damaging your unit.

How to Replace Beko Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

To replace the water inlet valve of your Beko refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator to avoid electrocution and shut off the water supply.

Step 2: Turn the refrigerator from the wall to have full access to the back of the appliance.

Step 3: Disconnect the water line from the valve using an open-end wrench. Next, use a ¼ nut driver to remove the screws holding the back panel in place and take it off.

Step 4: With the back panel removed, locate the water inlet valve and disconnect the wire harness connected to it. You may use a small flat head screwdriver to pop the wire harness out.

Step 5: Use a ¼ nut driver to remove the screws holding the inlet valve in place. Next, carefully pull out the valve.

Step 6: Disconnect the water line from the valve. The valve should be completely free at this point.

Step 7: Put the new inlet valve in place and reattach the water line to it. Plug the wire harness back to the inlet valve. And thread the screws holding the valve back in place.

Step 8: Put the access panel cover back on. Finally, attach the water line back to the valve using an open-end wrench.

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Beko Fridge Water Dispenser Leaking – Why and Solutions

The following are the most common reasons your Beko fridge water dispenser is leaking and how to resolve them:

1. Loose Water Connections

The water line connections may be too loose and so water is leaking out of it. Consult your user’s manual to locate the water connections and ensure they are properly secured.

2. Cracked Water Line

The water line connected to the water dispenser may be cracked. In which case, the line should be replaced.

Watch this video for how to replace the water line of your refrigerator

3. Air is Trapped in the Water Line

Air bubbles can get trapped in the water line and cause a pressure buildup that will result in the lines overflowing. This typically occurs after the water filter is replaced.

To solve this problem, the water line has to be flushed. Luckily, you can do this by simply dispensing about 3 gallons of water. Also, ensure you flush the water lines after each filter change to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem.

4. Loose Nozzle Seal

The seal that is between the water tank and the nozzle may be loose. If the other solutions do not solve the problem, then this is most likely the case. However, doing this repair may be complex, so we recommend you get the help of a service technician.

For solutions to other Beko refrigerator dispenser problems, read this article.


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