Whirlpool Refrigerator Error [Solved]

Looking for how to solve Whirlpool refrigerator error codes and messages? Read this article to learn how to this quickly.

Whirlpool refrigerator error

Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes – How to Fix

The following are common error codes you will find in a Whirlpool refrigerator and how to fix them:


This error code means power outage. The indicator for power outage will come on if there is no supply of power to the refrigerator and the temperature in the freezer is rising. A tone will chime 3 times and ‘Confirm’ will keep flashing until you press ‘Measured Fill’ to acknowledge the power outage. Once confirmed, the error code ‘PO’ will vanish from the display.


This code means that there is a fault with the ice maker. To fix it, call the Whirlpool customer service center or any other qualified technician. It is also important to check your refrigerator ice maker regularly to keep it in top shape.


This error code means that the thermistor or the temperature sensor of the refrigerator is defective.


When you see this error code, you know that the thermistor or the temperature sensor of the freezer has become defective.


The E3 error code indicates that the defrost sensor is faulty. It will affect the temperature in the refrigerator. Check the drainpipe of the refrigerator to be sure nothing is blocking it. Clear it of dirt and other debris. If the error continues, call a repair agent for help.


This error code means that the defrost sensor of the refrigerator section is faulty.


This error code means that the defrost sensor of the freezer section has become faulty.


If you see this error code, then the display board and the main control board have problems. This will affect how correctly the controls or display of the refrigerator operate.

E7 and E8

The sensor for the temperature of the environment is defective if you see any of these error codes displayed.

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When the temperature in the freezer section of the refrigerator gets too high, this error code will appear. An alarm will sound to alert you. Check the door of the freezer to be sure it is shut tightly. And check the door gasket to see if it is still sealing tightly. Change it if it is not.


This error code signifies that the circuit of the ice maker in the refrigerator is faulty. You will need the services of a qualified technician to fix this.

6 on the Refrigerator Display

There is a computer error in the refrigerator if you see this error code. Unplug the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and plug it back. If the error code appears again, then the main control board has a fault. Consider replacing it.

6 (Flashing) on the Refrigerator Display

This means that the refrigerator is too warm or that the temperature is rising. It could happen when you put food that is too hot in the unit or the door is left open for too long.

Close the door well if it is not closed properly. Additionally, remove hot from the refrigerator and allow it cool before putting it back in. then, give the refrigerator time to cool and the error code will disappear.

C on the Refrigerator Display

This indicates that the thermistor of the refrigerator section is faulty. Unplug the unit and check the wire harness. If it is loose, connect it again. But if it is not, consider replacing the thermistor.

C on the Freezer Display

The thermistor of the freezer section is faulty. Without the thermistor, the freezer may stop cooling or freezing. On the flip side, the freezer may freeze too much. Check the wire harness after unplugging the unit. Reconnect the harness if it is loose. But if the harness is well connected, consider replacing the thermistor.

d on the Refrigerator Display

A stuck air damper will cause this error code to appear. This problem will cause the refrigerator to freeze everything or stop cooling, depending on whether or not the damper is stuck open or close. Unplug the refrigerator and check to see if the air damper is stuck in any position. If it is, replace the air damper because it is bad.

18F on the Freezer Display

When the temperature of the freezer is too high, this code will appear. It is called over-temperature. It can be caused by power failure or when the power cord of the refrigerator is not plugged in properly.

Be sure that the cord is securely plugged in and switch the refrigerator over to an alternate source of power supply if you have any. Once the temperature drops, press the freezer temperature button to reset the display.

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CF on the Freezer Display

A communication error between the user interface control and the main control board has occurred. Check the connections of the wire harnesses of both boards. If they are properly connected, then change the user interface control. But if the error code returns after this, the main control is the problem. Replace it.


The refrigerator’s water dispenser is faulty if you see this error code. The nozzle or water system may not work right. Take a look at the connection of the water fill valve. If it is connected properly, then check the water valve. If nothing is wrong with it, consider replacing the main control board.


The air damper is not closing or opening as it should if you see this error code. Check the damper to see if it is stuck closed or open without moving. Replace it if it is stuck. But if the damper is working fine, then the main control board is faulty. Consider replacing it.

03 and 04

Check the condenser fan or the evaporator fan for faults when you see this error code displayed. Be sure that all the connections to the motors are working fine. If they are, check the fans for faults. Replace them if they are not. But if they are working fine, then the problem could be from the main control board. Consider replacing it.


When you see this error code, check the temperature sensors and connections to see if they are working fine. In particular, check the defrost thermostat of the freezer as it tends to become faulty easily together with the main PCB.

If that sensor, along with the PCB and other sensors, plus the connections are all in working order, then the problem could be from the main control board. Consider replacing it.


This error code indicates that the refrigerator sensor cannot be detected or read. The thermistor detects the air temperature to signal the control board. When the air is warm, the control board will provide voltage to the cooling system to run and cool the appliance. Test it for resistance and replace it if there is no resistance or it is at infinity.


The defrost heater cannot be detected or read if you see the error code displayed. The problem could be from the main control board, the defrost heater or the connections of the wires.

Reconnect any loose wire and check the wire harness for faults. If all is well, check the defrost heater with a multimeter for continuity. If it doesn’t have continuity, replace it.

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But if the heater has continuity and the wire connections are okay, check the main control board.

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Check the main control board to see if there are burns on it. A faulty main control will cause this error code to appear. Inspect and test the relays and other connection points for signs of burning or damage. Contact a qualified technician to check it to be sure and replace it if it is faulty.


This error code signifies that there is a problem with the electrical supply. The beep of an alarm usually accompanies the code. Press the alarm reset button to clear the code and keep the alarm from beeping. Then, check the power cord and the power supply to the refrigerator. If there is a problem with the supply, use an alternative power supply.

H20 Error Code

When you see the H20 error code on your Whirlpool refrigerator, it means it is time to replace the water filter. You will also notice that the red indicator comes on to alert you of the need to replace it.

Ensure that you use the right filter type for your Whirlpool refrigerator model; it is recommended that you use a Whirlpool or Everydrop water filter for the best results. You must replace the filter every six months, sometimes in less time, if you regularly use the dispenser and ice maker.

The water flow will become restricted if the water filter is too clogged with dirt. Also, ensure you correctly install the filter following the instructions in the user manual. Otherwise, the filter will not function and the water system will fail to work.

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Quick Note: Most of the error codes and messages in a Whirlpool refrigerator will need a qualified technician to accurately diagnose and fix. Sometimes, unplugging the refrigerator will take care of the cause of some error codes if it is minor.

However, if any of the error codes reappears after unplugging the refrigerator and plugging it in again, always contact the Whirlpool service center or a qualified refrigerator technician. This is especially true if the refrigerator is still new and the warranty is still active. They are in the best position to diagnose the faults and fix them correctly.

Additionally, remember to unplug the refrigerator before you start any diagnostic or repair work. Doing this will help protect you from electric shock and keep the unit from any damage.

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