Galanz Mini Fridge Compressor [Issues and Solutions]

A Galanz mini fridge compressor, like so many other refrigerator compressors, fails over time. But finding the cause of the failure is important in helping to fix it.

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Galanz Mini Fridge Compressor Hot – Solved

The following are possible ways to solve the problem of a hot Galanz mini fridge compressor:

1. Replace the Thermostat

Turn the component to move it to the highest setting. As you get to this setting, you should hear a clear click. This is an indication that the thermostat is not faulty.

But if there is no click, remove the thermostat and check it for continuity. Use a multimeter for this. If there is no continuity, whether the temperature setting is high or low, replace the thermostat.

The temperature control thermostat keeps an eye on the internal temperature of the fridge. When it senses that it is rising, it shuts its contacts off and activates the compressor to lower it. This cycle repeats itself.

However, if the thermostat stops working, it may keep the compressor working longer and harder than it should. Over time, the extra work makes it hot.

2. Top Up Refrigerant

This is a job you may not be able to do yourself. It is usually best to allow a professional technician to fix it. Refrigerant, which is a gas, may be detrimental to your health. Besides, the steps to add it to the compressor is technical.

There may be a leak in the closed-loop or sealed system of the fridge. Whether the leakage is coming from one or more holes, the result will be the same – the fridge not cooling.

As a result of this, the compressor begins to run constantly in a bid to make up for the cold air in the refrigerator. Eventually, it runs hot from all the extra work.

Fix the Leaks…

But before adding or topping up the refrigerant, it is important you close up the holes from where the gas is leaking. Adding refrigerant first before sealing the holes is a waste; the gas will keep leaking.

Again, only professionals can do this job unless you have the technical know-how. Otherwise, allow a qualified technician to fix this issue permanently.

3. Change the Condenser Fan

Debris, dust, and other things can affect the functionality of the fan. Before anything else, clean the blades and other parts of the fan. Then, make sure the blades spin well.

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If they don’t it may mean that the shaft needs oiling. It may also mean that the motor of the fan is bad.

To be sure, test the motor with a multimeter to check its continuity. If you don’t find continuity, replace the motor.

The fridge’s cooling system comprises the compressor, evaporator fan, and condenser fan. All these components combine to make the refrigerator cold.

The fan removes heat from the unit and colls the compressor. Doing these jobs ensures that the refrigerator does not have a high internal temperature.

However, if the fan fails for any reason, the compressor starts to overheat as it operates normally. The same is true for the refrigerator, especially between the doors.

4. Change the Location

Is the fridge too close to any source of heat such as an oven or radiator? Is the ambient temperature right? Or is it sitting in the way of direct sunlight?

The external source of heat can hit the compressor directly or make the fridge too hot. Whichever is the case, the compressor is affected.

It begins to work harder so that it can help the fridge maintain a cool temperature. As time goes on and it continues down this path, the compressor runs hot.

To fix this, move the fridge away from the current location to another place. Make sure the room temperature is conducive to the efficient operation of the unit.

Additionally, ensure there is a good flow of air around the fridge. And if there is a need for it, lower the temperature to get the unit cold within a short period. Afterward, you can adjust the setting to the recommended point.

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5. Check the Compressor

A tired or worn-out compressor tends to run more often than normal. This is because it is trying to keep up with its job. Since it cannot effectively do so as before, the extra effort makes it hot. Sometimes, it even begins to make a strange noise, like a buzz.

Apart from getting old, other things can cause the compressor to work extra and fail eventually. If the condenser coils are significantly dirty, the compressor will bear the extra work and generate more heat than usual.

And if the evaporator coils are frozen, there will be no cold in the fridge. Consequently, the compressor tries to cover the cold air gap and overworks itself.

In addition to the above, a low refrigerant level can also increase pressure for the compressor. The same is true if the level of refrigerant is high.

Contact Galanz and report the compressor issue, especially if you suspect the refrigerant is low. You can also contact an independent licensed technician for the job.

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Galanz Mini Fridge Compressor Not Running – How to Fix

Fix any of the following if the compressor of your Galanz mini fridge is not running:

1. Start Relay

This component is an intricate part of the smooth operation of the compressor. Unplug the fridge from electric power and detach the relay.

Shake it. This is the easiest way to tell if the relay is defective. If there is a rattling sound as if something is broken inside, the relay is defective. A burnt smell from it further cements the fact that you should replace it.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure, place the probes of a multimeter between the two terminals of the relay. If there is no continuity, replace the component.

2. Condenser Fan Motor

Clean the blades of the fan; they are most likely dirty. Then, turn them with your hand. They should turn smoothly and freely. If this does not happen, the bearings of the motor could be worn.

Go a step further to check the continuity of the motor using a multimeter. If you don’t find continuity, replace the motor.

When the motor of the fan fails, the fan won’t work. And if the fan does not work, the compressor runs hot with the heat of operation and the heat from the condenser coils. With time, it will stop working completely from the stress.

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3. Temperature Controls

Turning the controls down all the way, whether deliberately or accidentally, turns the compressor off. The temperature controls work at controlling the functionality of the cooling system, a system to which the compressor belongs.

Therefore, check the controls to be sure they are set to the correct point. After doing this, check the compressor to see if there is any change.

You should also check to see if the controls are still working. If there is no change in the compressor, it is possible that the controls are no longer working. Replace them if this is the case.

4. Power Supply

Poor supply of power to the fridge affects all parts, including the compressor. So, start with the cord. Make sure it is fully plugged into the outlet.

If it is, then check it for any damage such as burns. Replace the cord if it shows any burn or fray marks.

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However, if nothing is off with the cord, check the voltage supply from the outlet. There are few ways to do this but the easiest is to plug a small appliance into it.

If the appliance turns on, it may be a sign that the outlet is in good working condition. Otherwise, find a qualified electrician to replace it.

The electrician can also check the fuses in the house to be sure everything is working well. This is because any poor connection affects the unit.

5. Condenser Coils

Make a note on your calendar when to clean the coils every year. The coils should be cleaned every year or twice a year to keep them working efficiently.

Some are easy to clean while others are difficult. If yours are easily accessible, clean them with a condenser brush or a vacuum cleaner. Simply blow the dirt on them and sweep it up from the floor.

The coils play a huge role in whether or not the compressor runs. Never cleaning them reduces their capacity to efficiently remove heat from the refrigerant.

The heat increases the internal temperature of the fridge, causing the compressor to run constantly. It will wear out this way and stop running eventually.

6. Thermistor

Test the thermistor to check its resistance. Do this with a digital multimeter. The resistance should change when the temperature of the fridge changes. If this does not happen, replace the thermistor.

The compressor and other parts of the cooling system may not run if the thermistor is faulty. This is because it sends temperature readings to the control board. With the reading, the board knows the right amount of voltage to send to the system.

If the thermistor fails, the board will get the wrong readings. As a result, it may not send power for the compressor to run. Or may send the wrong amount. You will find the compressor running more than needed or not running at all.

7. Compressor

Find a certified and licensed refrigerator technician to run a test on the compressor. This way, you will be able to tell if the compressor is still functional.

But if you want to run the test yourself, and you can handle the intricacies of it, here is a video to guide step by step…

Bottom Line

Fix a Galanz mini fridge compressor that has issues as soon as possible. The details of this article will help you solve the issue of the compressor not running at all or running hot.

However, if you are not sure you can handle it yourself, contact Galanz to request service after reporting the issue. While you wait for help, disconnect the fridge from power so it does not develop more issues.

You can also use any of the appliance technicians we have here. Chat with them. You don’t need to make an appointment or wait; it is quick service.


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