Westinghouse Fridge Compressor [Problems Solved]

Wondering how to fix issues with your Westinghouse fridge compressor? This article explains ways to accurately troubleshoot and fix the compressor.

Westinghouse Fridge Compressor

Westinghouse Fridge Compressor Not Working – How to Fix

Take a look at the following things to determine how to fix this problem:

1. Condenser Coils

Inspect the coils to see if they are dirty. If they are, and significantly so, clean them as soon as possible. More likely than not, the coils are dirty if you have never cleaned them.

Do the cleaning with a condenser cleaning brush or a hose attached to a vacuum cleaner. Next, sweep the floor around the fridge so the dirt does not stick to the coils again.

Some coils need to be cleaned by a professional cleaner because they are hard to reach. For this type, you don’t have to clean them yourself.

If the coils are dirty, the compressor carries the heat. The fridge becomes hot and the compressor steps in to cool the fridge. With time, it begins to overheat due to the stress. If this trend continues, the compressor may stop working.

2. Condenser Fan

Rotate the fan’s blades and see how they turn. They should turn smoothly and should be clean. If they are dirty, clean them with a rag to remove debris and dust.

When they are clean, you will be able to tell whether or not the dirt is keeping them from turning. Now, if the blades turn well, the fan may be in good working condition. But if they don’t, check the motor.

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Run a continuity test on the motor using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the motor. After doing this, check to see if the compressor is working.

The compressor will overheat and probably stop working if the fan stops working. This is because the fan has the job to cool the compressor as well as the coils. So if it fails, the compressor may fail, too.

3. Start Relay

Detach the start relay from the compressor’s body and shake it a little. If it rattles, something is dislodged within it.

See if there is a burnt odor coming from it. If this is so, replace the relay because it is damaged.

A more sure way of checking the relay is by running a continuity test on it with a multimeter. If you can’t find continuity on the relay, replace it.

The compressor will find it hard to start, let alone run if the relay stops working. This is because the relay provides power with which the compressor starts. The same applies if the overload or capacitor fails.

4. Temperature Controls

Deliberately or accidentally turning the controls of the temperature in both compartments off turns the compressor off. You will find that it is no longer working and this is probably because the controls are off or faulty.

Set them at the correct setting – mid-point is always ideal. Then, monitor the compressor to see if it starts working again.

5. Thermistor

Check the resistance of the thermistor with a digital multimeter. As long as the temperature in the fridge is changing, the resistance should change.

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However, if the resistance remains the same or there is no continuity, the thermistor may be broken. Replace it and see if there is any positive change in the compressor.

Now, if the temperature in the fridge is not changing due to the faulty compressor, use a bowl of water. Put the thermistor in it and slowly heat it. A functional thermistor should register a change in resistance. But if it remains the same, get a new one.

This component lets the control board know when the fridge needs to be cooled. Hen, the board powers the compressor and fan motors. If the thermistor does not signal the control board, the compressor may run too much, too little, or not at all.

6. Compressor

The compressor may be a faulty component. It is possible that it has failed completely. Different things can cause this to happen, ranging from age to internal damage.

Test the windings of the compressor with a multimeter. If the resistance is off or does not tally with what you should find, according to the label on the fridge, replace the compressor.

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Westinghouse Fridge Compressor Noise – Quick Fix

It is important to determine if the noise you hear is coming from the compressor. Sometimes, other components such as the ice maker, water valve, or even the condenser fan make noises at the back of the unit.

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If the noise sounds like clicking, replace the start relay or overload/capacitor. The noise is the compressor turning on and off in quick succession due to a faulty start relay. An overload also causes the clicking sound.

Now, if the noise is a hum or buzz, it may be normal. A compressor, during normal operation, makes a humming or buzzing sound. But the sound is usually low and does not disturb.

However, if the sound is loud enough to interrupt or disrupt a conversation, it is cause for worry. Report the issue to Westinghouse and request service immediately. In the meantime, unplug the fridge from the wall outlet.

Other Fixes…

Be sure the condenser coils are not dirty. And be sure that there is space around the fridge to allow for good airflow.

Additionally, make sure the compressor is stable on its springs. If there is any looseness, you may hear a thump or vibration from the compressor any time the fridge cycles off.

If none of these fixes solves the noise problem from the compressor, get help from a professional appliance service agent.

Important Notes…

Always disconnect electric power to the fridge before commencing any diagnostic work or repair on a Westinghouse fridge compressor. If you cannot reach the cord, flip the circuit breaker.

Contact Westinghouse with any serious compressor issue, especially if you have an active warranty.

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