GE Ice Maker Crush… [Issues And Solutions]

Do you have a GE ice maker crush problem? Sometimes, an ice maker malfunctions and gets stuck in crush mode. But this article shows you how to fix it.

GE Ice Maker Crush
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GE Ice Maker Stuck On Crushed Mode – How to Fix

There are 2 methods you can use to fix a GE ice maker that is stuck on crushed mode.

Method 1

Follow the steps below to fix the ice maker:

Step 1

Open the freezer door.

Step 2

Lift and pull out the ice becket completely. Then, reinsert it.

Step 3

Shut the freezer door and give it time to re-commence the production of ice. Go to the display panel and reset it to ‘CUBED’.

This usually fixes the problem. However, if it does not work, try another method.

Method 2

Follow the steps below to fix the ice maker:

Step 1

Open the freezer door.

Step 2

Lift and pull out the ice bucket and empty the ice in it into a clean container.

Step 3

Check to see if any ice has dropped behind the ice bucket and into the lever. If you find any, remove the ice, and pour some warm water into the ice tray to dissolve any frozen ice in it.

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Step 4

While at this, try to dispense ice without the bucket in position. Do this by shutting the door and pressing ‘ICE DISPENSER’ on the display panel.

If, after a while, there is no snap sound, it could mean that the refrigerator needs servicing.

Step 5

Pour the ice deposited in a clean container back into the ice bucket and reinsert it into position in the freezer. Afterward, shut the freezer door.

Why Is My GE Ice Maker Stuck on Crushed Mode?

If your GE ice maker has been dispensing only crushed ice when the refrigerator’s display panel is indicating ‘CUBED”, it is likely that an iced cube has been trapped in the lever behind the ice tray.

The ice is obstructing the lever from opening a flap at the back of the ice tray to dispense only cubed ice.

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Why Is My GE Ice Maker Not Crushing Ice?

If you have a GE ice maker that is not crushing ice, there are a few possible causes of this…

1. Ice Maker Is Set to Cubed Mode

Check the display panel to confirm that the ice maker is not set to‘’CUBED’ mode. If it is, then press the ‘CRUSH’ button to set it to dispense crushed ice. If this does not solve the problem, you may try the next option.

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2. Ice Bucket Is Improperly Inserted

If you don’t insert the bucket properly, it could result in the ice maker malfunctioning.

To correct this, carefully lift the ice bucket and completely pull it out of position. Then, re-insert it, slightly pushing it into position until you hear a soft snap sound.

It’s also necessary to consult your refrigerator’s manual to confirm how best to perform this task.

3. Ice Bucket Needs Cleaning

If you don’t use the ice in the bucket regularly, be sure to empty and clean the bucket and its environs biweekly.

Otherwise, it could result in ice shavings obstructing the proper functioning of the ice maker.

To clean the bucket, lift and pull it out from its default position. Then, empty it. Next, wash it thoroughly with clean water.

Dry the bucket thoroughly, making sure there is no leftover moisture, and re-insert properly into position.

4. Dispenser Chute Needs Cleaning

If you don’t use the dispensed ice in the bucket and ice keeps dispensing, eventually, the ice will form clumps.

Over time, pieces of ice will find their way into the chute of the dispenser and prevent ice delivery.

Therefore, pour warm water down the chute to clear any piece of ice stuck there. Also, clean the chute and the underneath the ice storage container. Thoroughly dry it before using it again.

5. There Is Ice Clustering

In temperate regions, there is likely to be an issue of clustered ice on the ice bucket. If this is the case, use a plastic or wooden spatula to break and dispose of some of the ice. If the ice is too strong, pour hot water over it.

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Important Notes…

You may see some crushed ice mixed with cubed ice if you switch from crushed to cubed. This is completely normal and not a cause for worry.

Never attempt to use a sharp object to break the ice inside the refrigerator. This could cause serious and excessive damage.

If these fixes don’t work for a GE ice maker stuck on crush, find the nearest GE Appliances service center or contact them at


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