Hotpoint Refrigerator Error [Quick Fix]

What do the error messages and codes on your refrigerator mean? Read this article to find out more about Hotpoint refrigerator error codes.

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Hotpoint Refrigerator Error Codes – How to Fix

Here are the common Hotpoint refrigerator error codes and what they mean:

1. E0

When you see this error code, check the ice maker. It has developed a fault. You can contact a repair technician or change the ice maker yourself.

2. E1

The sensor of the refrigerator has a fault if you see this error code displayed on the screen. The temperature in the refrigerator will not be correct. Contact a qualified technician to fix this issue for you.

3. E2

There is a fault with the sensor of the freezer if this code appears on the display screen. The temperature in the freezer will not be correct. If you can locate the sensor behind the inside rear wall of the freezer and replace it, do so. If not, call a refrigerator technician to change it for you.

4. E3

When you see this error code, you know that the defrost sensor is defective. Check the drain to see if anything is blocking it. If ice is blocking it, thaw with hot water and if dirt is blocking it, clean the drain.

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If the error code remains after doing this, call a qualified technician to ascertain the fault and correct it accordingly.

5. E4

Check the defrost sensor of the refrigerator if this error code appears. This fault can affect the temperature in the refrigerator section. Call a professional repairman to fix this.

6. E5

Check the defrost sensor of the freezer section if this error code appears. This fault can affect the temperature in the freezer section. Call a professional repairman to fix this.

7. E6

Take a look at the display board or the main control board if you see this error code on the display because one of them is not operating correctly. Either of them could be defective or not properly connected.

8. E7, E8

Either of these error codes means that the sensor for environmental temperature is faulty. Check the sensor and replace it if need be.

9. E9

This error code lets you know that the temperature in the freezer is too high, check the setting of the temperature to be sure it is right. Then, ensure that the door is closed tightly and that the seal is airtight. Replace the seal if it is worn or leaking.

If doing these don’t take care of the error code, call for assistance from a qualified refrigerator repairer.

10. EE

This error code signifies that the circuit of the ice maker in the refrigerator is faulty. So the ice maker is not working as it should. Get a service agent to service the ice maker. If the ice maker is faulty, replace it.

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You can test the faulty parts with a multimeter to check if they are still working. Doing this will help you decide if it is time to call for help or simply buy a new part for replacement.

Hotpoint refrigerator error
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Quick Note

Keep in mind that many of these errors are just that – errors. Resetting the refrigerator will take care of the minor faults or errors so you don’t need to replace any part.

Besides, a qualified technician can walk you through what you need to do if you want to fix the faulty parts yourself. So you don’t have to have one come to your house.

In addition to that, remember to unplug your refrigerator or power the circuit breaker off before starting any repair work. This is the first safety step to take in repairs for electrical appliances.

Furthermore, you can use work gloves to protect your hands from sharp object and points in the refrigerator. But this is not exactly mandatory.

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