GE Ice Maker Does Not Fill with Water [How to Fix]

There is something wrong if you find that a GE ice maker does not fill with water. This article details troubleshooting steps and how to fix the issue.

General Electric Ice Maker Part WR30X10093R WR30X10093 Model General Electric BSS25JFTDWW

GE Ice Maker Not Filling with Water – Quick Fix

Check the following parts of the refrigerator or ice maker if water is not filling the ice maker:

1. Power Supply

Ensure you plug the cord of the ice maker into place in the freezer. You will find the socket either in the back or left wall of the freezer compartment.

If it is not plugged in at all or only partially plugged, push it in fully. Otherwise, the ice maker won’t turn on to receive water.

2. Water Inlet Valve

Take a multimeter and test the solenoid of the valve to check for continuity and power. If the valve is working well, there should be continuity and power. But if you find either or none, it is possible that the valve is faulty and needs a replacement.

If the inlet valve does not open, there will be no water in the ice maker. And it won’t open automatically if it is faulty. There is no other source for filling the ice maker automatically. You may have to fill it manually.

3. Water Pressure

Try to dispense water from the water dispenser to check the pressure. If you are unable to get ¾ of the glass in less than 10 seconds, the water pressure is insufficient.

If your model has no dispenser, dispense straight from the water line. You should get the same result if the pressure is enough. Otherwise, consider getting a plumber to fix the pressure.

Pressure from the water source may be too low. And if this is so, the valve won’t open or even close when it is due. So you will either see too much water or no water in the ice maker.

4. Water Filter

An old or clogged filter can affect the pressure of water. So if you find that the pressure is too low, you may want to replace the water filter. This is especially needed if you have never changed it or have not done so in more than 6 months.

Removing the filter and using a bypass plug is an easy way to determine if the filter is causing the problem. If your unit does not have a bypass plug, buy one from GE.

And if you find that the pressure improves with the plug set in place, replace the filter. Do this even if you only recently changed it. You may have used the wrong type or the filter is damaged.

It is important to buy the water filter for your refrigerator using the model number. This way, you are sure to get one compatible with the unit.

5. Fill Tube

Remove the ice maker and check the tube sticking out of the back wall of the freezer. If it is frozen, thaw it using a steamer. It is safer than using a hair dryer.

But check the temperature setting of the freezer. It may be too low, causing the tube to freeze. Adjust the temperature if you find that it is low. Set it between 0 degrees and 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Ice Maker

Switch the ice machine off, wait a few seconds and switch it on again. If there is water in it, good. But if not, fill it with water yourself. Now, give it about 2 hours to see if it starts working.

If it ejects ice after this time, you know the fault is not from the ice maker. However, if there is no ice and the motor of the machine does not turn, replace the ice maker.

Here is a video showing how the ice maker works in a GE refrigerator, both the electronic and mechanical types…

Quick Note

Contact GE and report the issue if you try all the above and the GE ice maker still does not fill with water.

Alternatively, use the chatbox to your right to chat with any of our appliance technicians. With them, there is no need for an appointment, a waiting period or in-house calls; just quick service.

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