Water Not Coming Out of GE Refrigerator [How to Fix]

Wondering how to fix the problem of water not coming out of your GE refrigerator? Wonder no more. This article shows you how to solve the problem.

Water Not Coming Out of GE Refrigerator

Water Not Coming Out of GE Refrigerator – Quick Fix

Check the following if there is no water coming out of your GE refrigerator:

1. Water Filter

If your refrigerator has a water filter, remove it and put the bypass plug that came with the refrigerator in its place. Try to dispense water to see if there is any change. If water comes out, you know the filter is either old or damaged. Replace it with one that is compatible with your refrigerator model.

If the refrigerator did not come with a bypass plug, you can buy one from GE or from any other authorized and trusted dealer.

To replace the water filter, consult the user manual for the unit and follow the instructions. Otherwise, check out this article here. And ensure you replace the filter twice a year.

After replacing the filter, dispense water from the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. This is to remove any air trapped in the system. Don’t use this water; throw it out. You can start using the water from the unit after flushing the system.

2. Water Tank

Remove the bins that hold vegetables in the fresh food compartment to see the tank. If it is cracked due to freezing, you will have to replace the tank. Typically, it is one of the reasons for water leaking onto the floor of the fresh food compartment.

If you are not sure about replacing the tank yourself, consider contacting GE to make a report and to request service.

A few things can determine whether or not the tank gets frozen. They are:

  • The fresh food section not containing enough food load to properly absorb all the cold air.
  • The manner and method of loading food, which can affect the circulation of cold air.
  • The temperature setting within the unit. Set it to a warmer point, allow 24 hours to pass and inspect the tank.
  • If your refrigerator model has a lever for the meat or deli pan, it may be at the coldest point. So check it and set it to cold, instead of coldest.
  • And if you don’t regularly use water from the unit, the water in the tank will freeze. It is, therefore, important to use the water often.
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Note: This part does not apply to top freezer refrigerator models. They do not have water tanks.

3. Lock Control

Check the dispenser lock control on the control panel if your refrigerator is equipped with one. The green light on the control should be off. So if it is on, it means the dispenser is locked and cannot dispense water.

To turn it off and unlock the dispenser, press the lock control and hold it until the green light goes off. Then, try to dispense water.

4. Water Supply

Ensure that the water supply to the refrigerator is turned on and that the water supply line has no kink. Go to the back of the refrigerator and inspect the line. If there is any kink, straighten it. And if the line is damaged, replace it. Then, turn the water supply on to full.

5. Power Supply

If your refrigerator model has a control panel, check it to be sure it lights up when pressed. It could be a reason why the refrigerator’s water supply is not working; no power is going to the unit.

If the panel does not light up, disconnect the refrigerator from power, wait about 30 seconds, and reconnect it.

But if the panel still does not light up, check the unit’s power connector. On some refrigerator models, the connector is behind the grille at the bottom. Others have it at the top of the hinge of the door.

To check it, remove the hinge cover or the grille, depending on the model. Disconnect the connector and reconnect it, making sure that both black marks on it are aligned properly.

However, if this does not work, replace the dispenser board.

6. Water Inlet Valve

Test the valve using a multimeter to check for continuity. If it is still in good working condition, you should see continuity on the multimeter. However, if there is no continuity, replace the valve.

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But if there is continuity, check the pressure of water going to the refrigerator from the house. The pressure should be 20 psi, at the least. And at most, it should be 120psi. So if it is higher or lower than this range, the pressure needs an adjustment.

Contact a certified plumber to fix the issue. This is especially needed if your house has a reverse osmosis filtration system. The system tends to affect the water pressure in the house.

The valve has the job of allowing water to flow into the refrigerator and ice maker. If it is faulty or if the water pressure is wrong, the valve won’t be able to do its job. As a result, the refrigerator won’t have water.

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For New Refrigerators…

If you just installed the GE refrigerator, ensure that you turn on the water line to the refrigerator. Open the saddle fully so that water can flow freely into the refrigerator from the housing supply. The valve is what is used to connect the water line from the house to the refrigerator.

Then, hold down the cradle of the dispenser for about 2 minutes. During this time, the water tank or reservoir fills up. After this, purge air from the system by holding down the cradle of the dispenser for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, dispense about 2 gallons of water to purge it.

Furthermore, check the wiring harness of the door and be sure you plug it in fully. Do this if you removed the doors of the unit during installation. If you are not sure about fixing the harness or the doors properly, consult the user manual to see the instructions.

This video shows ways to troubleshoot a GE refrigerator that has no water coming out of it…

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GE Fridge Water Coming Out Hot – Quick Fix

Make sure your refrigerator is connected to the cold water supply of your house and not the hot one. Sometimes, during installation, the connections are mixed and you end up getting hot instead of cold water.

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If you are sure the connection is right, then there is a small chance that the tubing of the water tank or reservoir is touching some hot part of the fridge. As a result, the water that comes out is hot or warm, instead of cold.

If your refrigerator is a side-by-side model, it is possible that either you just installed it or there is no water in the tank.

Now, if any of these is the case, the water will need about 24 hours to cool. The tank is usually in the fresh food compartment so needs some time to cool. Even when it cools, the first ounces of water you get will be warm.

This is because it is the water that remains in the tubing after water fills the tank. It does not get cold because of its location. But after you dispense it, what follows is cold water.

Otherwise, if you do get water out without waiting for the 24 hours cooling time to elapse, the water will be warm.

The same is applicable to the french door and bottom-freezer models. The difference is that some of these models have a dispenser for hot water. This dispenser has a dedicated tank that stores the hot water.

If you accidentally press the dispenser for hot water, you will get hot water. So be sure you choose the right dispenser.

However, if none of these works or fixes the hot water issue, it is important to report it to GE. request service on your refrigerator as quickly as possible.


Water not coming out of a GE refrigerator is a problem that can be fixed easily. Simply follow the steps above, after determining if it works for your refrigerator model.

However, if none of the fixes works, contact GE Cares to report the issue and request service. Otherwise, use the chatbox to chat with our appliance technicians. You don’t need to book an appointment, wait or pay for an in-house call.

For some of the fixes above, you need to disconnect your unit from electric power. Do this to avoid electric shock or other injuries.


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