Thermador Refrigerator Compressor Noise [How to Fix]

If a Thermador refrigerator compressor has a loud noise, the compressor may have internal damages. Find out how to fix the problem here.

Thermador Refrigerator Compressor Noise
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Thermador Refrigerator Compressor Noise – Quick Fix

To fix the noise from a Thermador refrigerator compressor, start with determining if the noise is really coming from the compressor.

It is easy to misdiagnose a compressor. We tend to assume quickly that any noise coming from the back of the unit is from the compressor. Sometimes, though, the condenser fan is simply faulty.

Therefore, move the refrigerator a little way from the surface behind it. Do this to create space so you can gain access to the compressor and get a good look.

Next, listen to the noise to know where exactly it is coming from. Then, remove the cover over the compressor and fan. It is best to do this while the unit is still connected to electric power so that you can tell which component is noisy.

Afterward, inspect the fan. If the motor starts failing, it makes a noise sometimes. So if you hear a noisy motor, replace it. It cannot be fixed.

Check the Start Relay…

However, if you are sure the compressor is making the noise, check the start relay. Remove it from the body of the compressor and shake it a little. If the relay rattles, something is broken and the component should be replaced. The same applies if you get a burnt odor from it.

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But if none of these applies, check the relay for continuity using a multimeter. Place the meter’s probes between the run and start terminals. If there is no continuity, replace the relay.

A faulty relay causes the compressor to make a clicking noise as it tries to start and run. The relay supplies a boost of power with which the compressor runs.

The overload or start capacitor may also be faulty. Run a continuity test on them, too using the multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace them. They can also cause the compressor to become noisy.

Clean the Area…

Dirt can accumulate around the condenser fan and compressor, causing the fan to stop working. And if it stops working, the compressor overheats and may make a noise.

Therefore, make it a duty to clean the area around the components as regularly as possible. And clean the condenser coils at least once every year so they don’t cause the compressor to overheat.

Other Possible Causes…

Poor spacing can give the impression that the compressor is noisy. If you don’t create enough space around the refrigerator, you will find that it tends to hit the surfaces around it when it powers down.

Because of this, create about 25mm of space around the unit so it doesn’t easily hit any surface. More importantly, this space helps release heat from the refrigeration process. This way, it doesn’t remain in the unit and cause problems.

Finally, consider the compressor itself. It may be showing signs of wear and tear by the noise. There is also the possibility that it is loose on its springs and vibrates when it shuts off.

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Have a licensed technician inspect the compressor. If the springs are loose, tighten them. And if they are worn, replace them. However, if the compressor is failing, the technician is in the best position to replace it.

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